Bomber Barleywine 1 Gallon Recipe Kit

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Born of the classic California barley wine, the Bomber small batch kit is ready to make an attack run on your taste buds. A big
hit of citrusy American hops rides over rich caramelly malt and clean yeast character to deliver tons of flavor
in a small package.

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Bomber Barleywine  - 1 Gallon Small Batch Beer Recipe Kit


Born of the classic California barley wine, the Bomber is ready to make an attack run on your taste buds. A big hit of citrusy American hops rides over rich caramelly malt and clean yeast character to deliver tons of flavor in a small package.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 1 Gallon
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style British/American Strong Ale
Color Amber
Original Gravity No
Total Time to Make No

Customer Reviews

Great kit Review by Edward
I just bottled my second round of this strong brew. The first batch disappeared because of my friends. Even it calls for 4 weeks, I would say that waiting longer allows it to age better - there is an initial sweetness/maltiness at 4 weeks that mellows with aging - if you can keep it around that long! (Posted on 12/17/14)
Don't want to wait on a barleywine? This one's for you. Review by Tyler
Being a barleywine, I was expecting a bit of a wait, but 2 1/2 weeks after bottling I opened one up and was very pleasantly surprised! Great flavors and super-easy! (Posted on 10/26/14)
Rich flavor with a lot going on Review by Tony
This was my first barleywine and I didn't really know what to expect. It turned out to be sweet, bitter, fruity and very rich. Not sure I love the style yet, but it's definitely interesting. After three months in the bottle, it's fascinating to see different flavors come and go with time. (Posted on 9/24/14)
Re-review Review by Jesse
After second brewing of this,I added some oak chips that were soaked in whiskey and vanilla extract. Beer turned out amazing! Beer is a great value and an easy way to satisfy barley wine nutz if they need a quick fix. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Great Beer Review by Dustin
This beer is going to be put away until the temperatures drop, but I had to try one. It is delicious. I think I'm going to need to do a 5-gallon batch of this.
I made this just as the directions said. The one change I made was using a secondary fermenter. I had 2 weeks in the primary and 2 in the secondary and 2 in the bottle conditioning. I used fizz drops. There was a decent head which disipated quickly. The flavor was exactly as I expected it to be. I've only had a couple barley wines in the past, but I would compare this with them. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Easy. Excellent. Review by Karl
Following the directions is so easy.

I made two separate one-gallon batches a week apart.

I altered the hop additions and fermentation protocol a bit for each batch.

After two weeks in primary for the first batch and a week in primary for the second batch, I combined them into 2ndary for a day and then added 1.0 oz of Centennial pellets for 8 days.

After two weeks bottle conditioning at 70 F the carbonation was enough to form a nice head.

Tasted as awesome as Doggie Claws in a side-by-side… WOW!!! Fruity, floral, bitter, sweet, smooth, clean, huge.

I don't know the ABV but I am guestimating it to be around 10% or more based on how good it made me feel.

Next time I'll dry hop for 14 days. (Posted on 5/2/14)
I'm going to start brewing 5 gallons because of the Barleywine! Review by tomatokilla
This is the best batch I have made yet, not that I had anything to do with the quality, but that this is the best beer I have had the pleasure of brewing thus far. It's creamy and delicious and I am definitely going to get some more. I did a batch of Honey Country and some others from another home-brew company, nothing compares to the Bomber Barleywine so far....! Thanks Northern Brewer, I think I'm going to upgrade in order to start some 5 gallon operations just because of the Barleywine! (Posted on 4/26/14)
Great beer and Easy to brew Review by Josh
Loved the flavor and body of this Barleywine ale. I will do this one again as a 5 glln batch.

Good job NB! :-) (Posted on 4/21/14)
BIG brew; needs a lot of time; worth the wait Review by Jason
Brewed this one in early fall expecting an early winter warm-up brew for after Thanksgiving. The brew went well and fermentation started off quickly, but hung around for more than three weeks (~68 degrees fermentation temp). Finally after four weeks, krausen started to drop. After another week, bottled and expected to taste bubbly beer after a week. Opened a re-capped three weeks in a row. After four weeks in bottles, it finally showed signs of carbonating. I was able to begin enjoying this brew after Christmas, but it was worth the wait. It's just the nature of big, full, high ABV, high gravity brews. There is a similar 5-gallon kit that NB offers, and I am considering taking this on in late summer, now tat I have increased my fermentation capacity a bit. Try this one out, you won't be disappointed.
Brew on! (Posted on 3/16/14)
Not bad considering Review by Hehaw brew
I love barley wine. I do AG brewing but wanted to try this out since my AG BW needs at least another 6 months to condition. Easy as pie to make. The flavor is not super complex, but an easy and affordable way to get a BW fix! Like an other reviewer said, I think a vanilla bean and some whiskey soaked woods chips will class this up a bit! 4 stars for easy process and price. 3 stars for taste. (Posted on 3/16/14)
Great recipe! Review by fender
Amazing! Tastes just like commercial product. Didn't expect it to be that good, since it is an extract, but it blew my mind.

Thinking about using oak chips with it next time to add whiskey like flavor. (Posted on 2/27/14)
Ready faster than you would think Review by Dusty
Great 1 gallon kit and it's ready fast, though you should try to age it seeing as it is a barely wine! (Posted on 1/9/14)
Tasty! Review by Robert
Very easy to make and tasty recipe. It's a well rounded barley wine and I'll be making it again in the future. (Posted on 11/24/13)
Second Try Review by Mutt
This was my second kit and like the way these are packaged to help novices get acclimated to different brews. As others have mentioned this one does have a nice bite but is not overly complex. enjoyable kit as one of my first trials. (Posted on 9/29/13)
Love the small batch Review by corey
Great kit, love the small batch, gives me a chance to brew more! (Posted on 9/19/13)
Not finished yet but tastes great Review by Michael
I enjoyed making the small batch, It gives you a chance to "sample" before you make a full batch. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Great!!!!! Review by alex
This kit was great and easy! With a nice alcohol bite to it! Good job Northern Brewer!!! (Posted on 7/14/13)