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Chillzilla Counterflow Wort Chiller

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Heavy-duty and innovative counterflow chiller with all-metal construction and large-diameter convoluted tubing.

This chiller is the ideal upgrade if you're tired of waiting for your immersion chiller to do the job. Also great when doing larger batches, where an immersion chiller may be simply impractical. Counter-flow chilling is very efficient, saving water and time. All copper construction maximizes thermal conductivity. 

Works great with a pump or being gravity fed.


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Three features set the Chillzilla apart from conventional counterflow chiller designs — the first is an all-metal construction. The excellent conductive properties of non-rusting copper tubing give the Chillzilla outstanding heat-transfer capacity.

The second is an inside tube (which carries wort from the kettle, through the chiller, into the fermentor) that is convoluted into an elongated spiral. This shape enhances the chiller's efficiency by creating turbulence in the cold water flowing through the outer tube and increasing the surface area of the wort that's exposed to cold water.

The third is the large (1/2-inch diameter) copper tubing used for the inside tube, which increases the flow rate and decreases the chilling time.

The bottom line: the Chillzilla cools wort very fast with a smaller amount of water; five gallons of wort can be cooled in under ten minutes (or less if you're brewing in a Minnesota winter).

The Chillzilla is very easy to sanitize using boiling water or Star San (or a combination). Another bonus is its compact size — unlike the bulky counterflow chillers of yesteryear, the Chillzilla measures just 10 inches from top coil to bottom coil, and 6 inches in diameter. It even comes with a bracket for optional permanent mounting.

Needed but not included are 2 to 3 feet of 1/2-inch ID Thermoplastic or Silicone tubing for the hot wort, 2 to 3 feet of 1/2-inch ID vinyl tubing (#7106) for the cool wort going to the fermentor. You will also need to supply two lengths of washing machine hose (available at any hardware store) or garden hose for chilling and waste water.

Add a set of Quick Disconnects for the ultimate flexibility during the brew day. 

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