White House Deluxe Starter Kit

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Salute to the red, white and brew!

Who says politics and homebrew don’t mix? From Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, to current President Barack Obama, it’s evident our nation’s leaders have long held a passion for great homebrew, no matter what side of the aisle they call home. We’re proud to bring you the First White House Edition Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit - we make it possible to brew just like they do at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...without leaving the comfort of your own home.

This Deluxe Starter Kit is like no other - a celebration of White House Homebrew - complete with American Flag bottlecaps, and White House bottling bucket, pint glass, and 40oz vacuum flask growler. It has everything you need to proudly display your love of country and homebrew -so you’ll be able to raise your very own pint as a salute to the red, white, and brew.

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White House Beer Brewing Deluxe Starter Kit

  • White House Beer Brewing Deluxe Starter Kit
  • White House Beer Brewing Deluxe Starter Kit

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From: $179.99


HERE’S THE FUN PART! Every starter kit comes complete with your choice of recipe kit. For this special edition Starter Kit, Just pick one of the famed White House recipes and you’ll receive everything you need to brew up some patriotism.

White House Honey Ale - Ale to the Chief! This original recipe, first customized and brewed by the White House kitchen staff, is available by popular demand as a Northern Brewer kit. Built on a big foundation of malt with strong tones of biscuit and toffee, the Honey Ale plays up the fruity, caramel aspects of English malt and yeast. But much like the Founding Fathers would have spiced up traditional style ales with homegrown ingredients, a late addition of pure honey adds a revolutionary twist. Declare your independence from mediocre beers with this historic White House Homebrew!

White House Honey Porter - This original recipe brewed by White House staff is a callback to the favored beverage of our Founding Fathers. More than just simply black and roasty, this porter builds consensus with generous applications of sweet caramel and toasty Munich malts, while moderate bitterness and a pound of honey lets us all find common ground. Despite the divisive nature of politics, we think it’s especially important to remember what we have in common: homebrewing!

Customer Reviews

White House Honey Porter deluxe Started Kit with Glass Car Boys Review by Dan
This was my first 5 gallon batch and I made the White House Honey Porter. It came out great! You will need to use the blow off hose! I had the blow off hose set up from the first day after I watched a Youtube review. I used the primary and secondary fermenters and bottled. After 6 weeks the beer was ready. My neighbor and I have polished off about 30 bottles during the 4th of July weekend! The directions from Northern Brewer and the cleaning and sanitation of equipment was key to my success. I had no off flavors and everyone has liked the beer except for one person, but he only drinks cheap "Busch" beer, so he doesn't count! (Posted on 7/9/14)
Blow Off Assembly Review by Jim
I started my first batch on Friday afternoon. By Sunday morning I had a blow out. Luckily I was somewhat prepared. I did not have the blow off assembly in place. I was able to recover from the mishap. It is highly recommend you attach the blow off assembly as described for the first couple days of fermentation. (Posted on 11/17/13)