ThermoStar™ Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller

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The first dual-mode digital temperature controller to go from -50°F to 300°F—and back again—with the flip of a switch. Forget the Ready, its low-profile, ultra-mountable design is Set and Go. With a responsive dual-color LED display and modular probe that eliminates the need for a thermowell, perfect homebrew has never been so effortless. ThermoStar is the only temperature controller that you'll never need to disassemble or re-wire for perfect performance.

Tested and trusted by our Brewmasters for its reliability and ease of use, ThermoStar is the temperature controller of choice in our R&D brew cave.

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ThermoStar™ Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller

  • ThermoStar™ Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller
  • ThermoStar™ Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller
  • ThermoStar™ Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller
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No longer is an advanced degree in electrical engineering required to achieve flexibility in fermentation temperature control. With ThermoStar™, switching from heating to cooling is not only easier than ever with the simple push of a button, it is instantly recognizable with an LED screen that displays the target temperature in blue when the unit is in cooling mode and red when it is in heating mode. You will never need to unscrew the unit to make changes or internal adjustments.

A low-profile design outfitted with multiple mounting options—everything from magnetic to suction to nail hooks—ThermoStar™ delivers superb, reliable control even in the smallest of fermentation spaces.

Upgrade the modular stainless steel probe to our longer 12” model and monitor the actual internal fermentation temperature of your wort without the need for a thermowell.

Product Specs

Setpoint Temperature Range -50°F to 300°F
Differential Adjustment +/- 2°F
UL Listed Yes
Body Dimensions
Width (at widest point) 68mm
Height/Thickness 40mm
Length 120mm
Temperature Sensor
Standard Probe Length 2 inches
Extended Probe Length 12 inches
Cord Length 8 feet

Additional Information

Support Documents: ThermoStar™ Instructions

Customer Reviews

Very good product but some custom work needed Review by Matthew
This actual unit is great. The real issue is setting up the probes. There are no off the shelf bungs that I could find that were properly drilled. You need to purchase the solid 6.5 rubber bung. Then:

1) Drill the hole for the 12" probe. The probe is 1/4" diameter but because of the rubber you need to drill using either a 17/64 or 9/32 bit. I found the 9/32 a better fit. The 17/64 worked but you need to lube the probe before you insert it through the hole. Start the hole from the bottom of the bung very close to one side and if possible slightly angled parallel to the bung wall. This is needed especially if you use the standard 3 piece airlock.

2) Drill the hole for the airlock. A 1/2 drill worked just fine. Again start from the bottom and keep as far away from the probe hold as is reasonable.

In both holes I ran the bit through then reamed the hold again from the other side using the same bit to get the full diameter.

I could not find a 1/4 grommet on this site for a plastic brew bucket but trip to Home Depot did the job. (Posted on 1/17/15)
Could use improvement Review by Paul
I just received this item and plugged it in, so I do not have a review for prolonged use. There are several improvements I think this product could make to be more convenient. (1) The setting for cooling is not very intuitive, as you set the temperature that you want to cool to, rather than the temperature that you want to call the freezer on. For example, I want to have the freezer turn on at 66, and off at 63. I have to set the freezer to 63 then select a swing/hysteresis of 3. If i want to adjust swing, I then have to adjust the setpoint to maintain my max temp. (2) Having the output A/C socket directly on the unit is troublesome for a couple of reasons. First, it limits the adapter you can attach directly to the unit (3-outlet if you want the controller to initiate the freezer, and one/two fans). You could connect an extension cord, but the controller becomes awkward since there are already cords coming off the bottom, and now you have one coming off the side. Further, attaching either of these two to the unit makes it heavy, and it's integral magnets are not strong enough to prevent it from sliding down the side of the freezer. (3) Magnets are not strong enough to provide a reliable hold. If the controller had a temp setting that called on the freezer, had a cord leaving the unit rather than the outlet built in, and the magnets were stronger, this would be a great product. As it is, the product is OK, but the only advantage it has over the Johnson A419 is the easier ability to switch to heating mode without opening up the controller. (Posted on 9/18/14)
very happy with this product Review by Rich
very happy with this product. Much easier to use than the other digital controller I have - much more intuitive. The built-in magnetic backing is great (maybe needs to be a touch stronger?) and by itself would make this controlled superior to the others... I wish they had this one when I bought my previous one! (Posted on 7/30/14)
Smart and simple design Review by jamie
After seeing there is a 12 inch probe to put into my fermenting wort I chose this over the the johnson temperature controller so I can control the temp of the wort onto the ambient air inside my freezer. The unit is well built and controls are easy to use. I fired it up to try it out and was impressed with the unit holding with in 2 degrees of the set point. I am brewing a Cherry Wheat this weekend and looking forward to using the 12 inch probe. (Posted on 7/8/14)