Tall Boy® Brew Kettle

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The Golden Ratio for Brewing Perfection

These heavy duty stainless steel Tall Boy® Kettles are proportioned to the optimal height to diameter ratio of 1.2. Brewing science indicates that this is the ultimate ratio for home brewing.

A full wort boil is an easy way to improve any extract batch and it is essential when moving to all-grain. Improve your hop utilization, reduce kettle caramelization, and sanitize all of your wort in the boil. This is a serious brew kettle at a price you won't want to pass up.

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Tall Boy® Kettle 15 gallon

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The Tall Boy® Kettle optimizes yield by promoting a vigorous boil, helpful in volatilizing off-flavors. It also minimizes losses from evaporation. The Tall Boy® Kettles feature a 4mm tri-clad bottom (aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel) that reduces hot spots and minimizes scorching. This is a serious brew kettle at a price you won't want to pass up. The Tall Boy logo is etched into the kettle as evidence that you are in fact a discerning brewer.

This kettle pairs well with our Dark Star propane burner. Check out the Raise Your Game II Kettle and Burner Combo. Also consider an immersion chiller like our Silver Serpent for quicker chilling of a full volume boil.

Approximate Dimensions: 

8 Gallon Tall Boy is 12.5" Wide by 15" Tall

10 Gallon Tall Boy is 13.3" Wide by 16" Tall

15 Gallon Tall Boy is  15.5" Wide by 18.6" Tall

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Customer Reviews

An essential tool for any brewer Review by Andrew
I picked up the 10 gallon tall boy kettle so I could go with full volume boils and I am very glad I went with this choice. I spent quite a bit of time searching for pots and ended up striking out at most local places and even places online. This kettle offers a serious bang for your buck as well, most comparable kettles cost close to $30 more at the minimum. The tall boy kettle comes well packaged to help avoid dents or dings. It is also a very sturdy pot, it is a lot thicker and heavier than I was expecting but I am glad that it is so well built because it gives me confidence that it will last. If you are looking for a kettle and skeptical about what to get, just trust me and go with this one, I was in the same position and I couldn't be happier with my decision. (Posted on 4/18/15)
NICE POT! (10 Gallon) Review by Norman
I am really liking my new HLT pot. The metal thickness is awesome, the base is super thick, and heats up in a hurry with proper heating of the entire pot.

Using the thermometer I have, there was sufficient heating in the center and the outside of the middle of the pot. The temp differences between the middle of the wort and the outside edges where very small.

Nice pot for the price. I just wish I would have ordered it with a valve. (Posted on 2/17/15)
5 stars for TallBoy and 5 for NB!! Review by cole
I have the 15 gallon Tall Boy and Couldn't be happier for the price! This is a very solid kettle and was fairly simple to drill for fittings! The tri-clad base seemed to really spread the heat better than my old thin scorch monster kettle. My kettle did show up with a small dent, Northern Brewer was very helpful and we had a resolution within minutes! I am extremely happy with both the Tall Boy kettle and Northern Brewer! (Posted on 2/17/15)
Outstanding kettle and Outsanding Customer Service Review by Ed
My first kettle arrived with two dents just above the base and NB immediately sent a new one out. I purchase the 15 gallon kettle and the thing is just HUGE. Great for a full 5 gallon boil and I have no doubt that the 10 gallon batches will work fine as well. Was still able to get a boil over yesterday but I blame my son and his friends for enjoying thier beers more than the pot. Great value for the price and I will eventually put the valve and thermometer in as well. (Posted on 2/2/15)
Great pot! Review by Adam
Used for my first all grgrain BIAB brew recently. Works great. Holds heat very well kept with my Mas temp the whole time without reheating. Highly recommend. (Posted on 1/3/15)
All you need Review by Joshua
Very solid kettle. The bottom is nice and thick but I am still able to get 3.5 gallons boiling on an electric glass stove top. Does not warp or seem at all flimsy during the boil. Feels like a product that will last a long time. (Posted on 12/20/14)
No longer as described Review by Rick
So I just received my 10 gallon tall boy kettle. I haven't used it yet, so this review is strictly on the specifications and manufacturing quality.

I originally bought this kettle based on the measurements provided on the website. It would appear either 1. The person who measured the kettle cannot read numbers or 2. The design or supplier has changed.

The description says its 13.3" by 16". Measuring with a cloth tape, I got an internal measurement of 14" by 16.5". It's close, but not what was stated. Also, the "laser etched logo" is not laser etched unless a laser is capable of pressing in metal. It's obviously stamped on...

It appears the new tall boys are mega pots without the silicone handles based on those listed measurements. I'm not complaining because those are great kettles from what I've read. And the $10 increase in price a couple months ago would seem more relevant now if they are in fact rebranded mega pots.

On closer inspection, you can see the weld seams. There are no pinholes or botched welds. The seams are sanded pretty smooth, but are slightly visible.

I'm knocking my rating to 4 stars due to the outdated info on the website. Hopefully it works as well or better than expected. From the reviews of both kettles, I don't think I will be disappointed. (Posted on 12/17/14)
They're fine but the info is lacking on this site Review by Evan
They're fine but the info is lacking on this site. The thing that they don't list on the product information is that this kettle's diameter is too small to use weldless valve kits on. The turn is too tight and the o-rings won's seal on anything under 15 gallon pots. (Posted on 8/22/14)
Works great Review by Phil
Picked up the 10 gallon. The clad bottom is nice, even just for the fact that the kettle is much sturdier, and doesn't "oil-can" or flex around while on the burner. 1.5" depth per gallon for the 10 gallon kettle. (Posted on 8/6/14)
Solid kettle Review by Ed
I just got my 8-gallon Tall Boy kettle the other day and it made its debut yesterday as part of my first outdoor brew day.

It certainly appears and feels strong and like it should last a long time. I experienced my first boil over yesterday (at least it wasn't inside or the wife would kill me) and thankfully, the green hop mess cleaned up EASILY just with a little scrubbing of a soft sponge.

My 5 gallons of wort chilled quickly in it using a wort chiller and even though it's strong and sturdy, one person can lift it with 5 gallons of wort in it to pour the wort into the primary.

My only complaint - and this might be more my new burner (Darkstar) than the pot - is that there is some scorching on the bottom of the kettel that I can't get off no matter how hard I scrub.

But, that's a cosmetic issue. Functionally, I'm very happy with the kettle. Just gotta' watch for a boil over at those hop additions next time! (Posted on 7/17/14)
Good pot! Review by Hunter
Great pot! This pot seems like it will last a long time. Fairly thick sidewalls at .8mm for the 8 and 10 gallon and 1mm thick for 15 gallon. (why northern brewer doesn't tell you this in the description I have no clue.)

I would say if in doubt get a bigger pot than you think you will need, especially if you plan on doing all grain imperial beers. You will want plenty of room since you will want a lot of wort pre boil.

I got the 10 gallon pot and know regret not getting the 15 gallon.

Also be extremely careful when you drill your hole that you don't drill close to the seam on the bottom! I didn't notice the seam and when my coupling was welded to the pot it cracked on the seam!! Although it has been patched up I think it will be a problem in the future. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Awesome Kettle! Review by Nick
I've used my kettle now for a couple beers now, I upgrade from a 7.5 gallon kettle to a 10 gallon Tall boy. It's build very well(heavy!) with a thick bottom to prevent scorching and my boil off rate is about a gallon an hour. 10 gallons with 6.5 gallons of wort leaves plenty of room for the hot break. I've never had a boil over in this kettle. (Posted on 5/14/14)
10 gallon kettle Review by Dan
Great kettle. Make sure you have enough space over your stove to fit it. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Solid, Shiny, Goodness with Margin Review by Scott
The Tallboy 8 Gallon Kettle is perfect for full -boil 5 gallon brews. The handles are rock solid and the margin of volume at 8 gallons makes for a more relaxing brew day. You don't have to worry about boil-overs as long as you dial in the right flame. This is a great product for the price point and will make a nice addition to any home brew setup. (Posted on 1/4/14)
15 gallon tall boy Review by ChuckD76
So wait, you're telling me I can get a nice thick SS pot, add a valve, hop strainer, thermometer and sight glass and still pay less than half of what I would spend for another pot by a different company who's only difference is the "bling" factor of it's name?
Yes? Really?
That's why I bought three. (Posted on 1/2/14)
8 Gallon Review by Patrick
Good quality and did the job I needed for extract brewing with partial boils while having the potential for full boils in the near future. (Posted on 12/27/13)
10 Gallon Tall Boy Review by Nicholas
Did a full-boil five gallon mash/extract brew, no issues with boil-overs and sturdy design did not bend or give when pouring wort into primary after cooling. The kettle retains heat quite well which is great during mashing, not so great during chilling; however, a good wort chilling system would likely remedy that. Overall, based on price and quality I would definitely recommend this kettle to brewers of any skill level. (Posted on 12/25/13)
Great deal Review by mike
I was looking to get a larger brew kettle for brew in a bag brewing I was looking for something that would work on my induction burner that did not cost an arm and leg. This kettle is sturdy and works great on my induction burner. The price was half of most other induction ready pots. Over all great deal and I wish I had gotten this one (10 gal) the first time (Posted on 12/23/13)
No More Boil-overs Review by Nick L. Ante
Perfect for a full-boil of my 5 gallon all-grain batches. No more boil-overs on the kitchen range. Didn't get 5 stars due to a small blemish on one handle. (Posted on 12/20/13)
Very Happy Review by Mr. Beer
Just upgraded from a 6 gallon junker aluminum kettle to the 8 gallon Tall Boy. The build is awesome. The walls are nice and thick and the handles are big enough to grab with gloves on. The lid is very solid and fits to make a nice seal. It is a lot nicer looking than the el cheapo stainless kettles…it has a brushed metal texture. I don't know much about the gauges of metal used but the thing is rock solid all around. It doesn't feel like one of those thin flexy-budget kettles.

My previous kettle was really bad in comparison but when I boiled in this one, the boil was a lot more uniform. It could be the tri-clad bottom…it could be the perfect 1.2 build ratio…who knows. I love the thing though. I am very happy with it!
(Posted on 12/16/13)
Great kettle for the price Review by Craig
Nice sturdy good weight kettle for the money. The kettle is sturdier than I expected for the price and it arrived in perfect condition. (Posted on 12/15/13)
solid Review by Ross
A good, solid kettle. If i want to brew in a bag, i can hit higher gravity than in my old 7 gallon aluminum turkey baster pot. Construction is very nice. Boiling 6 gallons down to 5 gallon batch is easy with room to spare. Highly recommend (Posted on 12/12/13)
Great 8 gal kettle Review by Mike
After waiting several weeks or was it months for the kettles to be back in stock, I was tempted to order a lower priced kettle elsewhere. I'm glad I decided to wait and purchased the 8 gal kettle so that I could move to 5 gal all grain batches do full 6 gal boils. The kettle is very heavy duty and well made. the one thing missing that wouldmake this kettle perfect is 1 gal volume markings on the side. (Posted on 12/4/13)
Great Kettle for price Review by Robert
I checked everywhere for a similar quality kettle, locally and online and found that for the price the tall boy kettle from Northern brewer was the best buy and after purchasing the 10 gal I was happy to see it exceeded my expectations! Great, high quality kettle should last a lifetime of brew sessions and more. Northern brewers customer service cant be beat! (Posted on 11/22/13)
Nice Kettle Review by Erica
I purchased one of the 10 gallon kettles several months ago. It's a wonderfully built kettle with thick sides and a nice clad bottom, but the thing I'm finding with this kettle is that the metal is such a heavy gage that it is affecting my cooling and cold breaks when cooling my finished wort.
Got much better cooling from my economy kettle probably from the thinner metal because the thinner metal dissipates heat better. (Posted on 11/11/13)
Great Value Review by Thomas
Great quality pot with plenty of headroom for up to 8 gallon brew volume with a very reasonable price! Love it!
(Posted on 8/25/13)
8 Gallon Tall Boy Kettle Review by Christopher
I bought this kettle to start doing full 5 gallon extract boils and haven't had any issues after 2 batches. It arrived promptly in perfect condition and I would recommend it to a fellow brewer any day. (Posted on 8/25/13)
Just what my home brew needed! Review by Keith
Love it! No more 5gallon batch boil overs. Economical and a quality pot. Can't wait to use it again. (Posted on 8/24/13)
End to Boil-overs Review by Robert J
Just what I was looking for. The taller form gives you a few extra inches to "catch" a boil over if one is imminent. The capacity is perfect for my 3 to 5 gallon wort boils and I am even experiencing lower evaporation at all boil times as advertized. This is a great value and I highly recommend it to friends. (Posted on 8/6/13)
Tallboy 10 Gallon Kettle Review by Steve
The first kettle arrived with a huge dent on the side near the bottom. NB was great and had another one on the way that day that I shipped that one back. The second one arrived in a few days. This one has a slight imperfection around the lip but otherwise looked and worked fine. The kettle worked great on a 5 gallon boil, and left no burned marks or scorches on the inside bottom. Overall a good value if you want a product that does the job but may have some slight imperfections. For that price it would be hard to find something better. (Posted on 7/26/13)
Great kettle Review by Scott
I bought the 10 gallon version of this kettle to start doing BIAB and all-grain batches. Solid construction and it works well on the induction cooker in my basement brewery. I've done two BIAB batches join it so far and consider it money well spent. (Posted on 7/21/13)
Great Kettle Review by Voodoo Child
New to extract brewing, and a friend of mine that got me into it said he wanted this pot so I bought it. I can boil all 5 gallons, but be a little careful of boil overs, happened to me once while i was messing around. No scorching, very reactive to heat changes. No rust on it anywhere. I've used it about 6 times, seems rugged, cleans easy, doesnt stain, I have no complaints. (Posted on 7/17/13)
great kettle Review by Sean
This kettle is much better quality than I was expecting for the money. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Quality kettle Review by Mark
Bought the 15 gallon version. Very large, have lots of space. Took a while to drill through to put a stainless steel valve so I know it's built very well. Money well spent. (Posted on 7/12/13)
wow Review by mike
this monster is something to be proud of. the bottom looks like it could stop a bullet! (Posted on 7/12/13)
Worth the $$ Review by Doug
I'm new to brewing and researched a fair amount before deciding to buy a 10 Gal Tall Boy. I've brewed 2X with it. A real nice piece of equipment that I'll have for a lifetime. (Posted on 6/24/13)
Nice kettle Review by Nate
Just received my 8 gallon kettle this morning, then took it to my friends back yard to brew a Ginger Saison.
What a nice heavy kettle. As long as you take care of it, this thing looks like it will last a long time. Compared to my friends Blichmann, this is a lot thicker gauge steel. Only bad spot I've seen on this thing is the weld seam at the lip of the kettle. You can only see the weld seam at the lip, Looks like they didn't weld it all the way to the end of the lip and you see a kind of crack or opening where the two ends of the steel meet. Other than this tinny little flaw, I am very happy with this kettle..... (Posted on 6/22/13)
Rock-solid construction, great quality/price Review by Drew
I bought the 8 gallon kettle. I tested it for magnetic induction compatibility, and it works like a charm. The wall thickness is just right, and the kettle isn't too heavy, nor too light. This is an incredible deal for the price. I would highly suggest this kettle for any brewer. (Posted on 5/31/13)
Nice Kettle Review by Luis
Nice construction. Solid handles. I got my 10 Gallon kettle a while ago and have brewed twice with it so far and I am quite happy with it, especially for this price. If you're looking for a nice kettle at a decent price, this is definitely it. (Posted on 5/20/13)
This kettle is amazing!! Review by Matt
Just finished my first all grain brew today. This kettle is amazing!! (Posted on 5/19/13)
Great Kettle Review by Matt
Just received my 10 Gallon Tall Boy kettle today. I am really impressed with the kettle for the price. Grab one up for yourself. (Posted on 5/15/13)