Big Mouth Bubbler® - 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

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Innovation So Big You Can Fit Your Arm Through It!

Meet the Big Mouth Bubbler®, the revolutionary replacement for those water jugs known as carboys. Its mouth welcomes cleaning and facilitates a sterile fermentation environment. No bung slipping on a foamy carboy top—the Big Mouth cap is a twist off. Once you screw the cap on, ITS ON and not coming off until you say so.
The Big Mouth Bubbler includes a drilled stopper and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Caution–Big Mouth Bubbler® is a large hand-formed glass item that can be easily damaged if not used with proper care and handling. It may have variations in shape and thickness, and will show the normal bubbling characteristics of hand-formed glass. Extreme changes in temperature or sudden contact with hard surfaces may cause glass to crack. Handle with care–we strongly recommend using the Big Mouth Bubbler® carrying harness for increased safety and ease of handling.

Note: The Big Mouth Bubbler® is compatible with a standard carboy dryer when the dryer is used inverted.

Prefer a traditional carboy? Please browse our complete selection of Carboys & Fermentors.

Also available: Big Mouth Bubbler - 6.5 Gallon Fermentor

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Big Mouth Bubbler®- 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

  • Big Mouth Bubbler® - 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor
  • Big Mouth Bubbler®- 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor
  • Big Mouth Bubbler®- 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor
  • Big Mouth Bubbler®- 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor


When you put your brew in a fermentation vessel, your ONE expectation is that it will stay clean and that your yeast will be able to eat happily without anything funky going on. A strictly non-funky fermentation party. That's it. But how can you expect the cleanest and safest fermentation environment when you can’t even scrub the bottle with your own two hands? Superior to a carboy, this vessel was designed especially for sanitizing and fermentation.

Brewing can be a messy business—but no more! Stick your arm in to clean the entire inside with a swipe of the cleaning cloth. No need to use an inefficient test tube brush to reach corners and curves. Enjoy total confidence that every hint of bacteria is gone, protecting you investment in brewtime. The wide-mouth makes it easy to add or remove ingredients. The screw top guarantees the top stays on through fermentation.

Please note: The Big Mouth Harness has been designed to specifically compliment this product. For this reason we do not recommend using the Brewhauler.

Product Specifications:
5 gallon 6.5 gallon
SKU: 42050 42065
Weight: 13 16
Height (w/lid, closed): 16" 17 5/8"
Diameter: 11 7/8" 12 3/8"
Mouth: 5.5" 5.5"
Lid material: PP PP
Lid Seal Material: PE Foam PE Foam

Customer Reviews

Had an issue - Northern made it right! Review by Bill
I love the bottle because it's easy to clean and can easily dry hop with bags.

The way this and other bottles are made should cause you to rethink using carriers. The straps have triple or more layers crossing the center of the bottom. If the bottle does not have enough clearance it will put too much pressure on the center and pop a hole in the bottom when full of brew. As remarked by others the glass is thinner than the ones from Italy. The 6 gal Big Mouth is raised enough in the bottom center so not an issue. The 5 gal is an issue.
My resolve is to make sure I have something pliable yet firm under the bottle to redistribute the pressure evenly.
As far as the issue with the lid. I learned in my early years working on cars. Spin in the opposite direction until you feel the threads align. Then spin on. (Posted on 12/3/14)
Don't even bother with traditional carboys. Review by Jacob
This carboy is wonderful. Easy to use, clean and pour into, I could go on about the pros of this carboy, but the main reason I'm reviewing this is the fermometer you can get with this. Buy it. The trick is to cut between the lager range and the ale range, remove the big mouth bubbler sticker and place the 2 pieces of the fermometer where the bubbler sticker was.

As far as using a traditional airlock with it, I've had no problems getting the rubber stopper in the lid's twist off hole. It takes a little extra effort to twist the stopper in, but it is completely do-able. I use the 6.5 gallon carboy for primary, so blow off hoses aren't a necessity for me. If you need a blow off hose that fits go to a home improvement store and buy a vinyl hose that fits, rather than the blow off hose northern brewer sells for it. I hope this helps. (Posted on 9/27/14)
Good but not great Review by Justin
I have had this fermenter for about 8 months now, in fact, I have three of them. Overall they are great to clean but watch out for manufacturing defects. I have one that is flawless and two that have air bubbles in the glass. I made the mistake of using water that was too hot while I was cleaning one day and as it was cooling, the fermenter shattered. Be aware of the flaws that the glass may have. (Posted on 9/26/14)
Thin Glass Review by Travis
This is a good, easy to use, and easy to clean carboy, but be very careful. Don't let the thick glass around the mouth fool you, the rest of the glass is very thin. A very slight bump while washing and this carboy revealed that the glass is surprisingly fragile. (Posted on 9/13/14)
Needs a couple tweaks to be perfect Review by Andrew
Needs two things to be perfect:

1. Needs to be able to fit a standard rubber airlock seal in the hole at the top, which would also let me use a thief without opening the lid
2. Needs a flat area for a fermometer, right now there isn't a great spot to put one.

Other than that, I love this thing. The wide mouth and the ability to actually reach my hand in to clean is such a huge deal. (Posted on 8/21/14)
Great Carboy Review by Tristen
This big mouth Bubbler is very nice and so easy to work with. Cleaning is easy and stores way better than the higher carboys. The only things that I have to say that is even questionable is the thickness of the glass. Don't get me wrong, it's heavy, it just seems so lite and when I sit it on its side while cleaning it, I am a little more cautious with it. The only improvements I can see would be a better sealing system (just me, the seal is fine) and it would be great for it to have a measurement on it somewhere. I have 3 of these now and will be buying more. (Posted on 7/28/14)
Great Carboy Review by Jason
I think everything important about this product has already been said. But for clarity's sake I just want to add that you don't need an additional airlock with this carboy. It comes with a clearish plastic cap that threads onto the small center opening in the lid, and when it is put on, the lid itself becomes the airlock. Just add water to the moat, although I usually use diluted sanitizer. I've used this airlock system for many batches and it has worked fine. I have yet to practice cold crashing, so I can't speak for that instance.

For a standard 5 gallon batch, if you use a 6.5 gallon bubbler for your primary fermentation, there really isn't any need for a blowoff hose, plenty of headroom, and the built in airlock works fine.

One other thing about the bubbler that could be improved is that the glass is a little bit on the thin side. I would feel better about it if it were a little thicker, even if it cost more to produce.

Aside from that, this thing is great. Easy to clean. Fantastic! (Posted on 6/22/14)
So easy to clean Review by Heath
I have been using the 5 gal size for the secondary and the 6.5 for the primary. Have ran about 40 gallons of beer through them with no major issues. A few things I wouldn't mind upgraded though are:

A better connection for the blow off hose, so far haven't had any issue with foaming up at the lid it seems to have an adequate seal but would be nice to secure it without having to wrap some tape around it.

The foam seals are working fine once you get the lid nice and snug. Anyone know an easy way to get them out to clean them though. Takes a bit of finesse to get them out without causing damage.

Doesn't fit the stick on thermostats very well.

I just got two more in the mail today and they came with a hollow stopper that sits more securely over the hole for the airlock. Much better than the small ones that went seemed like they were going to pop out of the hole when wet. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Fantastic product! Review by James
I love my Big Mouth Bubbler. Easy to clean, easy to pour, etc...makes brewing a much more pleasurable experience. Mine came without the sealing problem! A simple call to NB and not only did they send me a 5 pack of gaskets (I know only $0.99) but they sent me a nice hefty pint glass for my troubles. Again, not expensive items but nice touches for my troubles. Kudos NB. Look forward to future purchases. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Best investment yet Review by Jamie
I have read the other reviews and would agree this still isn't perfect but awfully close to it. The drilled cork you can order with it really doesn't fit well. The screw cap is hard to remove so it is difficult not to shake it up a little, would be nice if racking cane fit through small hole in lid. Blow off tubing fit well over small hole in cover, actually worked better than conventional carboy that way. So easy to clean old carboys are for sale if anyone wants them. (Posted on 3/25/14)
Thinking about it? Do it. Review by Charlie
This is the way carboys should have been, all the while. Vastly easier to use, at all stages. I purchased several, and don't really ever see using my old buckets or standard carboys, unless i'm in brewing crisis. :-)

Haven't felt confident enough in the odd little accessory that allows the lid to double as an airlock ... but i will try it at some point.

The harnesses for these are superb as well. (Posted on 3/17/14)
Advantages besides the obvious... Review by Steve
Unfortunately mine arrived without the cap sealing gasket but NB customer service is remedying that (as they do!) so for the first use I've wrapped the outside of the cap with food wrap just to be sure.

The pictures don't make it clear, but another reviewer referenced it, the cap has a smaller inner screw cap in the center, the top of which is flush with the main cap. Very useful when inverting the bubbler to soak in sanitizer. And of course on a 5" diameter foot print it's far more stable in that position than a regular carboy.

However, had that inner cap been of a slightly larger diameter I'd be able to get my auto siphon in there but no big deal.

It will drain on a regular carboy dryer if you also invert the dryer.

It's not as tall as a regular carboy so fits better in my temp controlled fridge and in storage.

Haven't cleaned it yet. But that's the last of my worries. That's why I bought it! (Posted on 1/24/14)
Two shipments, both broken Review by Kevin
The actual product is great. I have the 6.5 gallon one as well to use as a primary. (Posted on 1/24/14)
Almost perfect Review by Ruckus99ss
I just got mine and perfect secondary when adding things such as fruit. Not having to clean and sanitize a funnel to not make a mess adding fruit puree in was great. The reason I did not give it a 5 was the rubber stop for the hole is easily popped out with pressure. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Great new product Review by Tony
I received the Big Mount Bubbler as a gift and absolutely love it! A perfect combination of the ease of use/cleaning of a bucket, with all the advantages of a glass carboy. Will be using these from now on. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Just plain Awesome Review by Thomas
Bought one with a gift card I have, and I now wish that I had bought two. It was so easy to clean and sanitize, as well as dry. Have a beer fermenting away right now in it, and I wish I could trade in my carboy for another big mouth so that I would never have to clean that again. (Posted on 1/6/14)
Well...4.5 Stars Review by Paul
So far, so good...but my only complaint is it doesn't fit well on my Mark's Carboy and Keg Washer. I had to turn it several times to make sure the entire carboy was getting sanitized, and I had to hold onto it so it wouldn't fall over. But otherwise, I like it so far. (Posted on 1/6/14)
The best thing since sliced bread. Review by Brad
I've got a batch of Whitehouse Honey Porter brewing in a 5 gal big mouth bubbler. The kit comes with a cleaning towel, a rubber stopper for an airlock and a screw on cap for using the lid of the bubbler as an airlock. I've filled the lid with sanitizer and its bubbling away. Its the best idea I've seen for a long time! I'm glad I bought 2 5 gallon and 1 6.5 gallon as I'll be using these all the time! Can't say enough about this... Love it! Love it! Love it! (Posted on 1/3/14)
Best invention since sliced bread Review by Max
So easy to use and clean up afterwards. No more bending the wire brush and hoping you get the inside clean. Truly a wonderful product. (Posted on 12/27/13)
5 gal big mouth Review by Peter
I just used it for primary, works great for adding worth & yeast ,dry hoping & cleaning. Love it!!! (Posted on 12/7/13)
Will certainly be easy to clean Review by JimExcelcs
Well, it's will certainly be easy to clean . . . Or I'm sure it will be once I finish my first batch in it.

A couple of tweaks would make this awesome:

The lid doesn't screw on easily. You have to concentrate to get it to start screwing (not uncommon at my age--ahem).

It comes with a proprietary lid that has a small outlet designed to accommodate a proprietary "bubbler." The bubbler is a small cap you place over the opening in the lid. The lid has a reservoir you can pour sterilized water in to keep the bubbler a one-way deal. I use vodka as my non-permeable "bubbler solution" and had to use quite a few ounces to fill the lid reservoir up enough to seal the bubbler.

Yeah, I could use sterilized water but that is not cool.

If you lose that little plastic cap, you're out of luck because standard airlock corks won't fit this (though I suppose one could use a simple shot glass . . . Hmmmm). It would be awesome if the opening in the lid was the same size as standard glass carboys so you could use the bubblers and blow-off hoses you already have laying around.

Also, a blow-off tube wont fit the lid. I expect a vigorous ferment with this latest batch and and expecting the krausen to blow through the lid. There is no way to "tube" it into a bucket so I have to leave this thing in my bathroom tub until it settles down.

All that said, I'm sure the inconveniences will wash away when I am able to clean this thing much easier than a standard glass carboy.

So, 3 stars until they fix the lid. (Posted on 11/30/13)

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