Bavarian Helles All-Grain Kit

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A delicate, restrained pale lager with full, complex flowery and grainy notes supported by understated hopping and a clean Bavarian yeast. Recommended: 2-stage cold fermentation and yeast starter.

Recommended: Deluxe 10 Gallon All-Grain System

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Saying the magic words "Ein Bier, bitte" anywhere in Bavaria is likely to result in you drinking some Helles. A delicate, restrained lager, this kit is the product of much self-sacrifice and firsthand research on-site in Munich. The palest malted barley is the centerpiece of Helles, with full, complex flowery and grainy notes supported by understated hopping and a clean, malty lager yeast. Try one of these and you'll have to agree that the world looks very different through the bottom of a liter stein. Recommended: 2-stage cold fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style German/Czech/Continental
Beer Style Pale Lager
Color Light
Original Gravity 1049
Total Time to Make 2 months

Customer Reviews

Mmmmmm, tasty Review by Matthew
GREAT summer beer. Did a decoction mash and fermented with the 2352. I know its suppose to be 'delicate and restrained', but I can see myself sneaking in a bit more hops next time. (Posted on 6/27/12)
Authentic Helles Results Review by XPLSV
This was my first lager. Aside from a fire breaking out during the boil, everything went great. Brought back memories of my years in Germany. When my Father visited, we quickly emptied the keg. Time for ordering another batch of ingredients! (Posted on 5/30/12)
Great Beer Review by Larry
My first lager, great clean beer. this is spot on for a Munich Helles, I did a diacetyl rest with great results, wasn't sure when I got a wiff of the smells coming from it.
I am so proud of my beer, I've always stayed away from brewing lager but not any more. Love this Beer! (Posted on 4/8/12)
Tastes great! Review by Oddjob
Very satisfied, I have shared with my brew club. (Posted on 3/15/12)
True German Beer Hall Review by Shawn
After living in Czech Republic for 2 years and freqently visiting the beer halls in Munich Germany, this beer actually brings back nice memories. Nice smooth lager, massive head retention, with a slight malt taste. I will brew again, but may add a little more bittering hops during the boil. Fermented at 50-degrees for 2 weeks, diacetyl rest at 68-degrees for 2 days, lagered at 35-degrees for 4 weeks, bottle conditioned at 68-degrees for 2 weeks. (Posted on 2/20/12)
Gold Medal winner Review by Ray
Great beer. Won gold medal at 2011 Schooner Beer Competition 2011. Good compliments from my St. Louis Brew Club members. There will be more of this brewed. (Posted on 10/15/11)
Helles Yeah!!! Review by C-Brew
Über crisp, clean, malty and light with a touch of noble hops. Great Beer to survive those dog days of summer. Cheers! (Posted on 7/11/11)
Terrific German Brew Review by HardRockPinhead
I was stationed in Germany for seven years in the USAF. So I learned what good beer is all about.

My dad and I brewed this beer in March 2011 after I retired from active duty. Both of us have been homebrewing for about five years and had always bottled our brews. This was the our first attempt at kegging and carbonating with CO2. The beer turned out superb! It's light in body with a strong floral character. But it's not overpowering with hops. It's as smooth as a German beer can be.

I am back on Northern Brewer's site now to order another all-grain kit of this type as our first five gallons lasted us barely two weeks.

One word to note... you'll need a fridge to keep the secondary fermentation temperature down. And expect at least four weeks in the secondary just as the instructions say.

Order this beer... you will not be disappointed. Good Luck! (Posted on 6/10/11)
A Summer Tradition Review by Tim
This beer is the color of honey, has the nose of a bouquet of fresh flowers, tastes like nectar, and the long lagering gives it the cold, crisp bite. I brewed this in April and its like all the best parts of Spring were sucked into the brew and kept up to be released at leisure. This one's sure to become a Summer tradition.
I ran a single decoction mash (122F for 35 min, pull out 9qt to boil and return to bring the wort up to 155F for 45min, and finally bring it up to 168F for 10 min). Then, using a 1L starter, 7 days primary @ 48F, 28 days secondary @ 48F, and finally 3 days in the keg at 48F. In hindsight, I wish I would have added a diacetyl rest after the primary (58F for 24 hours), as mentioned by CP.
(Posted on 5/29/11)
Spot on Helles Review by GB
I ordered this kit for my first lager. I bought a chest freezer, and an external temperature controller. Brewed this up one afternoon, fermented @ 50F for 5 days, then did a diacetyl rest for 3 days, racked to secondary, then put it in the freezer at 35F for 4 weeks. Bottled for 2 weeks.

This is a perfect Munich Helles. The hops are understated as well as the bitterness. This is a beer one could/SHOULD drink in volume. The first one is pretty good, the next "couple" go down so smooth. Slightly sweet, but balanced on the side of malt. I was very nervous about the whole lagering process, but as soon as I tasted this beer, all was right with the world. A perfect beer for the summertime, and any other time you can think of. I enjoyed this while it was about 12 degrees outside, so that should tell you all you need to know about this kit! (Posted on 1/5/11)
my first attempt at lagering Review by tonny
Yes i might have skimped a bit in one step or another. I will say the end results was worth the extra tasks and time from ale kits. My refer unit is now being used to house all my kegs, so Lagers are out for now, but this beer reminded me of BitBurg beer I used to love in Germany, while stationed there back in the 80's. The hops are very floural and finishes just as a German lager would. I may tweek this recipe with some of my homegrown halertau hops next, and it will be kegged as well, I just hope it is as good as my first try at it. (Posted on 12/16/10)
Very Nice Review by West
After trying this for the first time my wife said "Wow, it tastes like beer". My homebrew club likes a lot of what I make but my wife and neighbors love this one. (Posted on 12/8/10)
Gold Medal Winning Lager!!!!! Review by Bad Son
A month ago I entered this beer into my first home brew competition. It won a GOLD medal in the Light Lager class. If that doesn't convince you how awesome this beer is....I don't know what will. (Posted on 7/11/10)
Truly the SHOWCASE of Germany! Review by CP
Brewed this beer last year in the spring to drink in June and was absolutely the finest beer I've made in 3 1/2 years of brewing. Friends went nuts over it and couldn't believe how good it was. Making 10 gallons now again for party in June this year and will likely brew more for Octoberfest party this year. I noticed Northern Brewer now using Munich lager yeast? Last year recommended Bavarian lager? I am going to use Bavarian again this batch because was so good. If use Bavarian I recommend fermentation at 49 degrees and diacetyl rest at 58 degrees for 24 hours. This worked extremely well so I'm not changing it. Also made 2 liter starter 24 hours in advance last go around. (Posted on 4/12/10)

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