Boilermaker Brew Kettle (7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 55 Gallon)

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The best brew kettle money can buy.From the great minds at Blichmann Engineering comes this exceptional kettle, designed from the ground up for brewing. A combination of the highest quality parts and materials and a smart list of features make brewing day a breeze with this pot.

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Boilermaker Brew Kettle (7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 55 Gallon)

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From the great minds at Blichmann Engineering comes this exceptional kettle, designed from the ground up for brewing. A combination of the highest quality parts and materials and a smart list of features make brewing day a breeze with this pot. Boilermaker kettles all feature a sight glass that allows you to accurately read the volume of liquid inside, an Adjustable-angle Brewmometer, and a three-piece ball valve with a dip tube that will drain to within 3/8" of the kettle bottom.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as Boilermakers ship directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground.

  • Heavy 18ga 304 stainless steel construction
  • 7.5/10/15/20/30/55 gal sizes designed specifically for home brewing batch sizes (5gal to 1bbl)
  • Heavy duty borosilicate GLASS level gauge never clouds or scratches is standard equipment! Features rugged stainless steel guard with laser etched volume graduations, cleaning brush and clean-out ports.
  • Handles oriented to make carrying easier and the lid stores neatly on the pot handle!
  • Stepped bottom on pot supports mash screen and virtually eliminate sidewall shunting
  • Optional button louver false bottom is a hybrid of a perforated screen (high efficiency) and a slotted manifold (plug resistance) – get the best of both!!

For detailed information on sizing and specs, click here.

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Customer Reviews

Versatile. Review by Ray
Really an all-in-one solution. I use the one 20 gal. as both a HLT as well as a BK. Mash in 48 qt. Coleman Extreme with J. Palmer's (How To Brew) perforated copper tubing. Just collect runnings in Better Bottles before racking back into (now empty) BK/HLT for boil. ~15 gal. final batches through C.F. chiller to Speidel 30L HDPE (plastic) fermenters to Corny kegs to Keezer. Hop Blocker is a must for leaf hops. Someday I'll get another Boilermaker for step mashing, but then I'll need a pump, hoses, fittings, and a bigger stove. ...Someday. Could be 5 stars except for thermometer- its location and its (fixable) leaking. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Great Pot Review by Twah
I have a 15 gallon boilermaker. It's a fantastic kettle. All of the extras and reading everything that Blichmann does to make the best possible home brewing equipment. People may say it's not heavy duty but it is. Some people say it's not a clad bottom but I read somewhere that for a thin liquid like wort, you don't need it. Haven't had any issues. It just works, sight tube, great brewometer, and valve. Get it, save money by buying once. (Posted on 12/17/13)
Functionality, thumbs up. Kettle construction, ehhhh...misses Review by Matt
I purchased the 10 gallon kettle and am pleased with the overall functionality of the kettle. I appreciate the sight glass and it has a high quality thermometer. It is relatively light weight and the ball valve and dip tube are also very high quality. For the extras you get with this kettle, its not really much more than you would pay to construct your own kettle with the additional features.

The biggest downfall of the kettle is that the pot itself is not made from one piece and the seams are visible where they were welded. This is most likely more apparent because of the polished finish. The seams are visible up the entire sidewall as well as around the entire seam welded at the bottom. Additionally, on the inside of the kettle there is a 2 inch band around the bottom where the two pieces are welded that were never polished and left brushed.

With that said, these really are minor cosmetic issues that do not impact the usability of the kettle. For the price I expected closer attention to detail. Blichmann did offer to hand pick a kettle for me as a replacement. I appreciated the offer but shipping was at my expense and in the end I did not find it worth it to do so.

I do recommend the kettle looking for a nice kettle that functions really nicely. (Posted on 11/16/13)
Blichmann 55 gallon Boilermaker Review by Thomas
Very very happy kettle. The heat shields make a big difference in protecting the valve, temp. guage and sighting tube. (Posted on 11/11/13)
Love blichmann kettles Review by Doug
Well worth the money makes brew day much more easy! (Posted on 11/5/13)
Wonderful False Bottom Review by Shawn
The false bottom for the 20 gallon blichmann boilermaker brew kettle is very nice and easy to use. I would highly recommend it to help with the mash. (Posted on 10/16/13)
Outstanding Kettle Review by Shawn
The 20 gallon Boilermaker Brew kettle by Blichmann is a great purchase for the price. The quality that goes with it is on the very high end. Other kettles seem to add a lot to the price with what comes normally with the Boilermaker. Overall it is an outstanding kettle. (Posted on 10/16/13)
Quality craftsmanship Review by Steve
This is a quality kettle. I am so glad that I upgraded. The 20 gallon has a slight seam on the side but it looks and performs great. (Posted on 10/14/13)
great buy Review by Michael
I bought one of these after using the 10 gallon brew pot for about two years. Makes life so much easier. No more worries about your wort bubbling over. Not only is this one plenty big for a 10 gallon batch, but the level indicator will actually pour a small amount of the boiling wort back into the brewpot, which keeps the bubbling over to a minimum. It's not much heavier than my 10 gallon brew pot. I also bought the hopblocker which works well to block out the hop leaves I use after flameout, but only works moderately well for the hop pellet debris. They should clarify on the website that the false bottom is only for when using this brewpot as a mash tun. overall, well worth the money. (Posted on 10/5/13)
Surprised by the quality Review by Adam
When I received the kettle I was really surprised by the quality. This thing is awesome. I'm used to struggling with gaskets to get a seal. You don't have to worry about it with this kettle. Everything locks into place. Another big thing is it's easy to clean.

My only disappointment is that like other reviews state, you can't do 5 gallon batches and be able to utilize the thermometer. If you do a thin mash you can, but it doesn't hold the heat.

Overall, I thought I was paying for a name when I got a Blichmann kettle/mash tun. I was glad to see it was the quality that I was paying for. It's a solid investment. (Posted on 9/26/13)
Great product Review by Devin
I bought a 10 gallon boiler maker to use as an MLT with my 15 gallon boiler maker as the primary BK. I have ended up kepping the false bottom and auto sparge out and I've been using it as my primary BK with my rubber maids as the MLT and HLT. Kind of pricey but I plan to have these for awhile. (Posted on 9/26/13)
Well Built and Thought Out Kettle Review by James
Puchased the 10 Gallon Boiler for a mash tun upgrade. This kettle is so well built, it really blows my other Polar Ware stainless kettle away. I was a little concerned with the weldless nature of the valve and thermometer, but everything feels really solid. It's pricey, but I think it will end up being worth it. (Posted on 9/25/13)
Perfect size for 5 or 10 gal! Review by Mark
It took my over a year to decide on which brand and size pot to get for HLT and BK. I finally decided on the Blichmann 15 gal and it's been perfect for both 5 and 10 gallon batches. Plus it has great re-sale value if I ever go bigger! (Posted on 9/24/13)
Investment Review by Joseph
I agree with James review, the location of the thermometer is to high. If your doing ten gallon batches you have to use regular thermometer because it won't reach the top of your wort.

I am very happy about all other aspects of the kettle.

(Posted on 9/19/13)
Very good equipment Review by Philip
I purchased the 10 gallon Boilermaker. Very well made product that should give me many years of quality service.

(Posted on 8/29/13)
Best 10G Kettle Review by Timothy
Agree with above that the heat shield could be a little less sharp (injury waiting to happen). Beyond that I cannot come up with a complaint. Worked well through several boils. Completely recommend. (Posted on 8/23/13)
Good long-term investment Review by Tom
I am new to brewing and have only made 2 batches thus far, 5 gallons each. I knew this was something I was going to stay with for a long-time, so I could rationalize the purchase. It's very convenient to have the spout at the bottom and makes transferring hot liquid easy. The construction quality of the product is superb, and everything is top notch. It also helps with hop additions to have the extra space to help avoid boil overs. I would make the same purchase again in a heartbeat. (Posted on 8/10/13)
Good Review by Rob
Overall good product. Like all the other posts the only thing that's not so hot is the level of the actual thermometer, for a 5 gallon batch it's at about 4.5 A so
A simple solution is to use beersmith and use that adjusted water volume I compensate to get a good solid O.G. (Posted on 7/16/13)
Well Designed Pots Review by Brent
Bought 2 15's and a 20 gallon model for all grain brewing on a 3 burner Top Tier Stand. These pots will last a lifetime. The Boilermakers are very ergonomic and easy to clean. I brew 10g batches and the thermometers are in the perfect position. I especially like the sightglass and adjustable angle brewmometers. Cleanup is a breeze. I also bought the false bottom and it works great. For what you are getting, the price is very reasonable. Not that it matters, they are also really pretty. It is just a pleasure brewing with these pots. Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/19/13)
Gauge height solved Review by Kerry
The 15 gallon model thermometer is a bit too high for a 5 gallon brew. Simply buy a foot of baae 14 or 16 gauge copper wire at Lowes or Home Depot, wrap the wire around the gauge and let the wire down to within 1" of the bottom. The wire transfers heat very well and solves the problem for less than $5.00. (Posted on 11/5/12)
Buy one you'll like it Review by Chris
Well worth the money I spent on it a year ago. (Posted on 5/30/12)
The Mother of all brew pots Review by Ralph
I own two 30 Gallon Boiler makers I do 20 gallion all grain brewing where would I be without Blichmann. Just a great all around heavy duty pot, with awsome utilities. (Posted on 5/24/12)
Nice but could be better Review by James
The kettle is nice but very disappointed with the location of the thermometer. The thermometer on the 15 gallon kettle is at 6 ½ gallons. This is too high for. Kettle would be better if the thermometer was at the 4 gallon mark. Very disappointed that the thermometer is so high.
Other than the thermometer issue the kettle is awesome. Kettle is well built. Handles are heavy duty
Would recommend spending the extra money and getting the kettle without the thermometer installed and drilling the hole yourself at a much lower mark.
(Posted on 5/22/12)
Perfect pot Review by Loan Ranger
Far and away the best kettle available. The dip tube drains perfectly every time I've used it. The false bottom is flawless. If you can afford Blichmann products, you won't be disappointed at all. (Posted on 2/20/12)
Overall quailty product. Review by EJO
This is a top quality brew kettle. You've got your temp gauge, water volume site glass, and easy drain/transfer spout that will leave the last 1/4 inch of wort behind. I didn't buy the hop blocker or false bottom so I can't comment on that.
Draw backs would be that the water level site glass doesn't register till 2 gallons and the temp gauge isn't fully submerged in the wort until about 3-4 gallons of liquid. This makes it tough to simply steep grains in while accurately tracking temperature.
As for a full wort boil it's perfect though.
Easy to clean as well. I would purchase this again. (Posted on 2/13/12)
Nice 10G Kettle Review by Andrew
The heat shield (i.e., the thin piece of metal) is absolutely necessary in order to use the sight glass during boil. The dip tube doesn't work well (if at all) with whole hops. Otherwise, pretty fantastic kettle, if pricey. (Posted on 2/12/12)
Pretty nice Review by Bill
Do you need it? No. Will you really really like it? Yeah.

Over the years I worked my way up from 3gal Walmart special, to 7gal stainless, and then to the 10gal Boilermaker. Makes things amazingly simple. Plenty of room to deal with your grains, thermometer seems to be accurate and stable, and not having to siphon out is really nice. I do both 5 and 10gal batches so i have to get a little creative to make up my full 10gal batch and add make-up water in the fermenter at the end but everything is doable.

Went for the 10 due to storage space and the thermometer location for my 5gal batches (BTW Blichmann site tells you the min volume to thermometer for each size).

Never had a problem with plugging. I use a false bottom when appropriate. And when draining to my fermenter, I use the 1/2" barb/tubing and don't have any problems (for my brew, I use a large cheap disposable mesh bag for my hops which makes it easier to deal with pellets or leafs).

As for cleaning the site glass, I'm surprised to hear complaints. I use a hose from my sink and can blow out 90% of any mess by putting the hose up against one of the site glass ports. If it's being stubborn, it's only 2 set screws to remove and then run the supplied brush through it. Takes me all of about 2 minutes.

Finally, agree with the comments about the 'heat shield'. What the heck?! I understand the need but the execution leaves a lot to be desired (BTW don't forget to take the blue protective film off before you use it!). That said, I don't need it with my set-up so it sits at the bottom of my brew gear box.

Bottom line: a really nice product that makes my brewing life much easier. Why not 5/5? I would prefer it if they could find a way to get the thermometer lower (without cooking it) so you could size up by one - I'd really like to have a 15gal for my 10gal batches but then I'd be stuck for my 5gal batches ... I know, I could move the thermometer but I have a lot more faith in Blichmann's fab shop than my own. (Posted on 2/9/12)
Good product -- watch the metal plate Review by Steve
I bought the 10G boilermaker with the false bottom and have really enjoyed it for many of the reasons stated above -- sight glass to see when boil is at right volumes, temperature (I do 5 gallon batches and in the 10G is good enough). The main complaint has to do with safety. The metal heat shield should be machine bent so it isn't razor sharp. I put it under the kettle on my first brew after receiving it and as I walked past the kettle, I had my knee split open! While totally my fault, I was a little annoyed that I had to take the thing into my workshop and bend down the sharp corners with a pair of pliers. It wouldn't have taken much for this to have been done professionally at the plant. Watch yourself!

The unit is heavier than most other kettles and is really well made. I also appreciate the flexible thermometer so I can angle it to whatever angle I happen to be sitting to monitor it.

I agree that the nozzle will get clogged even with false bottoms, etc, but I found that with a hop bag and pellets that this really isn't much of an issue for me.

I use the kettle for a mash tun, transfer the wort into a kettle, clean out the mash tun and pull the false bottom out (as recommended in the instructions if you use the kettle as a boil kettle) and I turn the elbow tube at about 60 degrees. I transfer the wort back into the boilermaker and use it as a boil kettle. When I do this (arguably, some effort, but not bad if you think about this as clean as you go), I find I do not get clogs in my system.

No product is perfect. This is far better than any other kettle out there.

Blichmann -- fix the heat shield and save the knees.... (Posted on 1/31/12)
Good, Could Be Better: 3+/4- Review by LiquidLiquid
Bought the 15G pot rather soon after I began brewing, as I knew I wanted to get more out of my efforts.
For boiling 10 gallon batches the pot works very well. All parts come apart easily to clean, and wrenches, brushes were supplied.
Only real complaints are that when boiling 5G batches, the thermometer probe is at about the 7G mark, which makes this useless. Should have been at the 4.5-4.75 mark for full versatility. Also, the ball valve sometimes needs a little "help" to get flow moving, as its inside diameter is a bit small. A little backwashing gets things moving, and the internal screen is a great addition, and easy to clean.
Smart stuff like handle that holds lid while boiling, adjustable thermometer, and raised bottom lip are good.
Really not too much money when one considers height/width ratio, valve ass'y, temp gauge, sight glass.
(Posted on 1/6/12)
Too Much Hype on Blichman "Engineering" Review by Dan
I'm an engineer and from a users perspective this is a so so effort. Great to know the temps of the water before mash and sparge, but come on a boil kettle that costs this much and has a tiny spout that is easily clogged. Come on Blichman, the same product is available from others that resell Chinese made products for about half the price. If you want to consider yourselves real engineers then don't sell a boil kettle that doesn't handle the use of hops. And no the Hop Blocker is not a viable solution. Very disappointed with Blichman. (Posted on 11/19/11)
Placement of Gage Review by Paul
Still think the Brew pot was worth the purchase. Decided to pick up the 15 gallon looking to start with five gallon batches (moving to 10 very soon) only to find the Temp gauge are located at about the 7 Gallon mark. So if you are thinking about only doing 5 Gallon batches go with the smaller pot. (Posted on 10/18/11)
One 10 gallon Boilermaker was the cornerstone for reviving my homebrew hobby. And then… Review by Mattbrew
I now own 5 Boilermakers, two 10gal, two 15 gal, and one 20gal.

After a multi-year hiatus from brewing, I did one extract batch using a plain ole pot, a pain, but it was still fun (at least once). Then a few years ago upon visiting my local homebrew shop, they had a 10gal Boilermaker not prominently displayed. I had no idea what I was buying but it was nice and shiny. I took it home and did a few extract batches with it. Right off the bat it was a nice to have for the sight glass for filling. Next, when steeping my specialty grains, it seemed even nicer to have the easy to read thermometer with brew scale on the display (general ranges for dough-in, steeping, sparging, etc.) so as a re-beginner, nice for dialing in the temperature. Then the ball valve drain was nice, but really came together when I bought a hop blocker, pump and Therminator as my hobby grew.

Then I made the leap to all grain. So what would I need? Blichmann false bottom for the mash, check, another 10gal Boilermaker for the HLT, check, and a 15gal Boilermaker for the boil, check! I like having the sight glass on all three. On the HLT it’s good because it sits up high on my Blichmann 3 burner TopTier and I fill it using a potable hose and filter system. I don’t have to lift 8-9 gallons of water and know when to stop by looking at the site glass gauge. The sight glass for the Mash Tun is nice for filling the strike water level. And the sight glass is nice on the AG boil so I know when I’ve reached levels for a full boil, and draining, when I split my 10gal batches between two 7 gallon Blichmann Ferminators. Oh yeah, by now I realized between me and my friends, 5 gallon batches weren’t enough, so I bought 2 more Boilermakers, a 15gal (plus a false bottom for it) and a 20gal, so I could start doing 10gal batches.

What I like best about the Blichmann equipment is Blichmann products have not steered me wrong. As a beginner, I wasn’t sure what I would need down the line, but Blichmann did. I know a lot of home brewers enjoy coming up with ingenious solutions for the brewing process. And, I do read the blogs and use their advice too (like the hose and filter system). For me, I wanted to get past building a system and get to what I enjoy more, the actual brewing and drinking bit. And a system that makes that easier is worth it to me. Blichmann can be a bit more than other solutions, but worth it! With Blichmann products you get the well thought out design and engineering of a company who can provide a home brewer with a nicely integrated and expandable system.

As for the extra stainless steel plate that comes with the boiler maker, I didn’t know what it was for until it was mentioned here in other reviews. It does not seem to be an issue for me on the TopTier stand that I use outdoors.

Oh, and I did buy my 4 additional Boilermakers through Northern Brewer. NB’s customer service was great at contacting Blichmann for me when one of the Ferminators I bought was missing a gasket. I was able to get the missing part in time for my next brew!
(Posted on 9/6/11)
Excellent. Review by The Deuce
I, like Leonard, went back and forth on this purchase for a while. I had to save some money for this and truth be told the money could have went other places. I'm glad I did it though. I'm only on extract but its nice to be able to do a full boil for once. I can monitor how much fluid my boil has at all stages and add some if needed. The thermometer is awesome. I know there is concerns that it sits to high in the 10 gallon pot to read a 5 gallon boil. That concern is not valid. It works great with 5 gallon batches. I didn't get the false bottom but I think I will definitely be ordering it. My previous kettle didn't have a ball valve so I had to auto-siphon the beer into a car boy and the hops would always clog the siphon. Not anymore. I think the false bottom will come in handy for huge hoppy IPA's though.

Its' built like a tank thats for sure. I only have two complaints. First is the sight glass is a pain to clean. You basically have to disassemble it. I knew what I was getting into though when I bought it so really I'm just pritzing. Two is the piece of sheet metal they give you to protect the instruments. Leonard hit it dead on. This is just lazy Blichmann.

My recommendation is buy it. Its great for all skill levels. I figure even though I'm at extract right now, this pot will continue to be useful into partial and all grain brewing when I get there. (Posted on 8/13/11)
Expensive, but worth it. Review by Leonard
I went back and forth trying to decide on this purchase for a long time. Currently, most of my brewing is all extract or partial-mash, so this seemed like a huge investment for a hobby. I'm not one to just shell out on somehitng like this, so I went to work researching. What I found was that most pots are comparable in price. You could save a little money buying separate components and building your own, however, to me, the savings didn't outweigh the time and effort to drill holes in a new pot to mount the valve, thermometer, and sight glass. The pot is well constructed and gets to a boil faster than my other pots. The only drawback I find is that the pot ships with a flat peice of stainless that your supposed to set the pot on to shield the thermometer dial from the heat to prevent moisture inside the glass dial. I would think for the price that Blichmann could engineer something on to the pot itself. Hope this helps in your decision making process. Cheers!! (Posted on 7/27/11)

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