Big Mouth Bubbler® - 5 Gallon Plastic Fermentor

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Superior to a carboy, the Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic is a virtually indestructible fermentor, equipped with 3” thick anti-flex ribs, a punted bottom and decreased base diameter for extreme strength and durability. Its smaller footprint preserves precious brew cave space and allows for convenient storage inside a standard brewing bucket.

The punted bottom promotes crystal-clear beer by efficiently settling out yeast from finished fermentations. Graduation marks make volume measurement instant and effortless. And, of course, its revolutionary wide mouth eliminates the nightmare of cleaning and sanitizing by giving you direct hands-on access to attack crusted krausen, while simultaneously offering unlimited flexibility in dry-hopping and flavor additions.

Required but not included: Small Universal Stopper. Add to configuration below.

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Big Mouth Bubbler® - 5 Gallon Plastic Fermentor

  • Big Mouth Bubbler® - 5 Gallon Plastic Fermentor
  • Big Mouth Bubbler® - 5 Gallon Plastic Fermentor
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Your wort is protected during fermentation by innovative flared-fitting lid construction, creating an airtight seal between the lid plate and top of the fermentor.

Superior to a carboy, the Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic prevents off-flavors by enabling you to keep the lid on during testing and transfer, avoiding exposure to oxygen with standard-sized ports that can accommodate most fermentation-monitoring equipment. Best of all, it will not shatter when dropped or knocked. 

Designed for flexible fermentations, lid plates are interchangeable and the lid ring is universally compatible with all fermentor capacities and lid-plate configurations. The modular lid is optimal for the cleanest clean, easily taken apart so you can get down into every last nook and cranny. Say goodbye to your carboys for good!

The optional Dual Port Lid allows for the use of a temperature controller probe. The ThermoStar Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller with optional 12" stainless probe ensures precise and repeatable fermentation temperatures!

Lid ports work with our Small Universal Stopper or a standard 6.5 rubber stopper.

Product Specifications:
  5 gallon 6.5 gallon
SKU: 41950 41965
Weight: 3.4 4
Height (w/lid, closed): 22" 23"
Diameter: 10" 11"
Mouth: 5.5" 5.5"
Fermentor Material: PET PET
Lid Plate Material: HDPE HDPE
Lid Ring Material: Nylon Nylon


Note: We recommend a soft cloth for cleaning the inside. Standard carboy brushes will scratch plastic fermenters leaving places for grime to hide. A warm cleaning solution will suffice. Do not use hot water on plastic fermenters of any sort. The Big Mouth Bubbler® is compatible with a standard carboy dryer when the dryer is used inverted.

Customer Reviews

Big mouth Non-bubbler Review by Mark
Wrong name for this product. I can't get it to hold pressure and the air lock never bubbles. It would be nice if it had a gasket for the lid. I think the better bottle is ... better and less expensive. (Posted on 4/20/15)
Solid secondary, easy to clean Review by Brent
Like other reviewers, this could use a gasket. I use this for my secondary. I may use some teflon tape the next time for a better seal. This is so much better than using a bucket. This fits nicely into a standard bucket for transportation. (Posted on 3/19/15)
Can Be Improved Review by Michael
I love the idea of the large opening, but this product can be improved a little more. One issue I have had is that no matter what, even if dry, I cannot get the bung to stay in the lid. Another issue, that other's have pointed out is that lid could use a gasket. I'm still looking for a good hack to hold the bung in and if I find one, i'll be quite happy. (Posted on 1/21/15)
Great product, but seal needs work Review by Tim
I have used twice as secondary, first time I could not get to seal for more than a few hours. I was going to return, but then read many of the other reviews regarding this problem. I then used a strip of white silicon plumbers tape around the edge of the top plate and the seal held for duration of secondary. The second time I again used the silicon tape and it held perfectly. It loses a star given the extra effort to get it to seal, but overall I like it. If they came up with some sort of reusable rubber gasket for the plate, that would be perfect. (Posted on 12/12/14)
Hot liquid will destroy this fermenter Review by mr2beers
This was my first purchase of a plastic carboy to add to my collection of glass carboys.

Before my first time using I sanitized with star san and then quickly rinsed with about 1/4 gallon of hot water that I had boiled on the stove. After only about 5 seconds of contact the whole carboy buckled and was completely ruined! My fault of course because there is a warning on the label to not exceed 140 degrees F (although it's such small print I did not see it).
Buyers should be aware that these are not very resilient and can not be treated the same as a regular plastic bucket fermenter or glass carboy.
(Posted on 12/6/14)
Just About Perfect Fit & Function Review by Dan
For the last couple years I've been fermenting in modified 2.5 gallon glass cookie jars from my local big-box store, because I hate trying to clean carboys but want to be able to see the fermentation. The Big Mouth looked like an all-round better solution--as transparent and easy to clean as the cookie jars, but twice as big, lighter, and (on a gallons-per-dollar basis) cheaper. I picked the 5-gallon rather than the 6.5-gallon because it's a perfect fit in the lower portion of the mini-freezer that I'm using as a controlled-temperature fermentation chamber (somebody at NB must own one of these freezers).

Just finished the clean-up after my first fermentation in the Big Mouth, a dry stout that blew off for three days and made quite a mess. How'd it work? Great! Contrary to some of the reviews of the 6.5-gallon version, the lid sealed just fine, the blowoff tube stayed in place, so all the mess was confined to the bucket at the end of the hose. Nice. When the blowoff ended, a standard bung and airlock fit right into place (hint, though: just like a glass carboy, the lid won't adhere to the bung if either is still wet with sanitizer solution. Let them air dry, or use a clean paper towel--or a piece of sterile gauze if you're really obsessive about sanitation--before putting the bung in the lid).

But the big thing was the clean-up. My previous batch of Irish red was fermented in a standard glass carboy, with the same very enthusiastic yeast... and it took half an hour with a brush and two soaks in Oxi-Clean to get the krausen out of it. The Big Mouth cleaned up in about five minutes. Most of the krausen simply hosed off with warm water from the spray hose in my kitchen sink. Wiping with a standard dishrag cleaned up the rest (if I have any complaint about this product, it's that it doesn't come with the nifty microfiber cleaning rag that accompanies the glass ones) I had been a bit worried that crud might get stuck in the little "bubbles" molded into the sides, but they seem to be quite rounded on the inside and nothing stuck to them.

So overall, I think this is a great product. It fits in my fermentation chamber, it functions well, I can see what's going on inside, and it cleans up in a snap. What more can I ask for? (well, if you must know, how about adding a 3-gallon one with the same diameter? Then I could ferment half-sized batches on the "shelf" above the refrigeration unit in that old freezer). (Posted on 11/26/14)