Wil Wheaton VandalEyes PA Extract Beer Kit

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Hold on to your hops, homebrewers. Have we got a launch for you! Northern Brewer is ridiculously proud to present VandalEyes PA – the first-ever brew kit dreamed up, brewed up and served up for your homebrewing enjoyment by the epically geeky, celebrity-turned-master-brewer, Wil Wheaton.

Seriously...Wil. Freaking. WHEATON!

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Wil Wheaton VandalEyes PA Extract Beer Kit

  • Wil Wheaton VandalEyes PA Extract Beer Kit
  • Wil Wheaton VandalEyes PA Extract Beer Kit
  • Wil Wheaton VandalEyes PA Extract Beer Kit
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What stands here before you is the result of a quest to brew an outstanding IPA loaded with hoppy citrus and malty caramel. Inspired by a richly malty DIPA, the idea was to create something similar - big malt, huge aroma - but scaled down to a regular IPA.The first version was all about Cascade and although delicious, it wasn't quite citrusy enough. Future versions featured more hops and included Centennial to enhance and sharpen the citrusy edge of the Cascades - that combo proved to be the answer (along with a much larger dry hop addition). From there the amount and variety of crystal malts was chosen to get the toasty caramel flavor perfected. After that, it was just a couple more test batches to dial in the IBUs, OG, and body of the beer. The result of this epic journey speaks for itself - a wonderfully balanced IPA that has a noticeable caramel malt backbone, and a fresh citrusy hop profile with a huge, in your face aroma.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style IPA
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1070
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Great Kit Review by Shaun
I actually purchased this because I am a fan of board games and Wil Wheaton is quite well known in those circles. I brewed this beer and kegged it up. The first night I started pouring it was so good I drank a bit too much. I have to be sure to pace myself with this one. I love the amount of hops but there is a great balance. The fact that my wife cringes at the taste is a good sign that the beer has a good level of hops. (Posted on 4/8/15)
Two words: BIG HOPS Review by Guy
Second time I've made this extract kit and it might be my best batch ever. It is an amazing balance of bitter with enough malt to strike a balance. This is my goto kit beer. (Posted on 3/21/15)
Mr Malty Review by jcd
This beer is a great beer. Personally for me, it did not come to life until after 10 weeks. I felt that that the malty flavor did not become fantastic until past that point. Before ten weeks, even though still yummy, the malt sweetness was huge (almost too much). Caveat: I keg and I did run this through a 5 and then 1 micron filter which was new to me. (Posted on 11/12/14)
Awesome! Review by John
I am generally not a big IPA drinker, but I was influenced by previous reviews and decided to give the recipe a try. I absolutley love this beer and my wife does too! This is easily in my top 5 best and my first brewed IPA. I am a changed man. Thanks NB for the great product offering. (Posted on 10/19/14)
Holy crap! Review by Justin
Bravo good Sirs, bravo! This has to be one of the best beers I have brewed and tasted. Ruffly 2 week in the Primary, close to a month in the Secondary, and a week shy of 2 months bottle conditioned. I cannot wait to brew more and more and more of this! (Posted on 8/26/14)
First 5 star rating Review by Steve
This is the first brew I have given 5 stars to! I have liked all the beers I've made but this one stands out. This is my fifth IPA from NB, and the best. Brewed on 4/22. After taking the hydrometer reading I tasted the wort and knew this could be a great one. Four weeks in primary, dry hopped for another two weeks in the primary, and bottled. Not disappointed! A sweet malt taste on the front followed by the citrusy flavor of the hops finishing with a bitterness that isn't overpowering. My IPAs have been over carbonated so I used approximately 3oz of the sugar. The carbonation is perfect and the beer is clear even at this early stage (used whilfloc). Can't wait to get to the camper and sip on this while watching the mighty Ohio River flow by. Now that's Nirvana! (Posted on 6/20/14)
Best beer I have made! Review by cecil
Very good, best beer I have ever brewed, from extract and two batches so far, to date I have made approx 25 extract kits 4 from Northern and the rest from austin this one kicks butt. (Posted on 6/10/14)
The Grassy Null Review by Buck Wilde
If you’re looking for citrusy or piney, this is not your beer. Bright, firmly bitter, with a hop prominence focused squarely on the grassy side of the equation. Well-balanced, good summer quencher for So Cal and other hot climes. (Posted on 6/3/14)
Excellent! Review by Ken in MN
I brewed the extract kit on 22Feb14, racked to secondary and dry hopped it two weeks later and then bottled it on 19Mar14. I had one today after about four weeks of bottle conditioning and it is excellent! Big hop aroma with a big hop flavor that lingers on the palate long after the glass is empty. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Good, but not a 5!! Review by Karl
I love hops! This established, let me say I'll drink this beer, all night long, but I wouldn't put a ring on her! (Posted on 4/10/14)
Wow! Good Stuff... Review by Michael
I am more of a Wil Wheaton fan than an IPA fan, but good-googly-moogly, this is awesome beer! Nice balance of hops and malt.

Brewed on 3-2 and just kegged yesterday. Will only get better once I have the carbonation levels balanced out.

Good on you Wil Wheaton and Northern Brewer. What's next? (Posted on 3/24/14)
Wow Review by Trevor
About a week of bottle conditioning and I had to try one. Wow, It's super gooood. Cant wait to give it another week.
very unique. Sweet malty, hoppy goodness. Good job, Wil. (Posted on 3/22/14)
Great so far Review by Trevor
Brewed this up on 2/25. Brew went well. It was my first 5 gallon batch, and my 2nd beer brew. The smell of hoppy goodness is coming from the airlock is intoxicating. Will update when its ready to drink!! (Posted on 3/1/14)