USED Ball Lock Soda Keg - 5 Gallon

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Used five gallon stainless keg with ball-lock fittings and pressure relief valve in the lid. Guaranteed to be pressure-capable. Will require cleaning and replacement o-rings before use (#KX15 Used Keg Seal Kit has all the required parts).

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Used 5 gallon Keg

  • Used 5 gallon Keg
  • Used 5 gallon Keg


Used five gallon stainless keg with ball-lock fittings and pressure relief valve in the lid. Measures 25" tall by 10" in diameter.

Guaranteed to be pressure capable. We pressurize used kegs when we receive them, and make sure they are still holding pressure when we ship them to you.

As these kegs have previously been used for soft drinks, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the kegs and replace the seals before use. (Our #KX15 Used Keg Seal Kit has all the seals you will need.) For a short tutorial on replacing the o-rings on a ball-lock soda keg, please see our video.

Most kegs won't require any other service, but if they do, the most common points of failure are poppet valves, keg posts, and pressure relief valves.

Please note, these are not new kegs, and there will be scuffs and dents that will not affect the keg's performance. Some kegs will require additional work or replacement parts to put them into service, however many will be good to go. We do not offer any guarantees or warranties on the kegs, with one exception: we do guarantee that the kegs are capable of holding pressure.

We allocate kegs from our warehouse in a "first in first out" manner. Our warehouse and our retail store are separate, so you will not be purchasing kegs that have been sorted and rejected by retail customers. We purchase kegs from many different sources at different times and there is a bit of variability in the cosmetic appearance and quality. If you don't want the hassle of working a bit with the used kegs, we highly recommend purchasing a new keg.

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Customer Reviews

Very happy with kegs Review by Beerbythepool
Finally decided to move to kegs and found a great deal here. Bought 2 and they both are in good condition. Arrived pressurized, but I ordered new rings and connections anyway just to make sure. Can't wait to stop bottling. (Posted on 12/11/13)
No complaints Review by Brian
Very happy with the keg I received. Was clean and held pressure. I replaced the O-rings when received and have used twice with no issues. (Posted on 10/14/13)
Vital part of my brewing Review by BBC Brewer
I bought one after attending the Intro to Kegging class. I found this easy to use and maintain. I have added another to my collection and intend on buying a third to round out the beer I can enjoy at one time. Thank you NB! The class was excellent. Great quality. (Posted on 9/28/13)
Excellent source Review by Bryan
I have bought 8 used kegs from NB over the years and although the prices have skyrocketed, the product has been great. I always buy the seal kit however this time, I didn't feel the need to replace them on two. What was on there was already in like-new or new condition. I also like that they come pressurized to show you how well they seal. (Posted on 9/26/13)
Great!!! Review by Jeremy
Great keg. Good price like the used ones better. Gives it more of a look that a lot people had a good time (Posted on 9/26/13)
Why would you ever buy a new one? Review by Andrew
I have ordered 3 of these from NB and all of them came to me in good working order with pressure in them. I always replace the o-rings (essential and really easy). I like the addition of the "Every ounce counts" sticker. With used kegs like these, why would you ever buy a new one? (Posted on 9/25/13)
Good Stuff Review by Mitch
Night two of these and they are defiantly used but hold pressure just fine. Make sure you replace the seals and clean them real good before use. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Nearly new! Review by Jim
This time I received a nearly new Italian-made soda keg instead of the usual dented, scratched keg with broken off rubber handles. Looks great, smells clean, nice intact NB sticker, and shiny new posts. Great deal! (Posted on 9/11/13)
Delivery and Maintenance Review by Blanky
Delivery of the kegs is very quick. I had them within 3 days of ordering. They are not the prettiest keg but who cares about appearance when it goes into the kegerator. I recommend replacing the seals on all used kegs. (Posted on 8/27/13)
Excellent product Review by chappy29
These are the first kegs I have every owned and I am impressed with there quality. I now own three and hope to pick up more soon. You can't beat the price and the quality. Works great and holds pressure. Prefect from home brewers! (Posted on 8/27/13)
Overall Good Value Review by Dan
I've purchased two used kegs from NB, and both were in good condition upon arrival. My only complain is that 3 of the 4 ball lock connectors were a different style. So, it requires multiple sockets to take things apart for cleaning. However, the kegs looked great inside. So, I guess it's a small price to pay. (Posted on 8/17/13)
One good, one bad Review by Sam
My first used keg is great dinged up but works like a charm. Keg #2 is not so good. Didn't come with the every ounce sticker so maybe no one checked it. It held pressure so I took it home. Had to get the beer legged before I left for vacation. When I removed the liquid out, a piece of plastic fell off. It was then that I saw someone had smeared silicone all around it. I cleaned it up and replaced the seals. Hooked it up and it leaked like crazy around the base of the liquid out connector-exactly where the piece of plastic came off and the silicone was applied. Retightened it several times and finally got it to hold pressure. Not a lot I could do at 10:30 pm the night before heading out if town. I'll find out when I get home if it is still holding pressure. Even if it is, I'm not sure I want to have to monkey around with it every time I keg. (Posted on 7/19/13)
Never a bad purchase from NB Review by Jason
I've purchased 4 used soda kegs from here-all of which work wonderfully after a seal replacement--all of my ingredients and quite a bit of other brewing paraphernalia, and never had a bad experience. I do all of my shopping online, and of the vendors I have dealt with, NB is the best. The quality of the products, and the customer support are superb.

I don't think I've ever contacted NB with a question or concern without hearing back within the hour from a very considerate and informative rep of NB, so Rick's comment from November 10, 2012 is invalid as far as I'm concerned. Just because you do not see the response to negative feedback does not mean that the questions/comments go unanswered and there wasn't a valid attempt made to satisfy the customer.

Also, in regards to Dennis' comment, if something breaks after two years, well typically you are SOL. Even expensive items, such as televisions, only have a 1 year manufacturer warranty. You pay $60 and want it replaced after 2 years of use? It was used to begin with! Used cars don't even typically come with that type of warranty, and I bet you are paying a whole lot more than $60! (Posted on 12/30/12)
USED Ball Lock Soda Keg - 5 Gallon Review by Rick
I would never give you a low rating but I would like to say that I was about to purchase 2 USED Ball Lock Soda Keg - 5 Gallon, but because of the negative reviews posted I will be looking somewhere else. I am very concerned about unresolved negative feedback. (Posted on 11/10/12)
Great for the price Review by Sean
first off people, BUY THE O RING KIT when you get one of these. Its only $2.99. Some of these kegs are old, O rings go bad with age and use. Don't blame the keg or NB because you are cheap.

Replacing the O-rings is a 5-10 minute job. Less once you have done it once or twice.

I have three and all looked fine. a few scratches, and or dings, but all cleaned up fine and ALL hold pressure after many MANY batches. I'd buy 10 more. (Posted on 10/30/12)
Great kegs will buy again Review by Reuben
The kegs I have received are very good. They are not the most aesthetic looking kegs but used is used(some little dents and scratches). They hold pressure and work great every time I used them. (Posted on 9/26/12)
Very nice used keg Review by Kevin from Illinois
I have two new kegs and decided to try a used one. The keg I received was in nearly perfect shape except for exterior scuffs and a couple minor dings. The interior was clean and smelled of a cleaning solution. It took very little effort to clean it up. It was holding pressure just fine when I received it, but I went ahead and replaced all the seals. I couldn't be more pleased. (Posted on 7/2/12)
used soda 5 gal. kegs ball locks Review by the butcher
bought 2 came in 2 days perfect shape almost like new held pressure that they came with will use next week .....i would buy again thx (Posted on 2/19/12)
Quality Issues Review by unhappy in nc
I can understand that a used keg might have to have the seals replaced. Also that eventually it might need a valve or poppet. What I can't understand is that a keg I've used only twice needs a faulty poppet replaced. There are several other sellers of used kegs whom have better quality of used kegs for the same price. Buyer beware. (Posted on 2/15/12)
great recycled keg Review by jersil6
Works great hold pressure
Would recomend these kegs to any one looking to save a few dollars. (Posted on 1/21/12)
Fine by me Review by David
The kegs look just as I would expect, well used. They are way cheaper than a new keg and the insides have looked great. All 4 of my kegs also had only been used for "lighter" type of colas which means much easier to clean and no worries of off flavors being added. (Posted on 12/30/11)
Two year service life Review by Dennis
I was very happy with my keg for two years. Nice to have brew on tap. But after two years/about 10 batches it has started to leak under the plastic bottom. NB says too bad - it's out of warranty. (Posted on 12/19/11)
You get what you pay for Review by James
I have 6 and none of them have any major issues. They come somewhat clean and holding presser. But with that said I do plan on replacing them with new ones as soon as I get the funds. (Posted on 11/17/11)
Junk! Review by Tex
The keg they sent me is junk. I do not recommend ordering a keg from these clowns. (Posted on 9/27/11)
If the post won't budge, use an impact wrench Review by Dank
For those writing that their posts won't budge, sometimes this does happen on these used Cornys. When it does, people power will never supply the necessary torque.

Carry your keg down to the local gas station that has a repair shop, your own correctly sized deep socket in hand, and ask him to put the socket on his impact wrench and back the post off for you. Only a truly defective person would begrudge you this trivial favor. The post will back off in a nanosecond with an impact. Since you'll be re-tightening with your own power, that post won't stick again. Happy Kegging! (Posted on 9/14/11)
Great quality, Review by Shane Dog
If you don't mind a keg thats got charecter, this is cheap alternative to buying a new keg. I like the recycle factor and find this to be perfect. I have yet to run into any real problems with these used kegs. The only thing I don't like is the way they smell when you first open them. It doesn't really effect the functionality, and the folks at NB even say they were used for soda.

Northern brewer I love you! (Posted on 8/29/11)
Love them Review by Eric
The kegs came presurized and clean. All in working order. (Posted on 7/29/11)
Mostly good Review by JamCession
I've ordered 8 kegs from these guys. 7 have been great and only required minimal cleaning and all required o-ring replacement. The eighth.... well. It is a piece. Dents all over and really takes a lot of pressure and manipulation of the lid to get it to completely seal. I hope they put their kegs through a better screening program in the future. Holding pressure at 50psi is one thing, but they should be able to hold pressure at a more typical 10psi. (Posted on 7/27/11)
not impressed Review by Jeff
I ordered two used kegs and I received two very used and abused kegs. I mean one of which looked as if it were thrown off of a 5-story building several times, but it does hold pressure but could pose a problem when cleaning. The other keg has two obvious repairs were it was welded and scuffed inside as well as a warped access opening causing the lid not to seat unless highly pressurized. I'm only keeping these kegs because I don't want to deal with having to ship them back. It's just not worth the effort to me. But I won't be ordering kegs from here anymore and I don't recommend it either unless you like to gamble. On a side note, I've ordered these kegs from MoorBeer in the past and had no issues. (Posted on 6/19/11)
used kegs Review by Darren
I have aquired 2 used kegs, and both hold gas and beer well. With O-ring kits so cheap... seems I would be a fool too buy one new at 4x the price. (Posted on 5/30/11)
Great keg! Review by Jer
I must have been one of the last ones to get one of these kegs cause they are out of stock! I received the keg, and it was in REALLY good shape. I only had to replace 1 O-ring on the poppet and that was it. The rest of them seemed new. The keg held a seal right out of the gates. It took me about 3 mins to clean the keg and get beer in it. I could not be happier! (Posted on 4/14/11)
Great keg. Review by Robert
Recieved a good condition keg no stickers minor scratches. Did not leak and was holding pressure when it arived. Did need to replace seals though dry and worn not a big deal though. Would buy again. (Posted on 3/6/11)
Used Kegs 50/50 Review by Briguy
I have purchased two used soda kegs from NB. Both have the expected wear and tear with scratches and dents. One of the two kegs works flawless. Havn't had to repplace and poppits or O-rings and it holds pressure very well. The other does not hold pressure. The gas-in has a leak. I have replaced the O-ring, however, it still leaks. I'm still trying to figure that one out. In the future I will buy brand new soda kegs. The extra expense is well worth not having to play doctor to a leaky keg.

I would say it's a 50/50 shot. In my case it has been. It's just the risk we take when buying "used" like it would be with any product.

Cheers and happy brewing! (Posted on 1/24/11)
exactly what i expected Review by aftermath brewer
These kegs are exactly as described, you get a used keg with some scratches and maybe a dent or two. both of mine came home with a slight soda pop scent and a little pressure under the cap. other than one dent they both are awesome.

about the purchasing of a deep socket to get the 12 point gas "in" BL fitting off, forget about it, use a 7/8" box end or combination wrench with a 12 point box. i have a set of craftsman that i use on my harley, worked just as well for this little keg.

also don't forget to buy the used keg o-ring kit, my two weren't bad on arrival so i'm saving them for when i really need them.

overall, i'm very pleased with my purchase and should i need to increase my quantities of brew in the house i shall buy more from you guys. (Posted on 1/19/11)
Only one problem... Review by VA Brewer
I have to say, the keg holds pressure as promised. Additionally, the one I got didn't have much besides a few small dings in the shell as far as wear goes; nothing like the creasing and denting mentioned by other reviewers. However, I can't get the CO2 (in) post off for the life of me!

The beer (out) post came off with no problem once I had the right equipment (you'll really need a deep-socket set for this, so if you don't already have one, plan on spending another $30), but the gas post is impossible to budge, even with multiple people helping. (Posted on 12/25/10)
Seemed good at first Review by Holden
Over time I have purchased 4 kegs total. At first I just bought one and it has worked really well. Then I bought three more. Of the last three, I have had problems with all of them. Not just the outside which i expected to be tarnished and dented (which is expected with used kegs). But I have had pressure problems with all three. The O-rings all had to be replaced. On one of the lids there is a huge leak with the pressure release valve. And it is the type of valve that hard to replace. I don't know what it is but if there is a problem with a keg it is always one of the three that I purchased from NB. (I have three other kegs and rarely have a problem with them.).

Maybe I just got unlucky but it gets frustrating replacing CO2 and cleaning up beer at the bottom of the kegerator. (Posted on 11/11/10)
Ahh, not bad Review by Paco
Mine arrived looking like it had been kicked down a flight of concrete stairs, then jumped on. It was badly dented and creased. However, it works as advertised so I've no complaints other than it's appearance. (Posted on 8/23/10)
best place to buy Review by kegtoe
In my opinion NB is the nest place to buy soda kegs from. Never a problem with sealing and holding CO2.

I have some experience buying kegs elsewhere and I'll never buy from someone other thatn NB again.

You guys rock! (Posted on 8/21/10)
Outstanding Review by Jay from Illinois
This is a very nice keg. Other than a few light scuffs, you wouldn't know that it was not brand new. No stickers, no significant dents, perfect inside. I will be buying more of these soon. (Posted on 8/6/10)

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