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The double lever corker is a good choice for the winemaker on a budget. Plastic and metal construction.

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The double lever corker is a good choice for the winemaker on a budget. Plastic and metal construction. Put the cork in the chamber, rest the corker on the bottle, and push down on both levers—works best if you've got a helper to hold the bottle still.

Folds compact for storage, unlike larger corkers. 

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Works Fine with Synthetic Corks
I read some of the other reviews and can't relate to the problems people are having. It must be the fact that I use synthetic corks vs. natural cork. No worries about sealing that way. I can also store wine in a box standing up. I have bottled over 100 bottles of wine, on the counter, with no matt under the bottle and no help holding the bottles. The cork goes all the way in with a small adjustment that is on the corker. The only issue that a person may have is that it leaves a slight indent in the synthetic cork. doesn't affect the way the cork seals or the way the wine tastes so I ignore it.
May 14, 2015
good stuff
Works perfectly. Several items of note:Once you've gotten the hang of it, you'll want to do your corking motion quickly, as if you're in a rush. If you cork slowly/deliberately, the cork will sit a few millimeters above the rimThe metal that pushes the cork down isn't as thick as the cork, so it leaves a circle imprint on the top of the cork. This probably goes away after a few weeks of aging and will probably vanish after a month.
March 8, 2011
good stuff
I noticed no one had reviewed the 3 gal BIAB. Its not good. Actually very poor. And here is why.First, the recipe (Jul and AUG 2015) does not match what is shipped. You are shipped a pound less grain. NB was quick to let me know that it is correct. What was shipped is the right amount of grain, which is a pound less than the recipe. I thank them for great response time.Second, the pre-boil water volume is considerably off. 3 gall batch plus 1 gal for an hour boil off plus 0.1 gal per pound of grain is 4.7 gallons. So if you follow the recipe's recommended 5.5 gallon start volume, you are going to have to boil for about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to a three gallon batch. That is 45 minutes beyond the recipe instrux.Third, the amount of pumpkin spice and hops shipped is more than the recipe requires. See #1 above. So you are supposed to not believe the recipe for the grain quantity and use what is shipped but you are supposed to believe the hops and spice quantity on the recipe and ignore the quantity shipped. In summary the recipe needs a rewrite if its going to make a good beer. Good luck!
March 8, 2011
Works Fine with Synthetic Corks
Used the beer box one time and the plastic box leaked out the back at the seams. One of the boxes was fine and the plastic did not impart any off flavors to the beer. You will go through at least 3 16g CO2 cylinders which is a bit of a pain. It would be nice if the box came with a built in pressure gauge rather than using a tire gauge. But even with this I could find some valuable use for this dispensing medium. However, my other box split in the back from the pressure, which I checked every other day to ensure it would not go over its recommended max psi of 15. It still cracked down seam in the back allowing the majority of the beer to leak all over my floor. I don't know anyone who wants to lose 2.5 gallons of good homebrew. This was by far one of the worst purchases I have made and may never use the remaining nonleaking beer box again. I will always be worried that usage of this product will eventually cause leak and loss of precious libation in the future. This has been a no go nonstarter for me.
May 14, 2015
Great Product
Worked Great, low price
October 19, 2015
Functional, but not fantastic
Having read the other reviews, I think I may let my husband try it next time since I don't have the strength to press the handles quickly.Future attempts aside, I found this corker to be adequate. It did insert the cork, but I couldn't get it to shove the cork all the way in no matter how I adjusted the settings. Only about 1/2 to 1/4 of an inch of cork above the lip, but it just doesn't look good. I figure it's sealed just as well if it was all the way in, I'm just a little disappointed.
May 6, 2012
It'll get the job done, but there is a learning curve.
This is the best corker for small batches, 30 bottles or less likely.The design of it is poor in that, the arms that grab the bottle neck are just plastic, so what happens is when you're at the highest pressure part of the corking process, they slip and so the cork doesnt' go all the way into the bottle.SHORT FIX: Take some of that no slip matting that they put under items on a hardwood floor to keep it from slipping around the bottle neck and then let the corker grip that. Its not 100% but its 90-95% better. You could also use any kind of rubber, might even glue it to the corker arms.LONG FIX: What my father and i came up with as a fix was to take a chunk of plastic, and drill it such that it matches the wine bottle hole and fills up the gab bewteen where the bottle neck holder arms touch the bottle and the ridge on bottles to keep it from sliding up. I hold this block on the corker with rubber bands, and extended the driving rod to its maximum. I can reliably cork my bottles, however this isn't a thing you do on the counter, you put the bottle between your knees or your feet, or have someone hold it on the floor, and you push straight down on the handles at the same time in a quick motion.Practice on some empty bottles a couple times, and do not wet your corks excessively, do not use wine to wet them either or they get stuck in the bottle.The last thing you have to worry about with this corker is the cork drivign rod will not likely touch the cork in its center, and depending on your control, if you flex the whole rig while corking, the driving rod will move slightly and you can chip the edge of your wine bottle. I've chipped 2 of mine, one when i was learning and another after i got to comfortable that i knew what i was doing.TL;DR: Seriously? but here is is, i'd reccomend this corker over other small batch ones that i've seen and read about. It will work but not "as-is" and needs modification as i stated.Lots of bottles? get the floor stand corker, its worth the money, my father has that one and i wish i had it too.
September 30, 2013
It does the job... Kind of.
It corked my bottles, Some half way. Cheap construction, it has a hard time gripping the bottles. I will need something else if I do batches larger than a gallon.
April 6, 2016
Functional, but not fantastic
Based on the catalog description, I didn't expect to drink fire, but I had very high hopes that there would be some residual heat. Sadly there was none. My version came out as a lovely amber ale that cleaned up nicely with the US-05. There wasn't a trace of diacetyl or acetaldehyde. Tasting prior to carbonation was positive overall, but there wasn't any kick from the pepper. In fact, had I not added the peppers ,I'd probably be very pleased with the kit. I'll cut to the chase, after carbonation, I ended up with a slightly sweet amber that had no real pepper flavor. It was okay at first, but by day 4 I was sick of it. There wasn't any sort of kick to the beer. It tasted like I was drinking liquefied bell peppers.My notes, and it's just a suggestion, replace the ahi peppers, which do sound sexy from a marketing standpoint, but which don't deliver on heat at all, to 2 jalapenos. That would provide enough kick to balance the hops and the malt resulting in a beer that is refreshing ,but makes you sweat just a little to cool you down during the hot summer months.Just my 2 cents.
May 6, 2012
It'll get the job done, but there is a learning curve.
Brewed this, not knowing what to expect. Had a great yield, tasted awesome. Is gone in two weeks.Will get again.
September 30, 2013
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Why aren't these reviews about the corker....Really ?
B E on Oct 23, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for the heads up. Our marketing team was just notified about this yesterday and we are working to get those corrected. I apologize for the inconvenience but look for this to be corrected shortly.
Does this work with Champagne bottles and corks?
D A on Aug 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it will not work for Champagne corks. For that, you will need a Italian Floor Corker.
The reviews for the double lever corker are wrong. They are about beer recipes and CO2 cartridges and anything other than the corker.

My question is can this corker be used on Belgian beer bottles?
Antonio L on Nov 22, 2015

Thank you for the heads up we'll get that sorted right away.
Can you cork Belgian style 375 ml with this corker?
A shopper on Dec 4, 2016

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