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For the serious brewer that likes to brew outside the box. Purchase full sacks of these unique malts to save on the grains that will make your brew stand out from the all the rest. Wheat, rye, and oats have long been important staples in the brewer’s portfolio for the unique characteristics they bring to beer. You’ve brewed with barley, so peruse our tremendous selection of alternative grains and experience what these great grains have to offer.

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Bulk Grains

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From: $34.99


There are some malts which do not come from barley: oats, rye, and wheat can be malted. These malts are essentially processed like, and can be treated as, their barley malt cousins. Wheat, rye, and oats can be used as base malts for their unique flavors and textures, but care often needs to be taken when mashing because of their higher protein and glucan levels, and the fact that they may lack a husk. Caramel wheat or rye is similar to caramel barley malts, as is chocolate wheat or rye. Also included are specialty malts which don’t fall into the other categories of barley malts such as smoked malt or honey malt.

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