Brewery Essentials 2 Clean Kit

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The secret weapons in a homebrewer’s arsenal, PBW & Star San absolutely dominate cleaning and sanitizing. PBW destroys even the worst caked-on krausen in a flash with just a quick soak. Star San obliterates the most sinister bugs to keep your brewery sanitary.

In the 2 Clean Kit, this swift tag team calls on loyal sidekicks to make a tough task effortless. The Jet Bottle Washer blasts away crud in seconds. Spray-sanitizing with no-rinse Star San cuts down on heavy, slippery lifting. Go from disgusting to damn-near perfect with this all-star team of dirty-equipment avengers.

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Brewery Essentials 2 Clean Kit


Cleaner. Faster. Better Beer. Spray-sanitize equipment in seconds. Blast away grime from fermentors and bottles. Use the best tools in the game to make your beer shine and brewery sparkle.

Kit Includes:

  • PBW Brewery Cleaner
  • Star San No-Rinse Sanitizer
  • Jet Bottle Washer & Faucet Adapter
  • Chemical-Resistant Spray Bottle

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Customer Reviews

Spray Sanitizing?...HECK YES. Review by AJ
How have I never heard of spray sanitizing before? Are you kidding me? It's such a simple addition but has completely changed my brew days. I am wasting so much less water, and I don't have to handle terrifying 60-lb. carboys that are slippery and full of water. Plus the re-stock on PBW & Star San is nice. Glad the faucet adapter comes with the Jet Bottle washer since I live in an apt. and don't have a utility sink. Highly Recommend. Only thing I'd add is a Mark's Keg Washer. (Posted on 3/17/15)