Deluxe Starter Kit featuring Big Mouth Bubbler®

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The first and only homebrewing starter kit featuring the revolutionary patent-pending Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic Fermentor, the Big Mouth Bubbler® Deluxe Starter Kit is the next-generation all-inclusive homebrewing starter to kit—easy-to-clean with everything you need to brew a batch of beer.

Folks tend to become very passionate about homebrewing after a batch or two, but we've also seen a lot of new brewers fall in love even before embarking upon their first fermentation. For those of you who, like us, are already passionate about hand-crafted beer, here's the Big Mouth Bubbler® Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit—an all-in-one Brewery in a Box.

Step 1: Select one of these three beer recipe kits: Caribou Slobber Brown Ale, Irish Red Ale, and American Wheat Beer.

Step 2: Add to Cart, Order and Get Ready to Brew!

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Big Mouth Bubbler™ Deluxe Starter Kit

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Our Deluxe kit uses a pair of Big Mouth Bubbler® plastic fermentors as vessels in a two-stage fermentation process. The additional equipment and extra steps taken with the Deluxe Starter Kit reward the brewer with clearer, cleaner- tasting beer as well as the ability to brew a wider range of styles as your confidence grows and sudsy repertoire expands!

Designed with a game-changing wide mouth that you can easily fit your arm through, the Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic Fermentor saves time and effort on cleaning, so you can brew your next batch sooner without so much as blinking an eye at a dirty fermentor. Graduation marks ensure you’ll brew your first kit and every kit after that with the accurate volumes to ensure a perfect batch every time, and the punted bottom makes transferring wort easier for a crystal-clear finished brew. The modular lid of the Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic Fermentor is easy to clean and easier to upgrade to a dual-hole lid once you want to start experimenting more, and dry-hopping is a breeze once you begin to explore more advanced brews such as IPAs. The included single-port lid features a standard port size to accommodate all the tools in the starter kit for ultimate ease of measuring and monitoring the progress of each batch, and the Big Mouth Bubbler® design has a smaller footprint than standard fermentors to take up less space while you test your hand at homebrewing beer.


  • 6.5 Gallon Big Mouth Bubbler® Primary Fermentor, Lid, Fermometer, Bung, Airlock, Blowoff Assembly
  • 5 Gallon Big Mouth Bubbler® Secondary Fermentor, Lid, Fermometer, Bung, Airlock
  • 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket, Bottling Spigot, Bottle Filler, Bottling Tubing
  • Auto-Siphon, Siphon Tubing
  • Beer Bottle Brush
  • Bottle Capper, 60 Caps
  • Instructional Getting Started in Homebrewing DVD
  • Cleaner/Sanitizer
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

HERE’S THE FUN PART! Every starter kit comes complete with your choice of recipe kits. Just pick one of the three classic Northern Brewer recipes below and you’ll have all the ingredients you need to take your new gear out for a test drive.

Caribou Slobber Brown Ale Like your brews tall, dark and drinkable? Then try Caribou Slobber Brown Ale. Perfect for fans of sub- stantial craft beer, this ale is full-bodied and smooth, deliciously dark without a hint of bitterness. Guaranteed to become your new favorite session beer.

Irish Red Ale If you’re looking for a perfectly-balanced, crowdpleasing pint, you can’t go wrong with our Irish Red Ale. There’s a reason this kit is our best-seller. Actually, three reasons: great, medium-bodied taste, rich coppery color and enticingly low aging requirements.

American Wheat Beer Or keep it clean and crisp with our American Wheat—a spritzy and refreshing warm-weather brew, light in color and body, with a subtle but- heady dose of West Coast hoppiness. Deliciously drinkable.


Note: Testing the specific gravity of your batch is the best way to keep tabs on fermentation, and for us to help troubleshoot by phone or email. We highly recommend adding our Mad Brewer Upgrade Kit or Brewery Essentials Gravity Testing Kit.

Customer Reviews

Great starter kit Review by Rhodewarrior
I have only done beer kits that were 1 gallon or 2 gallon and this kit is amazing for taking it to the next level. Even though I had most of the extras already it's great to have some backups in case you need them or something breaks. I can't say enough about how great the widemouth on the fermenter is for cleaning and for pouring the cool wort. The seal worked great (I was a little worried about that) and it was very easy to carry compared to its glass counterpart. I highly recommend this kit and the bigmouth bubbler for anyone who wants to get started on 5g batches or add more fermenters and equipment to the beer making lab. (Posted on 2/6/15)
Awsome Review by Britt
works great, the wide head really helps a lot with cleaning, and pouring compared to standard. Highly reccomend (Posted on 12/10/14)