Short Pours – Blending Your Creations

Pump up your fermentations with some creativity! A really fun method of creating something unique and bold is as simple as blending different types of beers, wines, and meads.

Tudor Ale Homebrew Recipe

This beer recipe was created by Eric Harper, brewer at Summit Brewing Company. It was brewed for and will be served as part of a collaboration with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts as part of its “Supper with Shakespeare” event, “Tudor Keg Party!”

Storing Ingredients

The holidays are here! You’ll likely be stocking up on supplies and end up with more than you know what to brew with. Here are some tips on storing your ingredients until you’re ready to use them.
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Dry Hopping Your Homebrew

Have you ever wondered how some beers get that amazing hop punch in the flavor and aroma? Part of it could be from dry hopping. Check out this video on how to dry hop your homebrew. Then in the comment section below let us know some of your tricks, techniques and experiences with dry hopping.

Wyeast FAQs

We recently went to Wyeast Laboratories in Hood River, OR and asked them a handful of our customers’ most frequently asked Wyeast-related questions. This video includes many of the answers, and you can find even more information here – Wyeast’s official FAQ.


How to Make Smashing Pumpkin Ale with Real Pumpkin

Here at Northern Brewer, there is one question we get asked A LOT during the fall and winter months – and that’s how to incorporate real pumpkin in our Smashing Pumpkin Ale Beer Kits.


Beer Nerd Book Club: "Extreme Brewing (Deluxe Edition)"

This installment of Beer Nerd Book Club highlights Extreme Brewing (Deluxe Edition) authored by Dogfish Head founder/president and homebrew advocate Sam Calagione. The book is not only a glimpse into the mind and boil kettle of the diabolical genius Sam C., but (more importantly?) includes a bunch of awesome recipes from Sam, Dogfish Head staff, fellow brewers, and collaborators.

Inside the White House: Homebrew Recipes and Video

Regardless of your political leanings, I hope we can all agree it’s pretty cool to see homebrew being made in the White House and making its way into the national spotlight

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All-Grain Brewing with John Palmer

“How to Brew” author John Palmer stops by Northern Brewer to brew an all-grain batch of a very special recipe. In our video, Palmer discusses his techniques for adding salts to brew water, mashing, batch sparging (versus fly sparging), chilling and fermentation. It’s a full-blown brew day with one of homebrewing’s most influential people. Grab a pint and enjoy the show.

Wyeast’s Answers to Customer Questions

We get a lot of questions from fans and customers here at Northern Brewer. A while back we were visiting Greg Doss from Wyeast Laboratories and pitched (ha!) a few of them his way.