22 oz. Beer Bottles - 12 pack

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These brown glass beer bottles, take a standard pry-off crown cap (sold separately). A homebrew best seller, they are sold 12 per case.

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22 oz. Beer Bottles - 12 pack


These come 12 per case and take a standard crown bottle cap (not included). Ships in a cardboard case with dividers.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome bottles Review by James
The perfect size for easy bottling and yet not to large for one person. Comes in a sturdy box with dividers that is great for storage or gifting. (Posted on 2/15/14)
More Beer. Less Bottles. Review by Ty
Great bottles. Solid, cheap, and 10 more oz. than a 12oz. bottle. (Posted on 1/1/14)
Classic 22oz Review by Aaron
You can never go wrong with these pounders. Shipping could be cheaper though (Posted on 12/21/13)
Perfect size for home brew Review by Robert
Large enough to cut down on bottling, small enough to finish in one evening, and about as economical as 12 oz bottles. Perfect size! (Posted on 11/4/13)
Bottles Were Great Review by Jrock
The 22 0z beer bottles are the perfect size for home brewing. You only have to sanitize and fill have as many. Plus, when you have a beer you get to have a tall one, or share it with someone. These bottles were packaged nicely and are of very good quality. (Posted on 10/31/13)
Great size for gifting! Review by James
Also great for less bottling on bottling day! Bottles received in great sharp. (Posted on 10/29/13)
Affordable, Effective Review by John
They're simply a case of 22oz bottles. Nothing more nothing less. They're priced right and they do what they're supposed to. They're well packed when ordering in quantity and I have not ever had one break during shipping. Cheaper than Amazon.com and much easier than dozens of 12oz bottles. (Posted on 10/7/13)
Good Product Review by Gabriel A
Perfect size, easy to clean, takes half the time to bottle.
Lovely! (Posted on 9/11/13)
easier than scrubbing labels off Review by Jason
A nice alternative to boost your supply of empty bottles. It definitely beats scrubbing the labels off of bottles of beer you've purchased. The bottles we're clean and and all the exact same size and shape. They come in a handy cardboard box you can use to store your bottled beer. (Posted on 9/8/13)
Great bottles at a good price! Review by Krys
Used these to bottle a batch this past weekend. They were a joy to use compared to the usual recycled bottles I use. No left over label mess, or funky bottoms! The best part these sucker are 22 oz. so we saved time, and get to enjoy more in each bottle. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Just the right size Review by Pan
Who ever just drinks one beer at a time? Dont be silly get the tall bottles. (Posted on 3/28/13)
Great for sharing Review by Philly Beer Guy
I keg my beer now, but when I want to bottle beer for gift giving or taking it with me this is my choice. Nice size for sharing or drinking yourself, and like another reviewer, you know they are sealed. Also, if you give some away and don't get them back its not the end of the world. I gave a Nice growler to a friend and got it back broken. That's $25 down the drain... (Posted on 12/30/12)
Go Big Or Go Home Review by Andrew
Using these bottles will cut your bottling day in half compared to using 12oz bottles for a 5gallon batch. Plus these bottles are great for sharing with friends. Im stocking up one these until I can finally start kegging my beers. (Posted on 8/26/12)
Great Review by Jon
My first few batches were with regular bottles and I really did not enjoy the bottling process. These cut bottling time in half. I actually prefer the piece of mind from these too, since you KNOW they are sealed unlike the flip top bottles.

Danke NB!! (Posted on 6/6/12)
Great bottles Review by Goolawn
I like these for bottling for the price. If you can't afford ez-cap bottles and you get sick of doing so many 12 oz. bottles these work great. They are great for splitting between two people or just having one by yourself. (Posted on 12/24/10)
Surprises abound Review by Brian
Do you like beer in bottles? Do you wish you had bigger bottles so you could pour more beer? Do you wish you had fewer bottles to fill on bottling day? Do you want to pay about the same as you would if you used 12oz bottles? Well you are in luck my friend. Stock up. (Posted on 11/12/10)