The Plinian Legacy Double IPA Kit

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Brewed with bold American hops- this quintessential double IPA is an homage to the #1 beer in America- as voted by the AHA- and one of the most sought after brews of the last decade.

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The Plinian Legacy Double IPA Kit

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In true west coast style, this famously fragrant IIPA features an uncomplicated yet sturdy malt backbone to which outlandish amounts of hops are added. It has a fine balance of malt, hoppy bitterness, and warming alcohol, with a fresh hop aroma of floral citrus, and pine. Bittered with pure essence of hop, flavored with massive kettle additions, and featuring not one, but two dry hoppings, it is the first and last word when it comes to the ultimate hoppy homebrew. There is no need to stash this one away as it is intended to be enjoyed fresh, before the delicate hop aromas fade. Get ready to experience the ultimate lupulin threshold shift!

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style IPA
Color Light
Original Gravity 1070
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Outstanding Review by Patrick
Living in flyover country I can't compare the results with the real deal. Made by the book with liquid yeast and starter. Tried standard air-lock and saw within a few hours this wasn't up to task so switched to blow-off tube. This still exceeded the capacity of my containment jar, but worth the mess. Result was a little cloudy with all of the hop additions. Will try a cold crash next time just for aesthetics. After finishing last bottle I had a commercial IPA that I usually enjoy and nearly cried at what was lacking. I would rank this among the best 2 or 3 beers I've ever tried from any source. (Posted on 2/24/15)
Great beer Review by John
The only problem with this beer is your friends will love it and the keg will go quick! Especially when you bring to keg to a poker game!! Enjoy! (Posted on 2/17/15)
Tasty Review by Ross
This kit is great. I've made the recipe from Palmer and Zainashef in Brew your own a coupla times before this one. Hops are quite similar. It's a brew you'll wanna smell while drinking (Posted on 2/3/15)
Great Double IPA Review by Gary
This IIPA is even better than I expected. A very nice clean and strong Hop flavor and quite a kick with the high gravity. After I added the dry hops in the secondary it seemed to stimulate more fermentation even though gravity was low when I transferred, so I left it in the secondary for another 3 weeks after the dry hop which may have contributed to the extra hoppines. (Posted on 1/25/15)
Love It! Review by Mark
Brewed this twice and both times it turned out fantastic. I've had the original on many different occasions and while its not spot on, its close and is a great beer. Will continue to keep this one on rotation! (Posted on 1/23/15)
I know it'll be awesome!! Review by Spencer
I just brewed this beer yesterday and I tried a shot of it as it was being transferred to the fermenter! Amazing, I can't wait to pour my first pint! I did a full volume boil, since the recipe called for 6 gallons in the fermenter, I started with 7.25 gallons and adjusted the hops/grains accordingly. Next was 1.6 L of yeast starter, then sealed with a blow off tube. And I am so happy I did (thank you to all those that mentioned that in the reviews!), it started to bubble 2 hours after I sealed it up!! This morning, it was still going strong! I'll be brewing this again very soon! (Posted on 1/20/15)
Super Good. Review by TheToE
This was the best beer I've ever brewed, and arguably the best beer I've ever laid lips on. I broke all the rules with this kit :

-Never transferred to secondary
-Added all Dry Hops at once, instead of 2 separate additions.

Beer came out amazing. If you haven't done this one get it now. Don't waste your time with other IPA kit's, this one is the master recipe. One IPA to rule them all! (Posted on 1/16/15)
DIPA DIPA DOO Review by Supafluous
Outstanding! (Posted on 1/15/15)
Incredible Review by Joseph
3 weeks in primary, no secondary kegged half the batch bottled the other. Drank the kegged one 3 days after kegging, phenomenal. Popped the first bottled one 2 weeks after bottling, excellent. Best beer I've ever had, not even made. Get this kit. The only thing I did not to spec in the recipe was I used two packets of 05 instead of 1. I'm buying another right now and will be making it the same way. (Posted on 1/15/15)
Brew this, NOW! Review by guy
This is a fantastic beer. Different than the rr original imo. This one tastes sweeter and more floral to me. Not quite as much hop flavor as pliny. Pliny is a very "mellow" crazy hoppy beer. Hard to explain unless u have tried it. All that being said this beer is spot on on color, abv and style. Do not hesitate. Buy this kit. The end. (Posted on 1/10/15)
The BEST. Review by Tom
Live remotely and can't obtain chilled yeast via shipment or otherwise. Used 2 packs of dry SO5. Aerated with ambient. Put on a blowoff tube, but it never went that wild. Left it in primary for 4 weeks. Did the dry hopping there in the 4th week. Transferred to carboy (with a FG of 1.011) for the 5th week to settle solids. Then kegged. 2 days at 35psi to carbonate. Have never tasted the original (not available here in FL Keys), but this is not only the best I've ever brewed, it's clearly one of the best I've ever tasted. Far exceeds some of the big name IPA's in the right balance of hop complexity/strength and malt backup taste. (Posted on 1/4/15)
Better than the Real Deal Review by Mike
Was at a local bar/beer store here in Ohio for a release of 3 Floyd's Permanent Funeral...while drinking met a guy who says he had a case of pliny shipped to him....then offers me a bottle he has in his car! For nothing, it's Christmas! Get home and pop it open, I have to say it's a great beer, but not as good as the batches of plinian I brewed and my buddy agreed. The real pliny had more of a citra hop aroma and tasted more like Zombie Dust. There are no citra hops in the kit so not sure if RR uses it or not. This plinian tastes more like a DIPA. Perm Funeral was awesome, but again, this kit is better. Drink it quickly like the instructions say. I had a couple sitting around for a few months and the aroma faded for sure, but still very good beer. (Posted on 12/24/14)
Best IPA! Review by Kevin
I've been brewing for about four years, and this IPA is the best I've ever made. Balance in an IPA is everything, and this recipe strikes such a balance. Primary 10 days, secondary 20 days, hit gravity readings spot on. A little green after only 6 days in bottle, but should mature in a few more weeks (hopefully before hop aroma fades). Lacing is impressive already! A very nice example of west coast double IPA. A real $$ saver for hop heads! (Posted on 12/24/14)
Best IPA Ever Review by Scott
I am partial to IPAs. I grow my own hops and use lots of them in all my brews. NO additional hops are needed for this masterpiece of brewing, With 11 lbs of fermentables to go with 11 oz of hops, it is sure to please the most discerning hop-head. Yes, it may take a couple of months in the secondary, but the wait is worth it. (Posted on 11/27/14)
make it. drink it. profit. Review by David
Easily one of the best beers I have ever had. Not just made...HAD. Great job NB. (Posted on 11/18/14)
My #1 Favorite Beer of All Time Review by Steven
Such flavor, such aroma. I love the scent, the taste, the mouth feel. I am brewing something else for the holidays, but next summer, this is going back into the fermenter! (Posted on 11/15/14)
Incredible IIPA Review by Tony
I haven't had the original, but if it's anything close to this clone kit, it'd be a favorite.

Extremely well balanced IIPA. Light honey amber color, creamy head, glassy smooth with an incredible ripe pineapple, citrusy, piney aroma that has a great creamy-dryness mouthfeel.

Will definitely be making another run to NB to pickup a couple more kits. (Posted on 11/2/14)
Do yourself a favor and score this Review by Trublucali
Little harder to brew initially but well worth the effort...very smooth with slight blonde color. Going to brew it again for sure because it came out great. (Posted on 10/23/14)
Must have for IPA fans Review by FROC
Brewed this beast about 6 weeks ago and followed the directions to a tee. Do youself a favor and hook up a blowoff setup for the first 4 days of fermentation. I blew off krausen for the first 3 days and had active fermentation for a week. Couldn't wait the full 2 weeks for bottle conditioning and tried at 1 week in the bottle. Simply put...OUTSTANDING! Malt/hoppy up front with a slap in the face afterwards. If you like IPA's, get this one and brew it. (Posted on 10/22/14)
The best IPA kit hands down. Review by Phillip
Without a doubt I already know that I will be making this one again, and I haven't finished drinking what I already made. It is that good. Heavy floral and citrus aromas, finishes dry and the ABV is right where it should be for a big IPA. And yes the kit is really impressive scale wise in terms of ingredients. Worth every penny and if you're still bothering to read reviews at this point and wonder if you should or shouldn't, just add it to your cart now. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 10/20/14)
WLP001 Review by John M.
I have no basis to say if this is an accurate clone. But if it is, then Pliny the Elder is an excellent beer. To allow head room I chose to primary at 5 gallons, filter and fill to 5 gallons in the secondary, repeat in the tertiary. (Posted on 10/20/14)
Better than the pros Review by Brad
I served this article a backyard wedding alongside All Day IPA. All the beer snobs from Michigan who drink at Founders and New Holland on weeknights were asking where this beer was from and how to get it. We killed this keg well before anything else that night and I'm left wishing I would have made a few bottles to keep for myself. (Posted on 10/12/14)
First IPA Review by Richard
I've really developed a taste for IPAs as of late so I tried this recipe out as my first of the style. This was one of the most fun brews I've had making. Dry hopping for the first time was very cool. I altered the timing a bit. Primary was about 1 week, secondary was 2 weeks and then bottled for 1.5 weeks. Came out perfectly carbonated and the smell and the taste. . .EXCELLENT! Everything you'd hope for from an IPA.

Definitely put this one on your todo list! (Posted on 10/7/14)
Just as good or better than the real thing Review by Jason
Brew turned out fantastic, and I am now knee-deep in glorious Plinian bliss. In a head-to-head blind taste test, my NB version was preferred to the real deal.
I brewed this Plinian kit in late summer to satisfy my addiction to the real Pliny (which is available in my area, if you know where to look and are willing to shell out $8-$9 per 16-oz. bottle).
The brew process is straightforward enough, and once the hops are sorted out and divided into their various additions, the directions are easy enough to follow.
Let me say that there are a butt-ton of hops in this kit, including the hopshot extract injector tubes. Fermenting in a NB bucket left a greasy film of hop oil that took the better part of two weeks to remove from the bucket using Oxyclean. Next time I brew this kit (and I plan to) I will use a hop strainer bag to wrangle in the hops. The debris at bottling time was redonk (but planned-for so say the NB instructions) and glogged my siphon. I rigged a 5-gallon paint strainer bag in the bottling bucket, so 99% of the dry-hop debris was stopped from the bottling bucket, but I had to repeatedly shake off hops from the end of the siphon.
Manage the fermentation temps for the first week and this kit will not disappoint. Also, I plan on bottling a lot more 12-ouncers next time than I did this time around. One 22-oz. of this at 7.8% is almost too much for me, especially on a school night. (Posted on 10/1/14)
Different but excellant! Review by Garth
I fouled up when adding the sugars, there were two bags, a 1# and a 5oz bag, well I put the 5oz in the mix and used the 1# for priming, needless to say I blew a couple of bottles but the end result was very good but potent!! Enjoy. (Posted on 9/22/14)
We actually made this beer? Review by JayB
This is a really good kit. Simple enough for the beginner to produce a complex, high ABV IPA. I've been brewing for a few years now, but I am happiest with the outcome of this recipe, even with dry yeast. It will impress your friends and neighbors, but only if they love hops. Maybe it will convince them they should! (Posted on 9/21/14)
Great! Hoppy but balanced Review by mlk
I'm not a fan of (to my taste) the overly-bitter American IPAs and DIPAs that saturate the craft beer market, but this is not one of those. Deliciously fruity and floral hop aroma with lots of hops in the flavor as well but balanced by the malt, especially on the end (no excessively dry, astringent after-taste from this brew). Ours is a nice hazy orange-gold color (we did not do a secondary) and has received raves from all the friends we've shared it with. A bit crazy to brew (LOTS of hops) but well worth it. (Posted on 9/20/14)
Great recipe! Great fun! Review by VTboarder
I love hops, so I was pleased, and somewhat confused, to see 12 oz of hops in the package. That is an incredible amount. Four types of hops, plus two hopshots, that get added for bittering, during the boil. My first taste was after brief conditioning and I was underwhelmed. Once it had a chance to sit in my cool basement (60 degrees all summer), it really came around. Really good carbonation, nice lace when I bother to use a glass. I was able to get 8.53 ABV, and the flavors are just great. It was the most fun kit I have done, with the dry hoppings and the huge amounts of sugar. Interestingly, while unfiltered, and with tons of solids in the fermenter, there is almost no sediment in my bottles. Really love it a lot and will do this one again (and again)! My son and brother (both of whom get to drink Heady Topper fairly often) really loved this one. Different flavors, but similar in some ways. A good substitute, if you will. (Posted on 9/6/14)
Intense Hop Bomb! Review by Andrew
Many will think to compare this beer to Pliny, considering they have very similar hop bills and names, but this is a completely different beast. Pliny is a very subtle DIPA with a good balance between citrus and pine, but this thing is just HUGE in every way. Extremely bitter, citrusy, and piney. The alcohol will let its presence be known as well, which might be a downside. If my gravity readings are correct, this went from a 1.070 to a 1.015, which is a bit higher than the target FG of about 1.010. Even though this came out with less ABV than Pliny, it tasted like it had more. I don't know what RR does, but they make an 8% taste like a 4%. Still a great recipe though and everyone I've given it to loves it. My friend who I brewed this with did a blind taste test and thought this was better. (Posted on 9/4/14)
It's worth every penny Review by Brian
Since I live in Minnesota, and can only read about Pliney The Elder, I have nothing to compare it to, other than other brewery's D-IPA's. I followed the directions EXACTLY, and kegged this 5-gal of awesomeness. I first poured it into a sniffer glass, so I can get the full hoppy aroma - and I must say, it smells like a pine/grapefruit potpourri! The taste is intense, almost all hop and goes down easy, that is, if you REALLY like IPA's! Be careful, this beer packs a punch, after one drink on a hot day you'll get a good buzz going! (Posted on 8/14/14)
This is just fantastic with the hop aroma and flavor. It has a delicious bitterness, but not at all that astringency that is difficult for all but die-hard IPA fans. It is perfect... like when 7 of 9 stabilized the Omega particle and just gazed at its perfection- same thing. My wife didn't like IPAs, but not only does she now, she has requested this as a house beer. (Posted on 8/3/14)
Already brewed this 3 times! Review by Mike
That's why it's a best seller. I can't keep this on hand. 3 batches since released. Each time I crack one open I'm amazed how good this one is. I should say the second batch I tried to ration the beer so I had some around for a while. I think it definitely loses some hop aroma in the bottle after 6 weeks or so,but makes it no less enjoyable. Best beer I've done. again. (Posted on 7/22/14)
Without a Doubt Best Kit I've Ever Brewed Review by Keith
I am so not given to hyperbole so you'll appreciate what it means when I say that this is the best beer I've ever brewed. I've brewed maybe 30 batches in my brewing career and while I have some favorites (Black IPA, Bourbon Barrel Porter in particular), this blows away anything I've ever made. With each bottle this is becoming my favorite beer bought or brewed. If you try only one kit this year, make it this one -- you will be astonished by how incredibly good it is. Outstanding job Northern Brewer! (Posted on 7/8/14)
Best beer I've ever made! Review by dave
I brewed this beer about 6 weeks ago. I waited patiently for the bottle carbonation to reach completion. A week and a half after bottling, I had to give it a try. I soon realized that this is the best beer I ever made and quite possibly one of the best beers I've ever had.
Keep in mind that I had 1 "Shining Star" pale ale and a few "Dead Ringers" in me, but I stand by the fact that this is a truly amazing beer with incredible hop aroma and the hops and malt flavors are in perfect balance.
I have another kit ready to brew and will be ordering more. (Posted on 6/27/14)
Great beer Review by Donald
I am on week 4 of this brew. Was very please to see the size of the box and all the ingredients of this batch. Had to take a picture to show all my friends. Was very excited on brew day to start this batch. Bottled a few cheater samples when going to secondary and tasted them today. Very Orange Juice flavor but seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I added the 1st dry hops today and will add the 2nd dry hops later. after aging and carbonating I think this will be the best beer I've brewed yet. After the cheater sample I have decided to order another batch. So fun to brew the beer to my taste at the cost of a yellow beer at store. (Posted on 6/4/14)
Better than Pliny?! Review by Chad
This was my 5th batch of homebrew. I am very picky when it comes to IPA and had yet to be satisfied by anything I could make until now! Pliny has been my favorite for several years. I stayed true to the recipe and used liquid yeast. Had the longest fermentation of any batch I have brewed; was still active when I transferred it to the second carboy. Was so strong that it shot the airlock off the 1st carboy after 2 days. The only alteration I did was I allowed the last dryhop to sit for just over a week prior to botteling instead of 4-5 days. I compared it side by side with Pliny last night and lo and behold, I liked mine better. The color was slightly darker, Pliny was slightly smoother, but the hop flavor in mine was better and exactly what I enjoy in an IPA. Lots of grapefruit tones and aroma, a slight alcohol burn..but it was just right. I will be brewing this again....and again. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great DIPA Review by Matthew
I'm a huge hophead so I had to try this kit out. I love the hoppy citrus smell and taste so much I bought three more kits right away. This will be my goto DIPA for a long time. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Delicious IPA Review by Brian
I compared it to a Pliny the Elder last night and it's not exactly the same - which is not a bad thing. The Pliny had some sort of pine needle earthy flavor to it that the guy I was drinking these with thought maybe some juniper berries would be fun to try with this. However great beer and personally I liked it better than the Pliny, but they are both great beers. I will be making more. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Best IPA Kit here Review by douglas
This beer came out great. I can't compare it to the actual Pliney, as I have never had it, but this is such a good IPA. I brewed per the instructions, leaving it in the primary and secondary on the longer of the suggested timeframes. I then kegged it and forced CO2'ed. 2 days later it tasted great. It's been about 6 weeks now in the keg and it is now just spectacular. Have had a number of friends try it and every one of them loved it as well. I am on here ordering another kit so that I have the next batch ready when this keg dries up. (Posted on 5/26/14)
Excellent Review by Chuck
I have made around 10 kits so far and I would put this one at or near the top. I used the 7.9 gallon carboy to accomodate the extra water that is needed to offset the hop sludge. It came out suprisingly clear and clean. The aroma on this beer is second to none. I have never tasted the original brew but I would have to say that this is better then any IPA I have ever purchased. I also opted to reduce the amount priming sugar, as I prefer lower carbination with IPA's. (Posted on 5/23/14)
Outstanding Review by Old Man
Mine turned out great. Accidentally dumped the entire Amarillo hops right at the beginning (didn't realize some of the hops packages needed to be split up), but doesn't seem to matter much. Finished product was outstanding. Just had one that's been in the bottle for about a month. Compares favorably to the best IPAs I can find. My benchmark is the 90 minute IPA, and I like this just as well, maybe slightly better, like the lighter color and slight sweetness. And this was my 4th batch, and with the stock Safale 05, and made on my crappy stove in a plastic bucket. Really, really good. (Posted on 5/15/14)
Mine! Review by Dan
I made this beer on my apartment electric stove with a 4 gallon brew pot and it turned out rather well. Although I followed a little different method for steeping the specialty grains (and hops) than is shown the the partial mash kit recipe. I somewhat followed Palmer's method in his brewing book. I was a little high on the OG, but everything seems to have worked out well.

This is one of those beers that I will only share with those who appreciate good beer. Which probably means I can only share with those who can make and share their version of this beer. (Hopefully with a rate of return greater than that of my sharing rate.) I will need to convince my friends to brew this one.

(Posted on 5/10/14)
Perfect DIPA Review by Josh
This is the second beer I've brewed and it's tastes amazing. I have only tried pliny once, so I can't really compare it, but this beer really impressed me. I don't see myself buying very many IPAs anymore. Nothing you can easily find on the shelf can compare. I had odell myrcenary and sn hoptimum recently and this clone is much better.

I recommend cold crashing before siphoning to your bottling bucket. Only about 10 hours got tons of hop particles out of suspension. (Posted on 5/9/14)
Best IPA I've ever made Review by Matt
Simply stated, this beer is fantastic. Two weeks primary, three weeks secondary (I let it clear before I started dry hopping), keg conditioned for an additional two weeks. This one will not last long and is already on my reorder list. Hoppy citrusy deliciousness in a glass. Highly recommend this if you are a fan of IPAs. (Posted on 5/5/14)
BEST beer ever! Review by Mike B
Ok, this is my second batch already of this stuff. I was worried the second batch wouldn't be as good as the original, because I used a brand new fermenter and it blew the lid off and was uncovered for a full day (USE BLOW OFF LOL)....well thankfully it came out as perfect. And this beer is in fact perfect. It's no wonder Pliny is #1 AHA beer. So much flavor and aroma. This beer will never run out at my house, I plan on doing this beer over and over. (Posted on 5/4/14)
Soooo Good Review by NovaBrewer
Spot on color and aroma with a lacy head. Friends say it is better than that original with no lines! (Limit 1 'cause it's powerful stuff) It's a "do again". (Posted on 5/3/14)
Going to brew 2nd batch Review by JT
Live in Boulder area Colorado. We have awesome craft breweries around us. But Pliny is my most favorite delicious beer. The more it ages; it is just becoming more flavorful. Dry hopping aroma, flavor beats all local Left hand, Odell's craft IPA. I have to say this beer taste even better than Russian River Pliny The Elder and Green Flash IPA's. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Excellent Beer Review by Slappey
This beer is incredible.i have 15 yrs of brewing experience. Like Thomas Edison, I have learned from my mistakes. This recipe is the best beer I have ever made. (Posted on 4/28/14)
An excellent DIPA Review by TESO
An excellent DIPA. Open fermented in the boil kettle with 2 packets of S-05. 1 week @ 59 - 1 week @ 68. Added dry hops to open fermentor. 4 weeks total on yeast then cold crashed, gelatin, kegged and drank. Have to be careful as the alcohol is very well hidden! Slight bitter after taste with up front citrus and tropical fruit. Can't compare with Pliny the Elder because I've never had it. So much hop oil that it floats on top of the beer! (Posted on 4/26/14)
Best IPA Review by JT
Home Brewing for a year and this is the best delicious IPA I had. My batch came out clean and dry hopping..OMG. Can't wait to brew another batch.
(Posted on 4/23/14)
Freaking Outstanding Review by Two Beagles Brewery
If you have brewed any of the extract double ipa's that NB has to offer then you are somewhat prepared for this. Be advised you will need more fermentation space then you are used to in a normal 5 gallon batch as it calls for a larger wort size to accommodate the large amount of hops that you will add. I brew 10 gallon batches in a 12 gallon conical fermenter and this thing got out of had in a hurry. I had roughly 11 gallons of wort and about 3 inches of available head space. It quickly tossed my bubbler air lock aside and I had to move to a blow off tube. Highly recommended. Once I got this beast under control it was smooth sailing to the dry hops and the kegging. It is not a normal brew or fermentation but if you want the best double ipa or imperial ipa that NB has ever put out then this is it. It is absolutely fantastic. My co-workers are actually offering to pay for the next batch. I have never had the actual brew and most likely never will but if it is anything close to this then all of their brews must be over the top. Congrats to NB for an amazing brewing experience from brew to glass!!!! (Posted on 4/23/14)
Best Brew Yet Review by Clinton
Disclaimer: I've never had the true Pliny.

So I can't speak to how well/poorly it compares to the original, but I can say this is a damn good beer. I followed the directions to a 'T' during brew day but was a bit more relaxed when it came to the dry hopping schedule (+/- a few days). I triple filtered it using NB's Beer Brite filtration system and kegged it at 9 PSI @ 35F (I set it the pressure to 30 PSI initially when I put in the fridge over night, in the morning once it had cooled I mellowed it down to 9 PSI). Great white bubbly head and an outstanding aroma! A real crowd pleaser! (Posted on 4/23/14)
One word - fantastic Review by chad
I have never had the real thing, but I can say this beer is the best beer I have ever tasted! I was blown away. I have had many highly rated IIpa,s but not like this. The hop aroma and flavor is about as complex as any high priced craft beer. Came in at 7.7%. Do yourself a favor and make this beer! (Posted on 4/18/14)
Great at All Stages Review by Mike
I often read people talking about how great a hydro sample tastes for a particular beer. I always try them when I measure, but am usually left dumping most of it after a quick sip. This is even true for beers that I really enjoy after they are done and aged. The Plinian Legacy sample was so good after a month in primary that the only thing stopping me from drinking a few pints was the thought of how good this beer would be after the two dry hop additions in the secondary. A just tried an early sample from my batch, bottled just a week ago. Obviously still under-carbed and the flavors haven't melded, but this is already a WOW beer. If this is your style, then this could be your favorite kit. (Posted on 4/13/14)
Close in Side By Side Review by Dustin
As someone who is fortunate to get a relatively consistent supply of Pliny, I can say this recipe NB is offering is extremely close to the actual thing. I took a side by side of the two for others to check out. The color of the NB offering is somewhat darker, and both my friends and I thought Pliny was a little smoother. Mine was just 1.5 weeks since bottling so that might change. Smell and taste wise, the NB offering was close if not better. Here is the picture:

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="IMAG0044" /></a>

A couple notes from my brewing experience that might help others:

1) I didn't transfer to secondary.
2) I cold crashed for 2-3 days at 40 degrees in my garage
3) I double filtered through a mesh bag (same bag you steep grains in) when siphoning the beer. I simply sanitized the bags and two new rubber bands a couple days before siphoning and stored them to dry. The upside to this was that all the sludge was separated from the beers. The downside is that the siphoning took longer because things kept getting clogged. I would still recommend filtering at some point, maybe just using one mesh bag instead of two.
4) I didn't use filtered water, which I regret, and did not add gypsum which I think will help make the hops pop even more.
5) I used the dry yeast option and rehydrated my yeast.

Even with the couple mistakes and variations I made, it's hard to ignore how good this beer is. Despite brewing a six gallon batch I only managed to get 41 twelve ounce bottles that were free of any serious sediment aside from extremely fine particulates. Given that Pliny is so limited and ~$7 for a 510mL bottle, I would say this is a steal.

I should also note that I am not an experienced brewer by any means. This was my third kit and was not too challenging as long as you have some help to add hops and control the boil. Hope my review can help others, it's a massive hop bomb. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Exciting to Brew it exceeded fermenter's capacity Review by Richard
Making any IPA is big departure for me but I chose this one after seeing first hand the enthusiasm for Pliny the Elder ale when I visited the "Monk's Kettle" last month in San Francisco. I'm used to making malty ales with about 1 to 2 oz of yeast per 5 gallon batch. This brew is more like a pound of hops. I made a 2 stage starter from the WLP 001 tube and put the whole thing in my tallest bucket fermenter about 7 gallons. After one day things were getting out of hand and the air lock was full of yeast so I needed to split the batch into 2 fermenters to give this big beer more space. I'm pretty happy doing this kit rather than the all grain version because this IPA is all about the hops not the malt flavor. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Awesome!! Review by Forky
Just 2 weeks after bottling and it is PERFECT! I followed directions to the T with no known mistakes. My 11th brew to date and 2ND IPA. This is hands down the best beer I've ever tasted..commercial or otherwise. Northern Brewer has put together a masterpiece!! Literally , all others beers taste like crap if I have one of these brews first. It's citrus, carbonated hop juice with a malty,vanilla sweetness to balance the bitter. Alcohol flavor is dangerously low even though it's humming at 9.5%. I'm ruined for all other beers. My quest for the perfect West Coast IPA is over!! ... But I'll keep exploring in case I'm wrong...haha!! Brew this beer!! Cheers!!! (Posted on 4/6/14)
Amazing! Review by Mike
I've never had Pliny, so I can't speak of how it compares. What I do know is this is the tastiest beer I've ever brewed. Believe the Pliny hype. I can't stop drinking it. Lots of hops, but not a bitter beer, this will be a fantastic hot weather beer. So much citrus flavor, lots going on in the nose and taste. 20 days primary, was surprised how clear the beer came out. Only 5 days in bottles and I had to try it. Wow! Ordering it again today to brew this week. This beer will be on permanent rotation at my house. (Posted on 3/30/14)
Awesome! Review by Mike
The best tasting beer I ever brewed at home. Great kit Northern Brewer. Super Hoppy goodness!!! (Posted on 3/26/14) Review by amando
Just bottled mine yesterday and WOW, by the taste of it it's incredibly close to Pliny. 6 gl. batch and I got just under 5 gallons at bottle time. This is a Hop bomb to the bone that will be in my rotation! (Posted on 3/23/14)
A double hopped knuckle sandwich to your palate Review by nathan
Awesome kit. HUGE hop aroma and flavor. It's important to know that this kit is geared for a 6 gallon batch which you can squeeze into a 5 gallon carboy but will only end up yielding about 4.5 gallons. Fantastic tasting beer that I will definitely brew again. (Posted on 3/10/14)
As good as the legend! Review by Adam
Finally, been waiting for this one! Brewed on 1/26/14 Full boil used White Labs WLP90 San Diego Super Strain, 3L starter. Kegged on 3/5. Pulled a pint today and blown it a exact match of the Elder? No but it's close and tastes great. Nice balanced bitterness, huge hop aroma and in your face Pine, pineapple, peach, juicy fruit, citrus too...almost too many too name.
Brew this beer! If you like IPAs you will love this..
Thanks Northern Brewer for putting this one together. (Posted on 3/10/14)
Hop Bomb! Review by Jon
I brew mostly IPA and IIPA and this is by far Northern's best creation for this style. I'm not from a part of the country where I can get the real deal, but if you love hops this is it. Cold crashing is a must, the amount of hops is insane. It's only been in the bottle a week and I'm about to order it again. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Wow! Review by Hector
Amazing beer! If you love big hop bombs you will love this beer! Kegged 4 nights ago and it is awesome! (Posted on 3/2/14)

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