Mark's Keg Washer

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This keg and carboy washer will make clean-up a breeze. The base is designed to accommodate common homebrewing equipment while a submersible pump sprays cleaning solution down the sides of the vessel.

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Mark's Keg Washer

  • Mark's Keg Washer
  • Mark's Keg Washer
  • Mark's Keg Washer
  • Mark's Keg Washer
  • Mark's Keg Washer
  • Mark's Keg Washer


This keg and carboy washer will make clean-up a breeze. The base is designed to accommodate common homebrewing equipment while a submersible pump sprays cleaning solution down the sides of the vessel.
  • Designed by homebrewers for homebrewers.
  • Sanitizes or cleans kegs, carboys, buckets - greatly reduces time spent scrubbing at fermentation residue.
  • Hose barb attachments allow you to continuously circulate cleaning solution through tubing.
  • Shallow basin accommodates small parts like airlocks and stoppers.
  • Highly efficient reuse of cleaning solution means you can use just a fraction of the solution you would use for soaking fermentors, which saves money on cleaners and reduces water use.
  • Keg cleaning design allows you to pump cleaning solution through your liquid tubing, disconnect, dip tube, and keg all at the same time, without disassembling anything!
  • This product should be used with a Ground Fault Interrupter for safety.

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    Customer Reviews

    Works great! Review by christopher
    Its a big time saver and helpful from the heavy lifting. I use to sanitize my glass jugs by filling it to the top then dumping it (5-6 gallons), but with this and 1 gallon of water after 5 minutes its all good and clean. when it comes to washing the glass carboys however, i needed to scrub the top part down. its still worth the buy. (Posted on 1/1/15)
    Great Addition to Your Setup Review by Jeremy
    As others have stated, you'll still want to use your carboy brush to get that "krausen ring" off the walls of your fermenter. However, this is a great time saver. I usually toss a keg or carboy on it while I go clean-up the rest of the brewhouse. Since it recirculates the same gallon of solution, it'll pay for itself in the amount of PBW you'll save.
    I would've given it five stars, but held one back only because the pump can be a little flakey. I regularly have to pull mine apart to get it going (but once it's primed, it runs like a champ).
    Also, I wish the hose-barbs and "t-connection" attachments were available to order separately (I lost one of mine, and had to frankenstien a replacement with plumbing parts from home depot) (Posted on 11/7/14)
    Needs a drain! Review by Chuck
    I love this washer. Cleaning carboys, buckets, and tubes is a breeze. Of course you need to clean as soon as possible and you still need a carboy brush to help with the ring. I would give it a five if I could drain it without spilling. I am looking at installing a simple drain to mine and then it will be perfect. If you can pour and not spill, this is the cats meow!! (Posted on 4/15/14)
    Get this, save time and sanitizing solution Review by Jeff
    Wont take off yeast buildup around rim, that is a job for a brush. But it micro-foams StarSan and jet blasts amazingly clean from there.

    I also use the pump in my 5gal sanitizing bucket to prime & cycle assist my march pump/chiller plate rig.
    (1/2" NPT outlet)

    Perfect addition to a pump based brewing system, being that everyone chooses pump systems to save time. (Posted on 12/5/13)
    It does the trick for regular cleaning. Review by Ben
    I'm not so sure about really messy carboys or kegs, but for my normal batches, it saves me hot water, PBW, and elbow grease. So it works as advertised. (Posted on 10/16/13)
    Great Time Saver! Review by Mike
    Just bought one of these and used it for the first time today. Works like a charm and saves me a lot of time and hot water! I would definitely recommend one of these to anyone who brews frequently. (Posted on 10/5/13)
    Well Worth It Review by Kerneels
    Works like a charm. I use it to clean kegs, buckets and car boys, 3/4 oz of PBW per gallon of water is all you need. After rinsing it out with fresh water I use it for sanitizing. Keeps my hands free so I can focus on other stuff in the meantime. Works great for cleaning and sanitizing hoses too. (Posted on 10/1/13)
    Great product Review by 10Pilot
    I love this product. I'll never leave carboys around to get crusty and disgusting again. This makes cleaning any carboy or keg an easy chore. Just add a gallon of pbw and put the carboy or keg on top and plug it in.

    A couple of reasons that I gave it only 4 stars are: the reservoir is rather large; you have to put a full gallon of cleaning solution in in order for the solution to cover the inlet of the pump and also it could use a couple of additional attachments. It is designed to pump cleaning solution through the liquid out ball lock at the same time as it's spraying the inside of the keg. However it only comes with one size of barbed T-connection. I was lucky in that I have another pond pump that has the same size attachments and thus I have a few extra attachments that fit the pump that comes with the keg washer. One of them has an off/on valve on both legs of the T. That made the keg cleaning easier also because 15 minutes into cleaning the keg I can just shut off the flow through the ball valve rather than having to take everything apart and removing the T as recommended in the instructions. (Posted on 8/31/13)
    Would go 4.5 if I could Review by Chad
    Nice and convenient to be able to walk away and let the washer do it's thing. I have used it both for cleaning and sanitizing but I am a little wary of it completely sanitizing a keg like I had hoped. It is nice to sanitize the valves and dip tube through the insides but I am not sure that the spray inside completely sanitizes the outside of the dip tube inside of the keg. (Posted on 8/11/13)
    Way easier. Way safer. Way more efficient! Review by Erik
    Do you have carboys? Or kegs? Or feel like you use an excessive amount of PBW cleaning any of the aforementioned items? If so, you need this keg washer. I've cleaned two glass carboys and it was nothing short of awesome! If I hadn't just kegged the beer that was in the carboys, I would have cleaned my kegs just for fun. This washer makes cleaning these normally cumbersome items a breeze! A couple of pointers:

    Make sure you use enough PBW and warm water. I used 2 tablespoons for a reservoir worth of water.

    Make sure you use enough water. I topped off the reservoir once the system was running and I seemed to get better pressure, which probably lends itself to better cleaning.

    Make sure you let the carboy or keg sit on the washer long enough to be cleaned and that you cycle the water as need be. On carboy took about 10 minutes to clean, where the dirty one took about 30 minutes and a solution change... but it was still really easy!

    Make sure you get ready to stop having to deal with carboys/kegs full of cleaning solution and having to use excessive amounts of cleaner. By my estimates, I should be able to use a mere tenth of the amount of PBW that I used to use to clean the same amount of gear. How awesome is that?!?

    P.S. I can't wait to use this thing to sanitize. I think it's gonna be great (and from what I hear, possibly a little foamy)! (Posted on 7/16/13)
    saves time and cleaning solution Review by david
    Keg washer works great for cleaning out empty kegs of fermented beer. If you use this to clean kegs that beer has fermented in, or probably any other fermentation vessel, some scrubbing is required to keg the thick gunk out. Only mixing a couple gallons of pbw solution at a time is nice. Be sure to get some sani clean instead of starsan to prevent foaming. (Posted on 7/13/13)
    Good Review by George
    had trouble getting the keg to stand up straight, but after a little patience and balance the keg washer worked great (Posted on 7/12/13)
    Great Review by Dan
    This thing is amazing. Easy to use and very effective. I have only used it for sanitizing, not sure if it would be a great cleaner. But for sanitizing, it gets five stars. (Posted on 4/10/13)
    Not Perfect but Useful! Review by Mudflap
    I received this as a gift for Christmas and was anxious to try it out. Unfortunately it leaked through a manufacturing defect out of the bottom. (NB gets 2 thumbs up for replacing the flawed trough immediately!)

    Once corrected it did an ok job cleaning the primary - still had to manually clean the scum ring but it only needed a light wipe. Biggest savings is the reduction in cleaner needed compared to filling and soaking. It's great for sanitizing.

    The other drawback is my 7.5 gallon boil kettle could not be cleaned on here. The cleaning solution follows the lip and runs out the sides. Smaller diameter kettles work but this one is only an inch or so less wide than the washer trough and about 50% of the water winds up outside of the trough almost instantly. (Posted on 1/16/13)
    Saves time to enjoy your beer Review by David
    I am new to brewing, but now have 11 brews on tap with my son-in-law. Working with so many kegs and carboys and tubing, I was concerned about cleaning (not allowed in my kitchen, and I don't have a sink downstairs in the basement!). Watching my son-in-law doing his clean up seemed time consuming, so I decided to spring for this time saving cleaner.
    After six months of heavy use, I would not part with this cleaner. It cleans all my tubing, my secondary fermentation carboys, my kegs and misc. small parts without a hitch, and sanitizes them as well. I also use it for my therminator, both before and after wort chilling. Works great, and keeps the therminator working great.
    As for my primary fermentation carboys, since I sometimes have energetic fermentation and use blowout tubes, sometimes a little more work is done. I use PBW cleanser in the cleaner first, sometimes for 10 minutes or so. Any remaining krausen I can easily get to with a brush, and it takes no force to remove it after soaking with PBW in the cleaner. Then I blast it again with the PBW in the cleaner, and then sanitize (again in the cleaner).
    I concur that small holes drilled lower may help with the Krausen, but beware that too many holes will reduce the water jet from any one hole, and may defeat the purpose. Since my krausen level depends on my brew, it won't be easy to select just one or two locations for holes. I'll stick with Mark's design.
    I use Star San for sanitizing: it foams a bit but my wife has relegated me outside so it is not a problem. Besides, the wind blows the foam and the kids/grandkids love it! (Posted on 12/6/12)
    This thing rocks.... Review by Sioux Fu Brew James
    I was looking at building my own, but after looking at prices of pumps and the other products, I went with the Mark Keg Washer II. It cleans my carboys and kegs with ease. I attach a beer out line to my kegs as I am washing them to ensure that my liquid out tube is cleaned as well.

    As for carboys, they are also great. Some reviews say how you have to use a brush to get the krausen ring out, and for the most part this is true, but it only takes a couple of swipes after running it through the ring and it is gone. If you are lazy, then let it run longer than 5 minutes, more like an hour and it will be gone. I go that route because I like to enjoy my beer and do less work.

    The best part is that it comes with a one year no hassle warranty. If you have problems, then you just e-mail Mark, and he will solve the problem for you. All parts are covered, and he is easy to reach with questions and suggestions. He, like any great engineer likes to get feedback from customers. He pointed out to me in a question that I had that if I wanted to customize the parts then you can with a trip to your local hardware plumbing section, and for less than a couple dollars you can have additional parts. The warranty also comes with any additions that he makes to the Keg Washer at no extra cost, as he has added a silicone ring to the holder for the carboys.

    All in all I am happy with my purchase and no longer have to pick up and swish around kegs with cleaner in them, which was the first goal to begin with.

    (Posted on 11/5/12)
    Time Saver! Review by Mark
    Well, I've got to be honest and say if this was a bit cheaper I'd give it five stars. It is kind of expensive for some plastic and a cheap submersible pump. That said, it rocks! I cleaned five corny kegs, and 1/2 bbl in about an hour. It takes 2 mins to set up, uses very little water and cleans up nice and easy. Will be running my sanitizer through it on brew day. (Posted on 10/20/12)
    Great for sanitizing, marginal for cleaning Review by HMC
    Don't get me wrong, this is a great product...for sanitizing. I had marginal success when using it for cleaning.

    Before I begin my review, let me tell you what I am using with the Keg Washer. I use both 6 and 5 gal Better Bottles as primary and secondary fermenters, 5 gal corney kegs for serving, and I clean with PBW and hot water, sanitize with Saniclean and room-temp water.

    On cleaning...not sure how others got better results, but it doesn't work well enough for me. The spray is not powerful enough or focused correctly to get all of the krausen ring off in a typical dirty primary fermenter--even if you use hot water, PBW, and a long rinse. And I think you can forget it if you have a real messy fermenter that required a blow-off. It does work okay for cleaning my dirty kegs (as the name suggests) since they are far less soiled than a typical fermenter.

    Even though it doesn't clean all that well, it does a perfect job in sanitizing. I use it for everything--fermenters, kegs, stoppers, air locks, tubing...The pump and spray is adequate for this, as it covers all of the area in a better bottle or keg, and the "basin" is large enough to hold most other things that need sanitizing. Best thing of all, I can use 1/5 of the product required to sanitize using this versus soaking. TIP: I believe Saniclean is the best sanitizer for this machine, as StarSan will no-doubt make a foamy mess. You've been warned. :)

    Product improvements: perhaps a different design for the pump stem for better cleaning performance, an on/off switch, a "back-splash" (light splashing happens when a keg is installed).

    (Posted on 10/9/12)
    You could build one of these--but you probably won't! Review by Tom for Carlsbad, CA
    When I first read the description of this product, I thought "why spend the dough when it's such a simple design?" After mulling over a trip to the home center to build my own versus hitting "buy now" I took the easy route and ordered it. After getting my various brewing vessels clean with ease and efficiency I have concluded that this is a great product and very reasonably priced. Sure, I could have rigged something up that works sort of like the product but it wouldn't have the secure fit for everything from corny kegs to glass carboys to better bottles. I cleaned four corny kegs and three carboys and was very pleased with the result. Things got cleaner with less effort and less water/cleaning products.

    I used the barb that allows cleaner to be sprayed into the liquid dip tube of the kegs and found this to be really convenient versus removing and soaking the tube. I used warm water and 3/4 oz. of PBW and found that what I would consider to be stubborn krausen rings disappeared completely. Other reviewers have commented that they don't think this product removes crusted-on stuff but my experience is that it does. I think using PBW at an appropriate concentration is the key. One tip would be to either premix your PBW in a separate bucket or add it slowly so you don't end up with undissolved granules in the basin. Overall, I'm really pleased with this product since it has made it faster and easier to keep everything clean and also saves water and cleaner/sanitizer versus my lame manual methods. (Posted on 9/4/12)
    Makes sanitizing easy! Review by perogi
    I got this today and immediately put it to use to sanitize 2 carboys and 4 cornies.

    40 minutes later, I now have 6 containers nice and sanitized.

    Warning: it does splash a bit (not too bad though) so don't put it anywhere where it needs to stay completely dry. (Posted on 8/21/12)
    Quick carboy cleaning Review by Jason
    Decided to give it a shot since I was tired of having to soak carboys over night. With 1 gallon warm water and 2 tablespoons PBW the keg washer had 2 - 6 gal better bottles clean in 10 minutes. No need to scrub or anything other than giving the carboys a quick rinse before I threw them on. Carboys were pretty well crusted with krausen (both required a blow off tube) and the were perfectly clean in just a few minutes.

    Very impressed and well worth it to me for the amount of time saved on cleaning. Not sure why others are having to prescrub but that was not needed in my case. (Posted on 6/30/12)
    Pleased Review by Rob
    Just got this thing a couple days ago and cleaned 3 kegs quickly. It takes the patience out of the equation. Just put the keg on w/ the requisite amount of PBW and walk away. (Posted on 4/9/12)
    It needs holes in the tube Review by JKlinck
    I've built a few of these on my own and have found that it is ABOLUTELY NECESSARY for it to have holes drilled into the tube that goes into the carboy/keg. Without it the cleaning solution only runs down which isn't enough to actually clean it. The entire surface needs to be blasted in order to actual clean. Either way you need to pre-scrub the krausen ring. (Posted on 3/11/12)
    Very Pleased Review by Ken
    Bought 2 weeks ago & over the weekend did a carboy & 2 kegs {cleaning & sanitized} the unit did a great job; didn’t have too pre scrub. I even did my fermentation vessel & wiped dry but never had to pre scrub. Would recommend to anyone. (Posted on 3/5/12)
    Very Pleased Review by Hopstamon
    I have been pleased with this product. As stated in the other review about having to scrub a bit prior ... no big deal. I give it a quick brush to the krausen ring then run the pump with a PBW mixture for 20-30 minutes and have never seen a cleaner carboy. Also, the quick connect set up is perfect for cleaning my corny keg diptubes and keg simultaneously. It also runs well as a sanitizer with Sani-Clean ( low foaming) Star San foams too much. Only uses one gallon of liquid to effectively run the system...genius. The only thing I wish it came with was a shield to reduce splashing onto the counter. I built one myself out of plastic from one of my kids Christmas toys packaging and secured it with think wire stakes that go into the small holes around the base of the unit... keeps my wife happier as I take over her precious counter space and reduces clean up. It certainly reduces clean up headaches. (Posted on 2/24/12)
    i LOVE the thing Review by Mike Brenner
    i'm usually cleaning out at least 4 corny kegs or carboys at a time, so i bought two. i run one with hot water and PBW for about 15 minutes to clean, and then after a quick water rinse, i run the second one with SaniClean for 3 minutes. they've made life a LOT easier. i highly recommend buying one (or two). (Posted on 2/22/12)
    Awesome product Review by RG
    I started looking for a cheap pump to power an immersion chiller, and found this guy. Called Mark up, personally, and found out that the new version was coming out (the one pictured here.) I waited for its release, and plunked down my $. Works great as a cleaner, and sanitizer, and the pump does double duty during kettle cooling. (Posted on 2/21/12)
    Be forwarned... Review by Ed
    that you still have to surface clean the carboy, the stream of water hits the bottom of the inverted carboy and cascades down the sides, but won't remove the krausen ring or other caked on residue, ie hops from dry hopping. it's great for sanitizing, but I can't really see how you call this a cleaner...maybe a "final" rinser" and sanitizer would be a better name. (Posted on 2/21/12)

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