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Over Carbonated Beer

Posted on by tphelan

Look familiar? Bottle carbonating beer isn’t a complicated process, but to get consistant result across many batches requires a bit of extra planning.

The Importance of Changing Your Draft Lines

Posted on by tphelan

There’s a dive bar in my neighborhood that I go to for the cheap pool. They’ve got Summit Pale Ale on tap, which is a beer I love, but man, it doesn’t taste anything like it does at a good … Continue reading

Brewing for Weddings

Posted on by tphelan

When I hear about friends getting engaged, my first response is, “What kind of beer do you want for your wedding?” I love brewing, so much that I routinely brew way more than I actually drink, and so an opportunity … Continue reading

Session Beer Day

Posted on by tphelan

Hooray for Session Beer Day! What is Session Beer Day, you ask? Well, The Session Beer Project blog, tireless advocate for session beers, has put some work into creating this day. It commemorates Little Repeal Day, April 7th, the day … Continue reading

Wisconsin Homebrewing Bills Signed Into Law

Posted on by tphelan

Homebrewers rejoice, for today is a historic day: the Wisconsin Homebrewing Bills have been signed into law. This means that it will be legal once again for homebrewers in Wisconsin to take their homemade beer and wine outside of the … Continue reading

The Homebrew to Craft Brew Connection

Posted on by tphelan

Taking my daily constitutional through the internets today I stumbled across a beer-blogger discussion questioning the impact of homebrewing on modern craft beer. It starts over at Lew Bryson’s blog (respected beer writer and new star of a beer-related TV … Continue reading

Brewing Outside

Posted on by tphelan

Ah, the first outdoor brewing day of the year. Here in Minnesota the spring came early – like three months early. When the weather hits 70 degrees on a Saturday, everyone in Minneapolis runs out to do their favorite outdoor … Continue reading

Today’s Beer Geek Video: Funny or Too Real?

Posted on by tphelan

Beer nerdery – have we gone too far? I suspect some of you will find the above video hilarious and others will find it a little too close to reality for comfort. I stumbled across it on the interwebs earlier … Continue reading

Keezer Build: Converting a Chest Freezer for Science (and Beer)

Posted on by tphelan

Converting a Chest Freezer for Science (and Beer) Keezer, Kegerator, Breezer, Corny Chest, Freezerator. These are all words one could use to describe the beer dispensing system that was in need of building at Northern Brewer Minneapolis up until early … Continue reading

Ode to Multitasking Brew Days

Posted on by tphelan

After brewing a hundred or so batches of beer, the brew day is not very challenging anymore. You don’t need to look at the instructions. You know your system well enough to hit all your temperatures and not spill any … Continue reading