Irish Red Ale All-Grain Kit

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Irish ales are malty, smooth, and many, like our kit, are a rich copper-red color. Great taste, drinkability, and low aging requirements make this our best-selling kit.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Irish Red Ale All-Grain Kit

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Irish ales are malty, smooth, medium-bodied, and most, like our kit, are a deep copper-red color that is created by a blend of specialty malts. Our malt blend also gives this recipe its signature toasty and sweet aroma and flavor. Another defining characteristic of Irish Red Ales are their immense drinkability - definitely a crowd-pleaser beer. Its great taste, drinkability, and low aging requirements make this our best-selling kit.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style British
Beer Style Amber Ale, Irish and Scottish Ales
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1044
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Great Beer Review by Mark
smooth and malty. very popular with all my friends. I try to have this on tap all the time (Posted on 5/28/14)
Let it be……no complaints Review by Joe
First time with this particular kit. Used Wyeast American II and added just a bit more 2-row. OG 1.047, FG 1.018. I kept trying it because I was impatient (happens a lot). It was sweet but with a nutty, clean finish - not harsh at all. With carbonation (which took a few days longer than usual ) in a keg turned out to be just right. 5 gallon at 10-11psi. Will definitely be doing this one again. (Posted on 3/11/14)
Let is rest for a 1-2 months if you can... Review by Tim
I make this several times/year and found it to be an easy to brew kit that appears to clarify and develop more complexity when allowed to rest for 1-2 months. Problem is that it usually doesn't last that long. Great mouth feel and goes well this time of year (Fall). (Posted on 10/15/13)
Very nice beer Review by Tomthebrewer
I brewed this one for the first time in over 8 years recently and wondered why I waited so long. I ended up using the left-over hops at flameout and liked the results.
**Pay attention**
The glass that you drink this out of matters! From one glass I got a nice malty finish and from a different shaped glass, nearly none. If you don't like the way it tastes, try a different shape! (Posted on 8/21/13)
Quickly becoming one of our favorites Review by Rick
We first brewed this last year, 2012, for the holidays, but it quickly became one of our favorites. We have now brewed this twice for ourselves, and twice for others. We seem to be gathering friends quickly. Creamy head, and we usually use 1272, but have had success with Nottingham, as well. (Posted on 7/27/13)
Killian Clone? Review by Kevanyon
Brewed this as my first all grain experience and I have brewed it again (trying to fine tune my mash temps) First time it made decent beer second time it was GREAT beer (bumped my mash temp to 154) Tasted a lot like Killian's Irish Red. I will brew this one again but might try aging with oak chips for a little variation. (Posted on 1/30/13)
Malty red Review by Abe
I chose this as my next brew becasue of the fermentation time. I figured a month and a half is a nice short amount to get me to new years. Yep, it worked. This brew had a very malty flavor, with some nice coloring. The only issue I had with it was it took a little longer then 2 weeks to carbonate in the bottle, but that might have just been my taste in carbonation. (Posted on 1/4/13)
Very drinkable Review by Anthony
I really like beers that are easy to drink and this is one of them. I went and added an extra once of chinook in the last 5 mins just because. It turned out great. Everyone has loved this beer, even the neighbor with tons of competition ribbons for his brews. Will be brewing again. (Posted on 11/18/12)
Very good all-grain starter Review by Brandon
This was the first kit that I made when I made the switch to all-grain. Very easy kit to make. The three weeks in the secondary and the American Ale II yeast make for a really clear beer. I could not wait to try one at 2 weeks in the bottle the beer wasn't quite carbed but still had a lot of malt flavor and some toffee/chocolate on the back end. After a month in the bottles the flavors melded together a bit more to make a truly delicious beer. Will be making a 10+ gallon next time. (Posted on 11/15/12)
Simple, but Spectacular! Review by John
Wow! What a great brew. This was my second all grain batch, and it exceeded expectations. First, a warning. Please believe what NB says about the the active fermentation in the first 24 hours. This brew doesn't ferment; it FOMENTS! So, just make sure your primary fermenter has plenty of headspace to accomodate the activity for the first 24 hours.

Second, after bottling my first all-grain 10 gallon batch of NB Cream Ale (a true hit with all my friends), I got a kegging system. I kegged 5 gallons of this Irish Red, and bottled the rest. After tasting this brew on draught, I just had to sit and think about it. This is a truly enjoyable recipe. The other gentleman's comments are well taken; one pint will lead to another, so watch your moderation. :) . Family and friends will love it! (Posted on 9/8/12)
Excellent Review by Steelheader26
This beer is truly awesome! Brewed easy hit all my numbers, 1wk primary, 3wks secondary 3wks bottle. When I pulled this beer out at a family function, I actually had to hide a six pack to enjoys for my self. The beer evaporated! Absolutely one for regular rotation, areal winner! (Posted on 6/14/12)
Good Stuff Review by gwtaylo
This beer is a little sweat, but mellows out within a couple weeks in the keg. I brewed this for a family get together. I had a 5gal keg of Irish Red and a 7.5gal keg of Budlight. By the end of the night all but about a 1/2 gal of my HB was gone and I still had about 3 gal of BL remaining. Most of these guys had never drank Homebrew before then. I keep what was left of my HB and tried it again after two weeks ageing. Its even better now. (Posted on 4/24/12)
Best batch in a good while... Review by DryHoppinMad
I brewed this using WL007 (recently one of my go-to yeasts) to dry it up a bit and clarify early, and mashed near 150, aiming to lend an olive branch to the macrobrew drinkers. 1.5 weeks in primary and straight to keg, clear as glass. Came out beautiful. Clean with very subtle hints of roast caramel sweetness. Nominated as one of my greater success stories of the year. Most all come out well, but this one could've won awards. A kit I've threatened to brew for years and finally did. Wish I had done it earlier. (Posted on 3/26/12)
Smooth, Crisp, Clean Review by Todd
Great beer, first all grain I have brewed, very easy to brew, very good beer. Only bad thing about this one was it didn't last long. (Posted on 1/25/12)
You MUST try this beer!!! Review by Andrew
This Irish Red Ale is absolutely stunning, it is simple to make and taste like a winner. I cannot explain how smooth and malty this beer is. I am a guy who drinks with moderation, but honestly one pint leads to another and another. I love taking a picture of the different pints I drink, but this red ale takes the cake. If you are an ale lover you absolutely must brew this one.
Good Job NB you made a beautiful recipe. 10/10 (Posted on 12/11/11)
pretty tasty! Review by bmeyer47
First off, it was super simple to brew and not having to age it is a definite plus in my book.
I could really pick up on the chocolate and biscuit malt in this. Not much hop presence if you're really into hops, but still a very tasty beer.
(Posted on 8/10/11)
Great session beer, def brewing again Review by Kerabotsos
Great malt profile. Smooth, easy drinking. Awesome after work beer. Lots of compliments from macro beer fans. (Posted on 6/1/11)
4.5, not perfectly true to style Review by jonm
As a disclaimer, I did use an extra pound of Pale Malt. Turned out great, though not totally true to style, neverminding the additional sweetness and alcohol. This somehow lacked the velvety feel and creamy graininess expected of this style. Still very good and friends will drink this dry given the chance, especially people who are not beer snobs. (Posted on 2/19/11)
Very Tasty Review by Frank
I used Nottingham and this came out pretty good. This not only appeals to the Coors Light crowd, but also the rest of us as it's very tasty. I fermented at 65 for 2 1/2 days then stepped it up to 69 degrees. It has a nice roasty profile with some residual sweetness (mashed at 152 per instructions). I'll try another yeast next time just to see the difference, but definitely a crowd pleaser. Perhaps a little too sweet to make it in the lineup, but maybe a lower mash temp and yeast will remedy this issue. Yes, I will order this one again ! (Posted on 2/9/11)
Nice Irish Red Review by Brew Man
I loved this beer as well. Nice smooth flavor and maltiness. The problem is that it goes too fast :). (Posted on 7/20/10)
Great Irish Red - light enough for the wee ones Review by mike
Lots of Irish charm in this one, rich red color with a silky head remeniscent of Guiness. Thirst quenching and light enough that you'll be coming back for seconds, thirds, possibly even sixths or sevenths. I added 1# of Maris Otter to mine to give it a bit more heft and turned out great. It was a big hit at the St Patty's day party, didn't last long though. (Posted on 5/4/10)