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A powerful blowtorch style burner. Welded steel frame is 13 high with a 14 diameter surface. Includes 48" stainless braided hose and 10 psi regulator.

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A powerful blowtorch style burner. Welded steel frame is 13 high with a 14 diameter surface. Includes 48" stainless braided hose and 10 psi regulator. Don't expect the paint to last! You will burn off much of the paint job the first time you use it - so make sure you're in a ventilated area.

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Customer Reviews

excellent multi-purpose burner Review by Erik
The crew at the store made a suggestion to buy this burner and I will say again that these guys know there stuff when it comes to making beer. Not only does this little gem brew a wort in a timely fashion, but it will heat up an area in one as well. Love it!! (Posted on 10/19/13)
Speeds up the brew waiting period... Review by Kevanyon
Upgraded to this burner from one I had been using from a turkey fryer and holy cow did I waste a lot of time, and probably propane, with my old burner. I heat 7.5 gallons of wort from mash to boil in about 15 minutes, then I turn the burner down to barely on and it will keep a steady rolling boil the remainder of my brewing session. (Posted on 1/30/13)
Great first burner Review by jrm402
This burner is great. I bring 135F wort to a boil in about 20 minutes. Once boiling, you can keep the flame going high enough to boil off about .75 gallons of liquid per hour with not much propane used at all. My first few batches we're a little smaller then expected because it was easy to have too aggressive of a boil going.

For the price, it is a great and sturdy burner. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Good product for an affordable price Review by Joemark
I purchased this burner for my 5 gallon boils (have yet to make the jump to all grain. Probably get there by next summer). It works just fine and I love having the freedom of boiling off the stove and out in the yard. I did have an original concern. The first time I hooked it up to my blue rhino propane tank, I was getting a significant leak from the connection. No amount of tightening or jostling could prevent it. I think this may have to do with the fact that I took a tank that had been in use and attached to my grill. Finally, I decided to hook up my backup tank to the burner and it didn’t leak at all. Not sure why this switch has made a difference, but three boils later and I am still leak free. This issue is what caused me to give it four instead of five stars. (Posted on 8/15/12)
Great Burner Review by BrandonR
Very nice product for a great price. I don't really care about the paint flaking so much as I do the effectiveness of the burner and this thing does well. Heats up 6.5 gallons of cold water in about 20-25 minutes. Temperature is easy to control and it is nice and sturdy. I really don't see where any modifications would be required to support 10 gallon batches. Buy it with confidence. (Posted on 6/6/12)
Solid - Larger than I expected Review by Gary
I too bought this for the 1 hour boil's. Last kit took 4 hours to complete on the electric stove (glass top). From reading other review's, I expected this to be made of flimsy materials... not the case. Definitely heftier than what was expected. I haven't fired this up yet... so can't comment about that. Going to be brewing this week-end... so look out. Thanks Northern.. (Posted on 3/1/12)
Perfect for my needs Review by Brett
I bought mine for doing one hour boils of NB extract kits, and I couldn't be happier. Works perfectly. Brings 2.5-3 gallons water to a boil quickly, maintains boil easily, doesn't seem to use much gas per batch. Love it. (Posted on 6/15/11)
lightweight construction, fixable Review by WortHog
I was surprised to see that this Bayou Classic burner is made of chinesium. Inescapable I suppose, but it is not the indestructible heavy steel frame that I was hoping for. The legs flex significantly under load, and I was thinking it would buckle under a full brew kettle. Could be disastrous with large hot boiling stuff going on! So, I cut two pieces of 1.5" pipe 8" long, cut a slot in one end of each just wide enough to be a tight fit, and used a mallet to wedge them onto the underside of the steel ring that supports the upper ring/grate. Minor height adjustment with a grinder made them level. This gave it much better strength, and I had the piping leftover from another project, so cost me nothing. This simple modification makes it easily stand up to full ten gallon brew in a heavy brewing kettle. If you do ten gallon batches, I recommend this easy safety modification. (Posted on 3/7/11)
Great burner for the $$ Review by Hopstamon Vibration
For the $$... this is a great burner. I have two of them and use them with my 8 gallon mash tun and kettle all grain set up. It is very stable and has pretty good flame height adjustment. (Posted on 11/30/10)
Works great Review by JollyToper
I've done 17 brews with this. I use this with a 15G aluminum pot and bring 8 gallons of wort from mash temp (~160 after mashout) to boiling in under 20 minutes. I don't care about the paint burning off on the first use. It works great and is totally stable. It would only be better if it were a little lower profile so I would feel comfortable putting it up on a table. (Posted on 9/17/10)
sturdy, but messy Review by Oovan
I've been all grain brewing for four years now, and I've had this the entire time. My only complaint so far is that the black paint flecks off after each use. By now, mine is nearly free of black paint, but plan to do this in an area you don't mind getting dirty (i.e. not your wooden deck or stained cement patio). Of course, this should be common sense... but then again, some of us were too eager to start brewing, and less concerned with WHERE we were brewing... (Posted on 8/4/10)