Draft Brewer New Ball Lock Keg

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Brand new five gallon stainless keg with ball-lock fittings and pressure relief valve in the lid.

Needed, but not included, is a CO2 cylinder.

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Draft Brewer New Ball Lock Keg


• It saves you time!
• You only need to clean, sanitize, and fill one container vs. 50+ bottles.
• You can carbonate your beer faster - cut the time from weeks, to days
• Kegging allows you to fine tune your level of carbonation to suit every beer style
• It gives you the ability to filter your beer, for a faster turnaround, and crystal clear beer, every time
• You can use it to make carbonated water and soda (but why would you when you have beer?)
• Kegs aren’t breakable and your beer is protected from light and oxidation
• You’re automatically the coolest person at the party when you show up with a keg of beer you made yourself
• Having draft beer on tap at home is totally awesome!

Who doesn’t like draft beer? Nobody! Instead of spending time cleaning and filling an army of bottles, spend your time drinking a draft homebrew from your own kegging system! It’s the pinnacle of homebrew storage and dispensing - ask any homebrewer who has one, and they’ll tell you that a kegging system is one of the best investments they’ve made in brewing equipment. Our kegging systems are inexpensive and easy to use, and we offer a wide variety, so there is a perfect system for every homebrewer. Spend less time working, and more time appreciating your brewing prowess and accepting compliments.

Diameter: approx 8.75"

Height: approx 25"

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Support Documents: Draft Brewer Kegging Overview