La Petite Orange
 All-Grain Recipe Kit

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A Belgian Dubbel without the deep dark chocolate maltiness, La Petite Orange
 is rich with caramel sweetness and a full body that hides the 6.1% ABV very well.

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La Petite Orange Limited Edition All-Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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A simple sipper that evokes warm summery memories with every sip, yet fits perfectly into the colder months' standard brewing repertoire.

Wyeast Trappist High Gravity Y3787 is a great alternative yeast for this kit; it ferments a bit drier with a rich ester profile, malty palate, and has a high alcohol tolerance.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style Belgian
Beer Style Trappist/Belgian Ale
Color Light
Original Gravity 1052
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Easy drinking Review by shaun
have brewed this with a group of friends many times. started with the extract kit, but the last time did a double batch of all grain as well - used orange peel and coriander each time. We changed things up last time by using Wyeast 3711 (French Saison) in one fermenter - definitely one to repeat! (Posted on 1/17/14)
Excellent Review by Kurt
This was the first Belgium style beer that I brewed. I added the coriander and the orange peel. Yesterday was "taste" day and I along with three friends thought it was really good. A great, holiday, refreshing, smooth, brew. (Posted on 11/17/13)
Perfect for any night! Review by Elliott
I just brewed this about 6 weeks ago (and it has been on tap for about 2), and I chose to add a bit of both bitter and sweet orange peel at flame-out in place of orange zest, and skipped the coriander all together. I certainly was not disappointed!

The malt flavor is incredible on this beer, and I love that addition of the candi sugar brought the gravity up a bit without adding body - it provides an incredible balance to the flavor. As with most Belgian beers, the yeast brings the most pronounced flavors, not the hops, making this a very drinkable and enjoyable brew.

On my brew day, I hit an OG of 1.050, but also got down to a FG of 1.001, making this beer about 6.4% ABV. The hint of orange flavor from the two types of orange peel, combined with the level of alcohol, brings about an incredibly complex but delicious beer that can be consumed on the warmer nights of summer or the cooling nights of fall.

Highly recommended to anyone, it is delicious! Will certainly be buying this one again... (Posted on 10/3/13)
Good Belgian, Maybe for souring? Review by Noah
We just tried our first bottle and thought that this was a good beer especially since this was our first all grain. Held back 3 gallons before bottling to sour with Brett. Will find out how well this sours in 6-12 months. (Posted on 9/24/13)
Refreshing Belgian For Summer Review by Brett
First up, let me say that I am writing this after my Petite Orange has been 2.5 weeks in the bottle, and I am very happy with this beer. A pleasing orange/amber in color, there is just enough hop bitterness to balance the malt, but, of course, no hop flavor or aroma (the recipe uses only one ounce of Styrian Goldings hops (4.6%AA), boiled for 60 minutes). The beer is quite complex in its malt flavors, having a total of five different grains present in the mash. Body is light to medium, with the use of brown candi sugar in the boil to add flavor and gravity, but not body, to the beer. Of course, most Belgian beers are driven by distinctive yeast flavors and aromas, and my Petite Orange is no exception, though the fruitiness is relatively subdued in this case, probably due to my combination of yeast strain and fermentation temperature (see below).

I did change a couple of things when brewing this kit. First, I added one pound of light DME late in the boil to compensate for below-average efficiency of my system (OG was 1050, in line with the kit instructions). Secondly, I used Wyeast 3522 Ardennes yeast rather than the recommended Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey. This was because it can get hot here during the summer (I brewed this batch in mid-June) and the 3522 is reputedly very tolerant of high temperatures. In the event it was only 75F in my brew-room during both primary and secondary fermentation.

Everything else was pretty standard in brewing this batch – 60 minute mash (68-66C), 10 minute mash-out (74C), one hour boil, wort aerated before pitching yeast, one week primary, one week secondary, bottled with 4 ounces corn sugar to prime.

As I said, I am very pleased with this batch – it is great to enjoy served relatively cold on summer evenings, being both refreshing and flavorsome. I would definitely recommend this kit to other brewers!
(Posted on 7/12/13)
Just brewed, time will tell. Review by bill
When I ordered this all grain kit there was a note to add some corriander and orange zest to make le pitite orange . By the time the kit arrived I could no longer find that recipe addition. I added the zest of one orange and 1/4 oz crushed coriander as memory served me. Additionally I needed to add 1/4 lb turbanado sugar and 1 lb light dme to get to 1.052. (Posted on 5/21/13)
Something new and diffrent Review by Eric
When I brewed this I choose the La Petite Orange Blanche by adding orange zest and Coriander. If you take this route you will not be disappointed! In a home brew world where everyone is focused on over hopped IPA's and rich dark BA stouts this beer is something completely different. It is light,refreshing and would be a perfect sipper on a warm spring/summer/fall day. Although where I live the weather has not changed for the better and winter keeps hanging on! I really want to save some of this for the warmer days ahead. However that going to be hard because this beer is TASTY! I highly recommend this beer to anyone who wants to try something new and different! (Posted on 3/17/13)

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