3 Gallon Keg System w/ new keg


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Same as our Draft Brewer® Single Keg System (K503), but with a new 3 gallon keg instead of a 5 gallon. The smaller size is easier to transport and takes up less fridge space, but won't hold an entire batch. Perfect for smaller kegerators and mini-fridges.

Best of all, it takes just a swish of sanitizer to prep your keg for the next batch. No more cleaning and capping dozens of bottles.

Includes everything except a CO2 tank to share and enjoy draft homebrew.


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3 Gallon Keg System w/ new keg

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  • 3 Gallon Keg System w/ CO2PO Single Body Regulator
  • 3 Gallon Keg
  • CO2PO Single Body Regulator


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Same as our Draft Brewer® Single Keg System (K503), but with a new 3 gallon keg instead of a 5 gallon. The smaller size is easier to transport and takes up less fridge space, but won't hold an entire batch. Measures 18" tall by 10" wide. Perfect for smaller kegerators and mini-fridges.

When you're ready, expand your system with additional kegs and a gas distributor.
Keep more homebrew on tap!

Note: Keg Lube can help prevent CO2 leaks and prolong the life of the keg seals. 

Includes everything except a CO2 tank to share and enjoy draft homebrew.

Note that the poppets in these kegs are not removable or replaceable and should be cleaned in place. 

**Regulator may differ from photo

Guide to Kegging.
Additional Information
Support Documents:Guide to Kegging
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Three Gallon Draft Beer Kit
Excellent quality. Just add a CO2 tank and your all set for kegging.
October 7, 2016
3 Gallon Keg System
Kegging system speeds up process which makes this well worth the money. Keep in mind though a CO2 system will put you in the hole another $100, but guess we are not in the business for cheap hobbies especially when we want our beer to taste good. You can place this in a standard mini fridge if you don't want to buy a kegerator as well and just takes a little maneuvering.
January 2, 2016
Fun product
I do 3-4 gallong BIAB batches so for me this is the perfect size and the best way to transport my beer to gatherings with minimal hassle. I bought this along with the Soda Keg CO2 charger so I can put this in my cooler with ice and walk down to the beach to enjoy some cold Speckled Heifer draft beer. Saving up for another to keep a the rotation going.
November 6, 2013
Works great
I needed to keep the "beer" fridge useful for kitchen overflow, sundry bottled stuff and generally for more than my keg system. This 3 gallon tank with an equally down sized CO2 unit permits the usual compliment of shelves in the old fridge I use. I may buy another.
November 24, 2010
Great Buy, Sharp Edges
The first thing I did with this keg was to cut myself on the factory sharp edge while cleaning it, I'm a clumsy guy though so if there was a way, I was bound to find it.I can't say that this is an essential purchase, but I find it a very convenient size for dragging to family/friend events, splitting a 5 gallon batch between 8 1-liter flip-tops and the keg leaves me plenty at home, and plenty to share. I love the 3 gallon size.I will probably buy another one of these someday, but I will probably also sand the top edge before I start cleaning it this time.
October 4, 2012
I'm a college student, so space is tight. I got this as my first kegging system, and it works perfectly for me. The keg is even portable for parties! I'd recommend getting some keg lube... but other than that this kit has brand new seals, so you're fine on that aspect
October 1, 2015
Works well in fridge
A buddy near Milwaukee bought a couple of these and Loves them. Not a problem getting 2 in the fridge and is a happy man!!!!
February 13, 2010
Ruined beer
The 3/16 PVC hose from the keg to tap the beer has an awful rubber type smell that will not wash off. I tried washing it, soaking it over night, sanitizing for hours, this thing is just awful and overpowers the flavor of the beer. Had to order food grade tubing from a different supplier.
February 18, 2017
3 weeks ago
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D S on Nov 1, 2015

Either will work just fine. You can carbonate serve 8-10 kegs with a 5 lb cylinder and twice as many with a 10 lb cylinder.


Todd H

Northern Brewer LLC
Are these 3 gallon kegs with hoes stackable in the fridge? It looks like the plastic ring at the bottom fits over the top of another keg.

M R on Sep 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: These kegs are not stackable. They would not be stable if stacked.
Why are these poppets not removable? So the rubber o-ring can never be replaced?
V B on Sep 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The poppets are removable, although destructively. they can be replaced with the universal poppets.
Do you have a similar priced product for nitrogen?
B M on Sep 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: We do not have a kit for this, but the 3 gallon keg can be used in addition to our Nitro Keg System (kx10)
Should I be concerned that the poppets are not replaceable? What does this mean for the longterm lifesaver of the keg?
J D on Aug 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Not a big deal, as they will last a very long time. If there ever was an issue, they could be pushed out and replaced with universal poppets. The ones in the kegs are pressed into place, and do not fall out when the post is removed from the keg, but they can be taken out of the post if they become non-functional. They'd be damaged if pushed out, so do not remove them if they are still working correctly. - Mike W, Northern Brewer
Which regulator typically comes with this kit?
C O on Jul 23, 2016

Thank you for contacting us. This system comes with our CO2PO single body regulator, http://www.northernbrewer.com/co2po-single-body-regulator

What would I need in order to use this keg with wine?
S I on Jun 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This is set up for CO2 gas and wine is best used on nitrogen or argon gas. You can get a 3 gallon keg, a ball lock foam free tubing assembly, the mini nitrogen regulator, and a 18 g nitrogen cannister to easily set that up.
Why does it say the poppets aren't removable? Mine removed for sanitizing without any issue. The included instructions did not indicate otherwise and I just noticed the description here.
K E on Jun 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Perhaps a change was made to the design, or the poppets used. The ones I had seen before on these new kegs were "pressed in" and did not fall out when the post was removed, like some styles would. The only danger would be damaging them if they were intended to be left in place, but if yours were easily removed and replaced, I would not worry about it. -Mike W, Northern Brewer
Is there a Nitro Version of this kit available? I'd like to have the option to use 100% nitro for Cold-Brew Coffee dispensing in addition to using for beer here and there.
M A on Nov 8, 2015

The closest thing to that kit as a nitro version would be the following:



Both of which are currently out of stock unfortunately.

On the other hand

we do offer the Jacked-Up Nitro kit:

What are the dimensions of the keg with the couplers attached? I need to figure out if thishis will fit on the top shelf of my fridge or if I should go for the 1.5 gallon keg system. I need the overall height as well as the approx diameter if possible.
S H on Nov 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This is 18.5" tall with the disconnects attached and had a 9" diameter

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