Blowoff Assembly for PET Fermentors

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Stopper and hose to contain blowoff during primary fermentation of beer in a plastic carboy.

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Stopper and hose to help contain blowoff during primary fermentation of beer in a plastic carboy. To use, put sanitized assembly in mouth of carboy and place end of hose in a bucket of water or sanitizer.

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Works great and IS a great fit Review by Mike
This product works great and really is a great fit, regardless of what you read in the 1-Star reviews. When you insert the bung into a Better Bottle or Bubbler with the "loose" tubing already in the bung, an amazing thing happens...the bung compresses a bit, as rubber does, and tightens the tubing inside the bung hole. So 1-Star reviewers, you can essentially "blow it out your bung hole." (Posted on 5/29/14)
Works perfectly Review by Ryan
At first I was a little worried as the tube was slightly loose in the stopper, but operationally it seemed to work perfect. I would prefer a lip at the top of the stopper though, as it would be easy to push it too far in to get out easily. (Posted on 10/30/13)
Works amazingly well Review by Shawn
I jumped on the 2 for 1 deal with the Bubbler carboys & picked up one of these so I could use for primary.

I have to admit I was quite worried about the blowoff tube getting plugged (since I'm used to working with the 1" tube on glass carboys).

I just put a batch of Winter Warmer into primary on Saturday & it is working like a charm.

I did see problems with the bung slipping at first, but I also just set it on top of the carboy for a few minutes & inserted it once it was dry.

No problems. (Posted on 10/29/13)
hole is too big Review by Josh G
This is basically useless since the hole in the plug is drilled out too much so the hose just falls through it.

Usually when something is overpriced it's because it saves you having to do it yourself. This is not the case here. (Posted on 10/10/13)
Too loose Review by Matthew
I had same issue as others where the stopper would not stay in the bottle. Just moving the tube slightly would pull the stopper out. My last batch I really pushed it down and nearly was unable to get it out again.

Why can't anyone get the Better Bottle Big Blow Off Closure? I can't find it online anywhere. (Posted on 5/6/13)
worthless Review by Michael
doesn't fit tight at all. It just slips out. No seal at all. (Posted on 5/4/13)
plugs more easily Review by Gerhard
This set up does seem to plug more easily with the smaller diameter tubing than with a 1" hose set up usually used on a glass carboy. Ideally a 1" hose could be adapted to the Better Bottle. (Posted on 12/9/12)
Not worth the price Review by stephen
Very disappointed with this purchase. The hole was oversized and the tube just barely would stay in. A regular drilled No. 10 stopper and a three piece airlock with tubing attached to it makes for a much better set-up. I will say though, the Better Bottle deal I got from NB was well worth the price. (Posted on 11/12/12)
Could be better Review by Steve
These are not well fitting onto Better Bottles. I would have rather had a Better Bottle full cap bung that was drilled for a host than this product. It works, but I was constantly worried about the hose snaking further into the carboy, or popping out. The stopper tends to not hold a grip when wet, either, something that the standard Better Bottle bungs have no problem with. (Posted on 5/24/12)
Works, but not a great fit Review by Mike
The hole drilled into the stopper is a little too big for the tubing. Before inserting the stopper onto the carboy, it seems it might be a little loose, but once its on the carboy, it is snug enough to do the job.

If you have an undrilled stopper and tubing, you can make this yourself much cheaper. (Posted on 5/1/12)
meh =/ Review by Transonic
Not impressed. The hole in the stopper looks like it was cut out with a jigsaw. Not a snug fit at all. At least I got some free tubing out of it.

I ended up making my own with leftover 1/2" ID tubing and my other #10 better bottle stopper. Talk about snug... That thing is bulletproof. Then just shove the other end into a growler with sanitized water and you're set! (Posted on 5/1/12)
Overpriced....unnecessary purchase Review by ElBomberoLoco
This EXACT setup can be made for $3.00 and a trip to the hardware store. (Posted on 4/18/12)
Hose doesn't fit snugly enough Review by Jon
The one I received had very little friction between the drilled hole and the blowoff tube. I didn't trust it to stay in place in the event of aggressive fermentation. I had some normal siphon tubing and an undrilled bung plug, so I drilled a 1/2" hole in it and the siphon tubing fits nice and snug in it. A much better, more trustworthy solution for dealing with blowoff in my opinion. (Posted on 3/25/12)
Nice to have when you need it. Review by Tim
I bought this thinking I'd never need it making 5 gallon batches and using a 6.5 gallon better bottle. Well after coming home to an airlock ready to explode, I was sure happy I had this little beauty sitting around. I sanitized it with Star San and put the hose through the bung before placing it into the carboy. Never a problem sealing it. I would say that it is a good idea to unroll the tubing and try to straighten it out prior to use. It has a ton of memory, reminding me of fishing line that's new. (Posted on 2/25/12)
Great for yeast harvesting! Review by LHB
This is great, but why waste the blowoff? Lots of good top fermenting yeast there going to waste. I save lots of money by feeding the hose through the center hole of an orange carboy cap, placing the cap on my flask filled with some wort, put that on my stir plate and let the harvesting begin throughout fermentation! After three cycles I had over 400ml of pure creamy yeast harvested. Happy Brewing! (Posted on 1/18/12)
Works fine Review by Joe
I inserted the stopper and tube into my BetterBottle at the same time. Both were set firmly in place with ease and have held in place during vigorous fermentation. (Posted on 1/3/12)
Try Stuffing Your Bung Dry Review by Fugglupagus
I've had the same experience as others. Stuff the stopper in the bung hole, it pops right back out. Stuff, pop, stuff, pop, etc. The only way it would stay in is if it was rammed completely into the opening. I was prying with dual spoon handles or pulling with a toggle bolt+pliers and a LOT of effort to clear out my bung after fermentation.

I recently stumbled on something (because I poured a pint and lost track of what I was doing). I had been taking the entire blowoff assembly straight from a bucket of star san directly into the mouth of the Better Bottle. This time I gently placed the stopper on top of the bottle opening then walked away for 15 minutes. When I returned, the stopper had dried. I pushed it partway in and it stayed. Krauzen bubbled out of the blowoff tube and it stayed. I fiddled with it needlessly and it stayed. So if you're having trouble keeping your bung stuffed, try using less lubricant. Seems to be working for me.

I haven't had any trouble with the fit between hose and stopper. It's not super tight; I can move the hose around while installed. But I've passed gallons of krauzen (and beer) thru my hose without sign of unintended leakage. If little yeast cells aren't leaking out, then it seems to me that little wild cells aren't leaking in either.

Just ordered another one.
(Posted on 12/13/11)
Works great when used properly Review by topher
As the other reviewers have commented, stick the tubing in the bung hold before inserting into better bottle neck. You'll need to push the bung in pretty well for the hole to seal around the tubing. Airtight seal after that. (Posted on 9/29/11)
bad seal - doesn't fit Review by Michael
As several have mentioned so far, this bung simply doesn't fit well, and the hole for the hose is questionably loose. The bung, inserted with or without the hose inserted, will not seal. If pushed in until the seal is tight, it pops back out. I eventually had inserted it so far I couldn't remove it with my fingers and had to use a knife to pry it back out. I ended up pushing it tight and duck taping it down so it wouldn't pop back out. The hose is completely loose in the drilled hole and only moderately tight with the bung inserted. I am unsatisfied with this product and after the brew it is protecting is complete, I am going to return it. (Posted on 7/29/11)
Works great on a BETTER BOTTLE CARBOY Review by Better Bottle Boy
Please note that this product is meant for use on a Better Bottle Carboy. If you use it on a glass carboy it will not fit properly. (Posted on 2/15/11)
stopper was too big for 6gal glass carboy?! Review by TS
The stopper for this blowoff assembly was a size #10, but all the glass carboys use a #6.5. There is no way the stopper will fit. **Am I missing something or doing it wrong?** If the product description had given dimensions/sizes, I would have steered clear. Looks like I'll need to find some tubing to fit the #6.5 drilled stopper. (Posted on 2/13/11)
Hole to big Review by Micah
Other reviewers noted that you must push the stopper into the carboy in order to obtain a seal. Unfortunately that did not work for me. Even after pushing the stopper in, there was a visible gap left. I don't know if these are being made inconsistently or what, but I had to use Teflon tape to increase the diameter of the hose before it fit correctly. Other than that it worked just fine. (Posted on 1/23/11)
Mandatory item for high gravity brews Review by Waszup
As the summary indicates, this is a mandatory item for high gravity brews. You can get a high co2 rate that'll overwhelm a bubbler. This work perfectly, put the end in a jar of water to prevent anything from getting into your fermenter. (Posted on 11/20/10)
Good product(s) Review by turleyt
If anyone is new to brewing, as i am, it takes some patience to get used to knowing what will work. This is fun so far. I think the key to enjoyment of the process is setting your work space and equipment up in advance, so you do not get frustrated. I am using the larger stopper with the hole in it and a 3/8" tubing I bought at a hardware store. Looking good so far. Now I am waiting for 5-10 days. I have been reading so much about brewing, I am feeling really brave--like I might try "dry hopping". Thanks for getting me started. (Posted on 8/8/10)
Very hard to remove Review by Randy
I had the opposite problem. Once I had the thing in there it was so tight that I could not remove it. I ended up having to shove it all the way through into my beer! From now on I'm going to stick to using a piece of 3/8" tubing stuck into the regular BB bung. It's cheaper too!
(Posted on 5/29/10)
Works Great! Review by Rawg
This blow off seals perfectly fine. Just make sure to have the tube in the stopper when you put it into you better bottle. Had an Irish stout blow off half way into the tube and was never worried about it becoming clogged. (Posted on 5/12/10)

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