Muntons Ale Dry Yeast

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Medium attenuation, low flocculation. Good all-purpose ale yeast. Optimum temp: 57°-77° F

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Medium attenuation, low flocculation. Good all-purpose ale yeast. Optimum temp: 57°-77° F

Additional Information

Manufacturer Muntons
Yeast Format Dry
Yeast Type Ale
Yeast Origin/Influence British Isles
Min Fermenting Temp 57
Max Fermenting Temp 77
Flocculation No
Min Attenuation % No
Max Attenuation % No

Customer Reviews

Wrong Temperature <<<NOT>>> Review by Dale
Someone should take down the "Wrong Temperature" review by "Joe" so that someone is not misled; the package says 38°-40° C to ACTIVATE the dry yeast! You don't ferment at that temperature!

This is a fine and reliable basic ale yeast. Be sure to aerate the cooled wort (stir agressively with spoon to get air bubbles from the surface into the wort) , activate as described on the package, and pour it in. No drama. (Posted on 11/7/14)
very average Review by Robert
Did an IPA with this yeast. Great price, quick starter, vigorous fermentation, but produced a very average IPA. US-05 from SAF is much better for a couple dollars more.l (Posted on 1/9/14)
excellence Review by MARK
first time using this yeast brewed a batch of ale. got it done at 8:30 pm 5 1/2 hrs later nothing, went to bed saying i'll deal with it in the morning, thought bad yeast 8:30 am went down to the basement and had 2in. of foam on top and the air lock was going nuts. 24 hours now and still going nuts very active yeast is all i can say (Posted on 11/12/12)
better than the rest Review by eightbeer
i have used just about every yeast the NB sells and others but this is the one i always go back to. when i have an order going out and have lost the batch this has saved me more than once (Posted on 10/20/12)
Never fails Review by Digi3e
This is generally my only yeast unless of course I'm making a lager. It bangs out viciously in generally a day so be careful and use a blow-off tube if you are above a 1050 just to be safe. Have had airlocks blow up and beer stain the ceiling. (Posted on 9/5/12)
Always have a couple in the fridge Review by Matt
This is my go-to. Sometimes I get exotic and want some strange but I always come back to this one for my pale ales. No suprises, no crazy profile. (Posted on 8/24/12)
Great all around yeast. Review by Kwalityman
I purchase my products from NB with 2 guys I work with. They have been at this a lot longer than I have (1&1/2years for me ) Mutons is all they use for everything they brew. We have never had a problem or off taste. Over 100 batches between us. (Posted on 8/16/12)
consistently good Review by rockinhorse
I've never had a non-starter with this yeast. Proof it first in wort cooled to 80 - 100 deg F and it will start amazingly fast and works well at about 70 deg F. No off flavors. Great in pale ale. (Posted on 2/20/12)
Wrong temperature Review by Joe
The product info page gives 57°-77° F for this yeast, but the package says 38°-40° C (approx. 100°-104° F). Just so you know. (Posted on 3/28/11)
Do not recommend Review by jpbikerfreak
Yes it will rip through a 5 gallon batch in about 24 hours. But unless you like the taste of sour apples, I don't recommend it. (Posted on 10/7/10)
great Review by dan
great , but the gold one is better. can yall please start to stock muntons gold yeast! (Posted on 9/7/10)
very short lag Review by Geezer
brewed a few batches with this yeast, almost every time I get a nice and short lag time. pitch a little warm (80° or so) and by the time you've reached your fermentation temperature you'll probably notice a few bubbles already. great dry yeast to have on hand in case of emergencies too!! (Posted on 8/3/10)