5.2 Mash pH Stabilizer - 1 lb.

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When added to the mash, this combination of buffer salts keeps the mash pH at 5.2—regardless of the pH of your brewing water.

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In our tests, we have achieved a noticeable increase in efficiency when mashing with this blend of food grade buffering phosphates made by Five Star Chemicals.

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Support Documents: 5.2 Mash Stabilizer MSDS Sheet
5.2 Mash Stabilizer Tech Sheet

Customer Reviews

Serious boost in efficiency! Review by Kevin
I have spectacularly hard water where I live and water chemistry confuses me. I bought this after seeing it on BTV and gave it a shot. WHOA! my OG readings were way higher than before. I usually have to mask 75 minutes to reach what they should be at 60, with this stuff I'm easily over target OG at 75 mins. It it kinda hard to gauge how well it will work for you. (Posted on 3/24/15)
Works for mash PH Review by Mark
This will put your mash PH at 5.2 but if you measure treated water at room temp it will be about 5.8 (as stated in another post) I've used this with no taste issues and have relatively high sodium content in my water. Use this and perfect sanitation, proper boil process, and fermentation control. Once you master that get a water test kit and adjust your water properly. Master the other things and you will make award winning beer. Water is the last thing to master unless it is just terrible. In that case buy water at the store. (Posted on 3/20/15)
It works for me Review by JE
I brew about once a month, and although I was making good beer, my OGs we're never as high as my beer software indicated it should be. I've tried this stuff for the last year with no other changes, and it has brought my OGs up 7 to 10 percent. I have never experienced any negative effects, and it has never resulted in a salty taste in my beers. But I would imagine its effectiveness would vary depending on one's particular water. I'm using well water in the central Rocky Mountains. (Posted on 3/1/14)
Borderline fraud Review by Scientist Brewer
Myself and a number of other science-y types have proven through simple chemistry and trial that this product flat out DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED.

It can "accidentally" work for a few people who are already very close to target pH. For the vast majority of brewers not taking a few minutes to read about how simple water chemistry can be, it's an abysmal failure.

This absolutely does not "lock in" a 5.2 pH. and if you add enough you'll buffer to ~5.7. Oops. At least it's good for keeping you under 6. Nevermind the sodium. (Posted on 8/5/12)
Awesome Review by mm
When switching to filtered tap water (rather than bottled), I realized PH matters. I'm not ready to learn chemistry, and I'm not trying to win awards... I'm just going for good beer. This stuff's my ONE addition, and it's terrific! I love this stuff. (Posted on 7/17/12)
Keeps your mash at 5.2, but... Review by natrix
I have made at least 14 5-gallon batches using this stuff. It keeps the pH of the mash at 5.2, but only if your starting water is reasonably close to 5.2. The well water I use is very soft with a pH of around 5.9-6.0. After adding this to my pre-heated water for mash, the pH of that water is still about 5.9. Once it sits in the mash tun with some grain for 5 minutes or so the pH locks to 5.2 and stays there even when the grains are well rinsed and the sparge is over. I usually get around 70-75% mash efficiency using this, the batches I made before using this I would get about 65%. Not a huge difference, but I think it is worth it.

It's a buffer solution, with a certain buffer capacity. If you dump it in to water with a pH of 8.0, you are asking too much of that buffer and it's not going to work. (Posted on 8/18/11)
Made beer taste like mineral water Review by Sploit
I recently switched to AG and was obsessing about PH. My first beer I screwed up by adding 5.2 according to total water, rather than batch size. Though I got 91% efficiency, the beer was undrinkable, like mineral mud, and was dumped. The second beer, I used half the amount according to batch size (1/2 Tbls per 5 gal). This beer tasted like Perrier with a bit of beer mixed in and was at 88% efficiency. I kept it on the off hope that it will mellow over time, but it is not good now.

After the 5.2 debacle, I decided tannins would be better and ignored the PH. This beer was decent, drinkable, but stalled out sweet (it was bigger, 1.085 -> 1.035) and I got 88% again. I just got a water report and my water is probably mineral deficient. I am going to adjust it manually and forget the 5.2 forever.

Na 22
K 3
Ca 29
Mg 5
Cl 23
So4-S 7
Total Alk 86 (Posted on 4/15/11)
Doesn't make better beer Review by JJL
This may lock your pH in at 5.2, but it doesn't make better beer. It adds sodium, which does add a noticeable salty flavor to the beer. If the pH of your mash isn't right, this isn't going to fix your mash. It just moves the pH closer to 5.2. This isn't a substitute for having at least a minimum understanding of water chemistry. (Posted on 3/14/11)
Adds unnecessary sodium Review by Tyler
5.2 is a sodium phosphate salt so it adds a whole buncha sodium to your beer - when paired with a high level of sulfates it definitely makes for a less than good beer. You're better off not messing with your water or learning a tertiary amount of information about water. This is not good stuff - I've made award winning beers with it, but I'm the first to say that that was lucky.

http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/forum/index.php?topic=1125.0 (Posted on 6/9/10)

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