Surly Bitter Brewer Pro Series Partial Mash Kit

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The Pro Series beer kits have been developed in conjunction with professional brewers, using their own award-winning beer recipes.

Surly Brewing Company is the fastest growing brewery in the US. Their beer is so popular that they recently had to stop distributing to anywhere but the Twin Cities to keep up with demand there. Bitter Brewer is not your typical bitter but a rather sessionable American/British ale with a quite a bit of hop flavor and aroma. Normally available only as a seasonal offering from Surly Brewing.

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First one in, last one out, sweltering in the summer, freezing in the winter. Years of toiling and boiling have turned Surly Brewing Company head brewer Todd into a cynical, bitter brewer...You too can get bitter without all the fuss. Simply brew this scathingly modern take on the classic British Bitter in the comfort of your own home. Pale orange in color, this ale gets intense toast and marmalade character from British malt and American hops. Dry-hopping brings the floral citrus aromas. So go ahead, get bitter!

A note on yeast: Surly uses White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale; with Surly's blessing, we suggest Wyeast 1335 as the default option so customers (especially mail order customers) can more easily evaluate viability before brewing.

This is a partial mash beer kit - see our Partial Mash Walkthrough for details.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style British Pale Ale/Bitter
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1040
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Easy drinking session beer Review by DB
This is my first NB kit. They do a nice job and everything appeared to be fresh. Just put this in the keg today. I went with 1 wk in the primary, and 4 wks total in the secondary, while dry hopping during the last 2 wks. It's a lighter tasting beer than I expected, but with good hop flavor. This is gonna go quick. Cheers! (Posted on 11/9/13)
Great session beer Review by Phil
This is the second time I've brewed this one, both times were great. Almost like a hop tea, not super malty/hoppy/bitter, just really good. Fermented 2 weeks primary, two weeks secondary/dry hop. Kegged/bottled for two weeks before chilling, 1.038/1.010. A great session beer. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Smooth, sessionable, bitter. Review by Alex
I brewed this as my first full-boil partial mash kit. I fermented it at 70F with WL007 and bottle-conditioned it. This was one of the tastiest session beers I've ever had. It was quick and easy to make, full of hop flavor, and smooth enough to have three or four of them. I wouldn't change a thing with my ingredients or process. (Posted on 3/17/13)
all around tasty Review by mark
i have never been to England to have a bitter but i have had some here in the states , this is a great tasting beer don't take this wrong but its not as bitter as i would of liked , but this is a great beer its like the best tasting ale you would ever have (Posted on 11/19/12)
Great interpretation of an English Bitter Review by PB
Another great Surly and Northern Brewer collaboration. Tasted great kegged about 4 weeks after brew day and I know it will continue to develop. Complex flavor profile in a suprisingly easy sessionable beer. Cheers! (Posted on 10/16/12)
One of the Best! Review by Roberto
Easily in the top two or three kits you can get from NB. A complex bitter, not even really a bitter, something like a cross between a Belgian Ale and an ESB. Complex and drinkable. (Posted on 8/24/12)
Two Thumbs Up Review by CGMLS3
Lots of taste, surprisingly big on the dry hopping. This was my first PM. Hit the OG on the nose and it finished out at 1.011. Dry hopped for a week and it was kegged 3 weeks after brew day. Tastes great right away. Hope it lasts a few more weeks in the keg because my friends are taking a liking to it even though it is a style we normally wouldn't go for. Great intro into PM brewing and a stepping stone towards AG. (Posted on 5/2/12)
Great Brew Review by Ulick
This is a very good brew, best I have made yet, excellent flavor, BREW IT UP!!!!!! (Posted on 4/29/12)
Bitter and Delicious Review by Jeff
I tried this partial mash kit using my all-grain equipment as a stepping stone towards true all-grain brewing. It was nice to get a feel for the process before leaping into all-grain and botching 5 gallons of beer. It was a good idea to say the least - got to know my equpiment and got some great beer. Even non-IPA drinkers enjoyed it. Cheers. (Posted on 4/27/12)
Dry Hopping Good Review by Matthew
My OG turned out much lower than expected, leveling at a 1.034 range. This was my first partial mash kit, so the temps became a problem for me to work on. Nonetheless, this turned out very good. It has a strong aroma with bittering floral notes. Red in color and goes down easy. I'll try it again. (Posted on 2/7/12)
Not what I had imagined Review by Bairbrewer
First off, this was my first partial mash and maybe I didn't do everything right so that may have been the reason for the results I received... I have also only dry-hopped one beer in the past, using whole hops. I will use whole hops in the future because I don't have the need for a hop-back at this time. The beer is a very light gravity, I realized that after I printer the recipie; my bad, LOL. It has good flavor, hop aroma is present, bitterness is not (maybe the hops I received were not all that hoppy), and the worst part is it is very cloudy. I attribute this to the pellet dry hops. It was very clear prior to dry hopping and came out like muddy water when I kegged. It is drinkable so I know there is no contamination. Maybe using a different hop variety or whole hops would have given me a better outcome. (Posted on 1/12/12)
Nice Review by skg
This is second brew for me. Came out of fermenter somewhat cloudy. ABV is on the low side at 3.7%. These are my own brewhouse issues. That said, the beer is plain delicious. I have had it in the bottle for a week and could not resist a peek. The reviews that talk of marmalade flavor are spot on. I will do this one again. (Posted on 1/11/12)
Nice beer Review by cityboy
Best we have brewed. The taste is great and very drinkable. You can have more than one and not feel tipsy. (Posted on 1/5/12)
Fantastic Review by Jimitybarb
Best beer I've made so far!!!! Takes a little getting used to but when you do, you only want this beer. I have 8 batches of beer in the house now but am stuck on this one. Will be making much more of this!!! (Posted on 12/23/11)
Award Winning! Review by Daniel auf St. Paul
This was my first partial mash brew. I have had Surly's original bitter brewer but there was a decent span since I have had one of those. Still I feel the flavor and aroma has to be pretty close to the original.

To make things better I entered this beer in the Minnesota Renaissance Fair's home brew competition and it got 2nd place in the Bitter's Category. Nice work NB! (Posted on 11/15/11)
I like it Review by MarkD
It's not too hoppy, nor too malty, nor too strong. (I just dumped the dry hops into the secondary with no bag/container - most remained behind when I racked to the bottling bucket.) Two weeks in primary, two in secondary, two in the bottle and it'll all be gone in two weeks at this rate! I exaggerate, slightly.

This was my first NB kit and a good one. I have no idea how it compares to the original, but I like it. (Posted on 11/4/11)
Good until the end Review by Wayner665
The finish of this beer has a weird taste. Of course anyone can say that I probably messed up the brew somewhere, but i'm pretty confident that I was pretty spot on. The nose, flavour and mouthfeel is awesome. It's after swallowing that the off taste becomes apparent. It's not disgusting, just a little off. Colour is great, and head retention is good.
I'm glad I brewed this, as Surly is amazing, but I probably won't brew this one again. The other Surly products are definately on my list to brew again though.
Cheers! (Posted on 11/2/11)
Simply Awesome Review by BeerGeekNY
This was my first attempt at a partial mash. After 1 week in the bottle, flat out amazing. 2 weeks in the bottle, heavenly. Can't beat the price either. (Posted on 7/30/11)
this beer is trouble Review by duckmanco
As promised, my final review. I pulled the first pint tonight after work, and I must say, although I don't know what the original tastes like as I've never had it, this beer is flat out delicious. NB's ad copy about marmalade and toast are all over this beer, but it retains a nice bitterness. I used WLP007 with a starter, and couldn't be happier. If you are looking for a delicious session beer with exactly what NB's ad says, then brew this beer and enjoy. Please don't get rid of this kit, ever. (Posted on 5/25/11)
gravity sample tastes amazing Review by duckmanco
While this isn't an official review because its just a gravity sample, but I'm here to tell you, it was a knockout. I have never drank all of the gravity sample from a brew before, and I drank every drop. My first partial mash, went well and got 1.044 gravity as I didn't top off all the way to 5 gallons because I figured the mash wouldn't have been as efficient, but I'm guessing it was. Finished at 1.011-1.012, clear as a bell, and a hell of a malty British flavor. I've had most of Surly's line up, but not the Bitter Brewer -- but the marmalade and toast flavors noted in NB's literature were absolutely there. This gets dry hopped in the keg inside of a week or so, and then I'll report back. Thus far, great kit NB, don't get ever get rid of it. (Posted on 5/14/11)
Nice Hoppy Brew Review by Mark
Easy to brew, complex malt and great hop flavor. I'll be making this again. (Posted on 4/10/11)
Tasty! Review by CWR
I did this as a MIAB, and used US-05. Carbed to about 2.3 volumes, and served at about 45F...excellent hop quality, mouthfeel, and full malty finish. (Posted on 3/22/11)

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