Surly Furious Pro Series Extract Kit

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The Pro Series beer kits have been developed in conjunction with professional brewers, using their own award-winning beer recipes. Surly Brewing Company is the fastest growing brewery in the US. Their beer is so popular that they recently had to stop distributing to anywhere but the Twin Cities to keep up with demand there. Despite this, Surly Furious is ranked number 28 on BeerAdvocate's top ranked beers in the world. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Surly Furious Pro Series Extract Beer Recipe Kit


A tempest on the tongue, or a moment of pure hop bliss? Brewed with a dazzling blend of American hops and Scottish malt, this crimson-hued ale delivers waves of citrus, pine and caramel-toffee. For those who favor flavor, Furious has the hop-fire your taste buds have been screeching for. Note: The absolutely insane 8.5 oz of dry hops (not to mention the 4.5 oz of boil addition hops) make the hop aroma of this beer off the charts. Simcoe, Amarillo, Warrior, and Ahtanum combine to make a pine-y citrus whirlwind that can be detected a few feet away from the glass. You may wish to purchase some Muslin Mesh grain/hop Bags or Fine Mesh Hop Straining bags to contain the massive load of dry hops.

A note on yeast: Surly uses White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale; with Surly's blessing, we suggest Wyeast 1335 as the default option so customers (especially mail order customers) can more easily evaluate viability before brewing.

Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style IPA
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1064
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Love it Review by Tony
I made this kit for a party attended by a bunch of hop heads. I'm not a big IPA fan but the style is taking me by storm. Everybody, including me, loves this beer and several friends have said that mine is better than Surly's!! If you just can't get enough hops in your beer this is the IPA for you. Couldn't believe the size of the dry hop package! Use a hop bag to facilitate removal. (Posted on 12/11/14)
Patience is a Virtue! Review by Ken in MN
Since Furious is one of my all-time favorite beers, I was very excited to finally get one of these kits (they had been out of stock for what seemed like an eternity.) I also experienced severe over carbonating, to the point where I had to vent every bottle prior to chilling just to get it to the point of being just over carbonated. My next disappointment was that it didn't even taste like Furious! In fact, it had an overpowering, sickly ester/artificial sweetener off-flavor that completely ruined the finish, which got worse as the beer warmed and the carbonation dissipated. Over the course of two months I kept trying, slogging through too many bottles of disappointing beer in the hope that it would somehow get better. I finally decided to cut my losses and dump it, mourning the loss of over $50 and 3-1/2 months of now-crushed anticipation. However, I decided that it behooved me to give it one last try, and with great joy I discovered that a miracle had occurred. Not only was the horrible off-flavor gone, and not only did it now actually taste like Furious, it was AMAZING! This defied all reason, as the generally accepted rule of thumb with IPAs is to drink them fresh before the hop flavors and aroma start to diminish. And while it wasn't quite Jesus turning water into wine, it was right up there in my book. (That would be the Book of How to Brew, Chapter 11, Verse 22: "And verily Palmer said unto the Brewphesians, 'Those shalt drink no homebrew before it's time...'") (Posted on 9/11/14)
great taste but overcarbonated Review by Matt
This beer tastes great but I did my priming sugar calculation wrong due to losing so much beer in the dry hop. I added less sugar than I was supposed to but it was still too much. Just be careful with priming sugar if you get less than 5 gallons in the end and it should be great. (Posted on 9/9/13)
Please offer this again...soon! Review by Craig
I got this kit as a gift. I was apprehensive at first, because I had never made a batch of beer and I've never tried Surly Furious before, so I didn't know how it was supposed to taste. I must admit that this was a great experience and I have had rave reviews, even by a friend who is a beer buyer for an upscale craft beer restaurant, which offers 50 craft beers on tap. He put my beer around the 8% alcohol level and said it tasted really nice. I also checked the beer sites that give the beer snobs and the amateurs a chance to review beers. I was happy to find that they were tasting & seeing exactly what I was tasting & seeing. I would gladly buy another kit (or 5) if it is ever offered again. (Posted on 8/28/13)
Do it Review by Michael O
This was one of the first kits I had done a few years back. With limited experience, I was thrilled with how it turned out. While I've never actually had this beer out in western PA, so I can't attest to the accuracy of the clone recipe; it's a pretty fantastic little IPA kit. (Posted on 8/22/13)
Excellent Review by Jono
Brewed 10 gal batch in conical with stir plate starter. Used WLP007. Blew off shortly after pitching and went hard for next 48 hours. Fermented at 75 degrees. Started dumping gradually after 6 days of primary for the next 2 weeks. This minimized beer loss. About one week primary, 20 day secondary. All of the dry hops went directly in on day 28 for 9 days. Beer was kegged, using a muslin bag taped at the end of the tube to collect the hops. About one softball size of hops was collected after both batches were kegged. Yeilded 9.5 gallons. Cellared at 62 degrees for three weeks. Chilled and served. Second beer ran as clear as you can get. Wonderful kit. (Posted on 7/22/13)
Damn fine Review by Mike
This is a truly wonderful IPA. I brewed this as a gift and am incredibly sad as I want to brew up another and it is out of stock. Very, very tasty. (Posted on 3/22/13)
Excellent - Mega IPA Review by David
This is a very serious IPA with loads of flavor and very smooth. It is definitely a lot of beer in a glass. I have never used this much hops in any beer, so I would say it is not for the faint of heart.

Definitely have patience and let it age a bit. It mellows some after 6-7 weeks in the bottle. I bottled it and left it at room temperature for 2 weeks, then clarified it in a frdge for 2 more. it was excellent from then on, but became even more smooth after 2-3 more weeks. (Posted on 1/10/13)
Holy Hops!! Review by Glenn
Wow, this beer is a hop lover's dream. If you love the bitterness of hops, you have to try this kit. (Posted on 12/27/12)
Too bitter Review by Natalie
First off, let me say that I let the dry hops in for too long- probably three weeks - so there's that. But here's why. I added the dry hops to the secondary, in grain bags as suggested, about a week before I expected to bottle. But adding the hops apparently stirred up the yeast enough to cause the beer to ferment some some - enough that a later hydrometer reading indicated that the specific gravity had dropped considerably. It was not until maybe two weeks later that the bubbling had slowed enough to consider bottling, and I put it off due to being busy for a week or so after that. This beer is now almost undrinkable - I usually am a fan of IPAs but this is way over bitter. Not sure what I can recommend to prevent this - maybe shake up the secondary fermenter a day or so before adding the hops to see if there is more life left to the yeast. I really wanted this one to be stellar as other reviews indicate, but I was disappointed. (Posted on 11/29/12)
1.056 OG!? Review by doomXsaloon
Brewed today with a bunch of fellow home brewers...Followed all directions and procedures; did a full boil; yeast starter; filtered a ton of crud out from kettle to primary bucket...when all was said and done, OG was only 1.056. ????? Expect to hit the numbers with an extract. Looked through these mention of what people got for their OG. So disappointed to be so off. Looking for any explanation, ideas, or other OG readings.
I know it can still be a good beer, but was really psyched for brewing this big, surly, furious monster IPA.... (Posted on 11/13/12)
Incredible Review by Justin
I don't know that you'll find a better IPA extract kit anywhere. I left in the secondary for almost 6 weeks and kegged it. left in the Keg to carbonate for another month before trying it. It turned out amazing. Even friends have said this is one of the better IPA's they tried. Alcohol content is up there so warning, may cause morning headaches! Great beer! Only con: it's expensive! (Posted on 9/28/12)
killer clone Review by Conor
Got this as a wedding gift, I usually brew all grain but thought hell I'll do an extract version and see where it goes. Messed up a little with a high boil volume - ended up with 5.5 gals with a lower ABV. Fed the ferm on day 3 with 1lb of sugar boiled in two pints of water to try and up the abv and dry it out a little more. Kegged, aged 1 week, then dry hopped in a single bag for 2 weeks. Tapped last night after a day at 30psi....took me right back to MN! Wonderful aroma and flavor of hops - of course its hazy from the MASSIVE dry hopping but who cares? This is a monster of an IPA just lovely with a solid malt backbone that will pulverize taste buds, HIGHLY recommended. (Posted on 9/20/12)
Close to real thing Review by Knowname72
This was the first beer I made. I have read a lot of reviews, and want to echo some of the things I read for suggestions. Dry hopping... What a mess. Like others I lost quite a bit of brew. First I would use a grain sock with marbles. Second, I would used a bucket for the secondary to fish the bag of hops out with ease. This is about the only way that makes sense to ensure get every last drop from this expensive kit. At first I thought, I am never going to dry hop a beer again if I lose this much beer, but now after reading, and asking questions, I will try this again.

Keep in mind this was my virgin batch, but man, it turned out great. Just wish there was more of it. If you have had Furious, this is very close. Would say if you are on the fence, do it. BTW the guys at Northern recommended using 2 bags of yeast, so I did. Had to use blow off after first 12 hours of fermentation. (Posted on 9/1/12)
Tastes great... looks bad Review by Doug
The beer is as tasty as everyone says it is, I'm extremely pleased. However the hop haze makes it look like muddy river water even after multiple fining agents. Probably brewer error but make sure to do a lot to clear it up if you care about that sort of thing. (Posted on 8/26/12)
One of my favorites Review by Kelly
Wasn't as cloudy as I expected. A tone of sediment as with any IPA. Plan on getting fewer bottles out of it, but loving it. (Posted on 8/24/12)
Be Patient Review by Ryan
I spent a lot of time looking at reviews and debating which IPA I wanted to make and decided to go with this one. I previously made the Midwest clone "ferocious" and it was quite good.

I followed instructions (almost) to a "t". I added the "flame out" hops about 3 minutes after flame out - realized I forgot them until then - likely with minimal effect. I also did a full-boil of the extract version, so I followed the boiling hop schedule for the all grain kit. Primary for about 10 days, Secondary for 2 weeks without dry hopping then about 10 days with dry hopping. Here's the catch... I added the dry hops into what I thought would be a big enough fine mesh bag at about 14 days into secondary. By day 3 of dry hopping, the mesh bag was completely swollen and really made me think there wasn't enough contact between the beer and the dry hops. I tried to pull the mesh bag out of the carboy with no luck so I ended up cutting the bag to get it out, keeping the hops in the carboy. I let it sit about another 7 days. I was going to keg the beer at that point but there was a TON of hop-matter mixing into the beer, so I opted to re-rack to another carboy through a fine mesh bag to eliminate as much hops as possible. I also added "Super Kleer" to help pull as much solids out as possible. After about 24 hours I racked to the keg. Through this process I estimate I lost approximately 1 gallon of the 5 gallon batch... obviously disappointing to lost that kind of volume, but had read this might be the case.

Onto the beer... at first taste of the uncarbonated beer going into the keg, I was freaked out. It had a super strong green apple/tart fruit aroma and an almost moldy finish, with just a bitter flavor in the middle. I was really upset I had paid what I did, lost the gallon of beer, and ended up with an almost undrinkable beer... BUT alas! I have been tasting it over the last 1.5 weeks on keg and it has completely morphed into what my most discerning beer friend called "the best beer you've brewed yet"!! It's unreal how this beer changed over the last week and a half but i makes me wish I hadn't wasted the glasses I had last week, and makes me wonder how much better it's going to get over the next few weeks if it lasts that long!

The aroma is strong citrus and pine with a little floral notes. The front end has good grapefruit/bright citrus flavors followed by a rich malty/caramel flavor in the middle. The finish is definitely very bitter but not tongue smacking, with strong grapefruit rind aftertaste. It'll ruin your palate for a subsequent beer, so plan this as either the only one you'll drink for the night, or at least the last of the night.

It's fricken addicting!! I have a good friend coming into town who I'm nervous about letting him taste it because I'm afraid he'll be sneaking down to the basement to steal glasses when I'm not looking! I've said "I'll definitely brew this beer again" to other beers and haven't followed through, but I absolutely will with this one.

Highly recommended to those who enjoy a really big IPA. Coming in at around 7% it's not a light hitter either. If there's a better way to lessen the volume loss I'll be trying to find it the next time I brew this beer, but even if I had the same result in volume, it wouldn't deter me from brewing this one again!

(Posted on 7/18/12)
Wish I brewed a double batch Review by Kr8ive Brewing
Holy Hell this is good. Best beer I brewed this year. Wish I brewed a double batch as this beer did not last long at all. Use a grain bag with sanitized marbles to weigh down the 5oz. of dry hops. Outstanding aroma, taste and well balanced malt to bitter ratio. (Posted on 7/11/12)
Love the aroma! Review by Ken
Great smelling (and tasting) beer. This one is in the regular rotation, because it rarely lasts more than a few weeks! (Posted on 6/29/12)
Will brew Again Review by AndySutherland
This IPA will melt your face off; don't think it can get any better. (Posted on 5/19/12)
Absolutely Brilliant! Review by Dayn
I've tried at least a dozen different IPA recipes, including a neighbors personal concoction and the Surly Furious clone kit is by far the best. I've brewed this one at least 3 times now, all-grain and extract - neither will disappoint. A tempest on the tongue, or a moment of pure hop bliss... I'd have to say both. This kit is as delicious as the real Furious. (Posted on 5/8/12)
As good as the Reviews Review by Aaron
Amazing beer with great nose and finish. As the others reviewers have stated, this is the best home brew I've done out of about 30 different recipes. One thing I would like to ask to future brewers is... Can you please post the dry hop ingredients and amounts please. I threw my bag away during the brew process but I would like to try this beer again by purchasing the ingredients separate from this kit. Happy Brewing to all! (Posted on 4/15/12)
Great Beer Review by Madtown brewer
I lived in the Twin Cities and really missed this beer when I moved. I love that NB has teamed up with these great brewers across the country. I made this beer earlier this year then kegged it & hooked it up to beer gas which I feel cuts the hop profile a little, but worth trying if you have the gear. Great beer and well worth the $$ (Posted on 3/16/12)
I am now a greedy prick... Review by Andy
...according to my friends. This beer has made me re-evaluate my "give-away" procedures. Followed the insturctions sheet to a tee, also put all dry-hops in two, weighted hop bags, worked well enough (until trying to remove, tore one open). Definately a repeat offender on my brew list now. Finished with a full aromatic head, actually laced pretty well, super fine carbonation for some reason, almost looked like it was under nitro... Super clear as well with using Whirlfloc, two Fine Mesh Hop Bags, and wrapping my racking cane in a grain sock. Also, pitched a 2000mL yeast starter with this and it exploded within 5 hours, so go straight to a blow-off tube in primary. I am confident based on three samplings it will only get better (possible?) with age. Definately recommend to others, even if you're not a hop-head you will enjoy this. (Posted on 2/29/12)
Outstanding Review by Darren
This is an amazing beer. Definitely the best homebrew I have made. Thank you Surly for sharing this recipe! I agree with other reviews that the amount of dry hops makes it a little more difficult to rack the beer but it is worth it! (Posted on 2/4/12)
Outstanding IPA Review by AndyS
Fermentation really took off with a yeast starter, definitely recommend using one. Have fun fishing mesh bags full of hops out of the small opening in your carboy, next time I will use a bucket for secondary fermentation. I am bummed this beer is currently out of stock, will brew it again when available. (Posted on 1/1/12)
Exceptional! Review by Steve
Truly an exceptional beer. This was only my second attempt at brewing, but it turned out very well. I live in the Twin Cities, so have access to Surly beers quite frequently - they are all good, but especially the hoppy ones. This recipe tastes better than their canned Furious, even if there is quite a bit of floatsam. I would agree with other reviewers that you should use a bag to contain the dry hops if possible. I lost at least a 1/2 gallon of precious liquid. Now we need Surly to agree to create kits for the rest of their amazing beers. (Posted on 12/3/11)
LOVE IT Review by Shawn
just bottled about 2 weeks ago and cracked my first and second well all the way till 6th today. I cant stop drinking this stuff it's that good i would brew this again for sure. The only issue with it was that when i dry hopped it most all of the hops floated but i found a trick for all of you that plan on brewing this. Take a hop or grain bag and put all the hops in it and put something sanitized and heavy in the bag and it will make the hops in the bag sink to the bottom of your fermenter (Posted on 9/2/11)
Did I say WOW Review by Gary in Iowa
Great brew. A hop head will love this. (Posted on 8/23/11)
Wow Review by EAH64
I just tried my first bottle of Furious. I spent a couple of weeks in Minneapolis this spring, so had an opportunity to sample the real deal on several occassions. I found the dry-hopping very frustrating. The amount of dry hops were so large that I got my bag stuck halway into the carboy. It was so jammed that I ultimately needed to cut it open and just shove half the bag in and throw the rest of the pellets in their loose (and eventually they were all loose. I would recommend using two separate bags to be ensured of getting it all into your carboy. As one of the other reviewers noted, when I went to rack for bottling, there was probably 3 inches of hop on the bottom, so I did lose probably 8 bottles. I was a bit frustrated to see a fair amount of small hop flakes in my bottles as they were carbonating. I know that's no big deal but I had been careful. Well, in the end, the payoff was amazing. It really does taste like the real thing - incredibly hoppy and genuinely like a professional craft beer. This may not be my favorite style beer, but it's an awesome example of a classic IPA. (Posted on 7/14/11)
Wonderful Beer Review by Lost Celtic
Crazy amount of hops but the final product was very very tasty. Unfortunately the liquid yeast didn't make it (shipping liquid yeast to AZ in June not a good idea). But I got a new batch from a local brew shop to save the batch and it turned out awesome. All my brewing cohorts that have tasted it love it. (Posted on 7/8/11)
Hoptastic Review by Jon
Best brew I've made, highly recommend using mesh bag for dry hops. (Posted on 7/4/11)
Ugly and Awesome Review by DaveO
I brewed this and followed the directions to the letter. I am not a novice home brewer. This beer blew away everything that I've made prior. I was shocked at the amount of dry hops, but yeah that did the trick. Due to the large amount of dry hops I was unable to rack off more than 4.5 gallons of this wonderful liquid. The final results carbed up in 7 days and tastes awesome. It did come out a camel brown color with major clarity issues, but who cares if it tastes good. Highly recommended. (Posted on 6/11/11)
Spot on Review by Trevor
I'm either a really good brewer, this is a really good clone kit or a combination of both but this is now on my list of favorites to brew. The hop combination is perfect and the taste is very smooth. I tried the first bottle after almost 3 weeks and I can see this one getting much better in a couple more weeks. (Posted on 6/11/11)
Delicious! Review by Ryan
All I can say if you are a hop head you will love this beer! I am not a huge fan of IPA's but I would brew this beer again and it is going in the rotation as a combo breaker for the other beers I drink regularly. (Posted on 6/3/11)
Great Beer! Review by au4stree
I am here in AL, so we don't get the pleasure of Surly's brews. When this came available (thanks, btw). I jumped on it. I brewed it in March and decided to bottle this one. Needless to say, I'm ready to reorder. I can see what the fuss is about, great beer. Next batch will be kegged. (Posted on 5/25/11)
Wow just Wow Review by Mark
I am new to home brewing, this was my third attempt, and the second kit I have used, first from Northern Brewer and all I can say is wow! I used the White Labs dry English ale yeast as well, and the results were amazing, this was the first home brew I have done that was drinkable. The color was a ruby red, the smell..hops and more hops, piney and citrusy, just perfect. The taste was great as well, supper hoppy with a strong malt in the back to reinforce the hops. Carbonation was spot on after just two weeks in the bottle. I suggest using a mesh bag over the siphon to bottle, there is a ton of sediment from the dry hopping and new drinkers may freak out at the "floaties". I have never had Surly Furious, so I was going on description, but this turned out damn near perfect for a Hophead, great kit, highly recommended...Black IPA next!! (Posted on 5/15/11)
Awesome Review by Dead End Brewery
Just kegged this. Used farmed yeast from Surly Furiouso batch. This is best beer I have made. I want to drink it now. Doesn't even need to be carbonated. (Posted on 4/22/11)
Nailed it! Review by Deeboe
I brewed this one and kegged it. Invited a couple friends over the other night for a blind taste test with this and the real thing. Of the tasters, 2/3 thought this was the real Surly Furious! Awesome kit for an awesome beer! Thanks Omar and NB for this one. (Posted on 4/4/11)
Absolutely Perfect! Review by Dave
This was my first attempt with my brewing kit. I followed the recipe to a tee including using the liquid yeast. The beer turned out perfect. Matter a fact I bought Surly Furious and poured my own. I was blind folded and tried both; I actually picked the one that I brewed as the real thing.
I did keep it in bottles three weeks before trying. I will definatley be brewing another batch before summer begans. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 3/11/11)
Early on its already great Review by Jim
The racking sample I tried before dry hop could stand alone as a great beer even flat. Really. I used White Labs Dry English Ale like Surly does because thats what Bell's carry here in Kalamazoo. Really good. Can't wait for the finished beer in 4 weeks. (Posted on 3/7/11)

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