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Short on Supply, High on Concepts

Posted on by Steve Scott

I’ve had a couple years’ run wherein my brewing has been a gently purring animal. Tastes have become recipes. Those recipes have met practices on brewdays, and then found their way through the cell membranes of various yeasts, until the … Continue reading

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Kinderweiße Cheese Fondue

Posted on by admin

Serves 8 2 1/4 cups NB Kinderweisse, or a Berliner Weiss of your choice 1 Tbsp corn starch 1/2 lb. Chimay Grand Cru chees 1/2 lb. Emmenthaler cheese 1/2 lb. Appenzeller cheese 1/2 lb. Swiss or French raclette cheese 1/4 … Continue reading

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Tasting: Twa Oats Roastie

Posted on by mdawson

Hello, stout … nice to see ya. It’s been a long time; you’re just as lovely as you used to be. I’m sorry, Conway Twitty – that’s your song, and this is an oatmeal stout. Twa Oats Roastie? It’s my … Continue reading

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How to Plan a Rebrew: Part Two

Posted on by admin

This saga began with a recipe I created for an oatmeal stout. The first round of triple oat stout was a decent success, but I wanted to make some improvements to get the beer more where I wanted it to … Continue reading

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Beer Engine vs. CO2: Dry-hopped Death Match

Posted on by mdawson

The same, and yet not the same. “Beer engines: cool as hell, but what do I get for $450? Tangibles, I mean. What does it do for my beer?” A worthy question! Let’s try the exact same beer dispensed with … Continue reading

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Seasonal Ingredient: Clementines

Posted on by Jeremy

Almost every fruit and vegetable is available year-round. Buy in-season, however, and you get produce at its peak of flavor and nutrients. In January, clementines are readily available.

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Soar with Sorghum!

Posted on by Vaughn

There’s a product that we carry at Northern Brewer which occasionally gets some attention from customers. Usually, this attention is a begrudging acknowledgment of anticipated frustration, and it is directed towards White Sorghum syrup. This is a high maltose, gluten-free … Continue reading

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NB MKE is 7 Dog Years old!

Posted on by Jeremy

It was a Saturday in November and about 3,614 degrees warm at Northern Brewer Milwaukee…

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Send it back

Posted on by tphelan

I had a bottle of really bad beer last night. On the surface, this one appeared to be a potential winner. A high gravity anniversary beer from well-respected Unibroue, brewed just over 5 years ago. After a hard time removing … Continue reading

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Chip’s Open/Closed Patersbier

Posted on by cwalton

[editor's note: this piece was originally published on the Brewing TV blog] Hello everyone. Chip Walton, the guy behind the camera, here. When Michael Dawson (or Jake Keeler) says JUMP – I say HOW HIGH?! In Episode 6, Dawson issued … Continue reading

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