The Steelhead™ Stainless Steel Pump

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Stainless steel quality at an affordable price

Everyone wants stainless steel brewing tools, but we're often held back by the price. That's not the case with the new Steelhead Pump. It's built strong for homebrewers that are tired of moving large kettles full of near-boiling wort to be chilled or transferred. Don't break your back or the bank, let the Steelhead do the hard work on brew day.

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The Steelhead™ Stainless Steel Pump

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  • Stainless steel head
  • Handles liquid up to 250°F
  • 1/20 Horsepower motor 
  • 2 7/8" impeller
  • 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet
  • Our Steelhead Pump is a heavy-duty pump made of FDA-approved materials to handle liquid up to 250°F. Powered by a 1/20 horsepower motor to produce top-of-the-line flow and pressure, this pump has a durable stainless steel head that resists breaking and cross-threading. Silicon o-ring and housing design prevents leaking. Large 2 7/8" impeller design, full 1/2" NPT inlet to prevent cavitation. Pre-wired with a four foot cord and a three prong 115V plug. Don't break your back or the bank, let the Steelhead do the hard work on brew day.

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    Customer Reviews

    Works Well For Variety of Uses Review by Paul
    I use this pump for all sorts of transferring and recirculating. It accomplishes all transfers to and from my kettles and mash tun for mash/sparge. I also use it to vorlauf and set the mash bed, then use it to pump wort into my kettle. I start recirculating wort in the mash tun to whirlpool with about 10-15 minutes left in the boil to sanitize the pump and tubing. Always remember to PRIME YOUR PUMP and try to force out any air bubbles (I gravity flow with the outlet WAY below the pump to get high flow and force any air out) before operation. Also, for recirculating boiling water, close the discharge valve until just cracked open to prevent a lot of air buildup and cavitation. Disassembly and cleaning of the pumphead is easy. I recommend camlock fittings for connecting tubing. (Posted on 10/18/14)
    First Pump Review by Jason
    I brewed for the first time with this pump this last weekend, used it for whirlpool with my immersion chiller. Prior to brewing I changed the pumphead orientation so that the inlet was facing down and outlet is facing up. The pump was 2' below my brew kettle. This is the first time I have ever used a pump with brewing and it was very easy with this pump and awesome. I had no problem priming the pump and had zero cavitation issues. I was brewing and IPA and had 5 oz of hops at the end of the brew and no filter in my kettle and the pump had no problem recirculating all of it and creating a great whirlpool. It was great fun watching it in action. I can't wait to brew with it again! (Posted on 10/7/14)
    Works great..with caveat Review by George
    After about six months of use I find this pump to be ideal for moving hot water, wort & similar liquids in the amounts that I typically brew- 10 gallons at most. There are a couple of technical details not stated. These are; the pumps position with respect to the kettle drain valve- the pump will work best if its intake is at least one foot vertically below the valve, and; the pump will function best if oriented with the outlet vertically. I initially set up the pump in approximately the same plane as the kettle bottom and the cavitation prevented much flow. To Northern Brewers credit, their technical help phone representative set me straight. I have also used it to move Maple sap for spring syrup boiling and it worked well. It would have been useful to have these design requirements stated with the pump literature & web description, otherwise 5 stars. (Posted on 8/15/14)