Northern Brewer's White House Honey Ale 1 Gallon Recipe Kit

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Now available as a 1 gallon recipe kit!

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White House Honey Ale


An original recipe brewed by White House staff and shared with the world as a Northern Brewer kit. Built on a big foundation of malt with strong tones of biscuit and toffee, White House Honey Ale plays down hop bitterness and plays up the fruity and caramelly aspect of English malt and yeast. A late addition of pure honey is the signature calling card of this recipe, imbuing a floral aroma and lightening the body. Ale to the chief!

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 1 Gallon
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Hybrid Beers
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1062
Total Time to Make 4 weeks

Customer Reviews

Pretty good! Review by Daniel
First ever batch. The instructions were super simple.
The only complaint is the same as everyone else... Not enough honey flavor. The supplied honey is a very small container.

Also, same as others, my beer came out much darker than the photo.

Would brew it again! (Posted on 1/21/15)
Not impressed Review by Rick
This was the first brew. Followed all the instructions, made the brew, and tried the batch. It was just not good for my taste (average ranking). I will not be repeating this brew. (Posted on 10/31/14)
Give it time to mature. Review by Mark
Just finished my last bottle, after almost 6 mos of conditioning, and this is definitely my family's favorite. Brewed per instruction you will get just a faint aroma and taste of the honey, so maybe double the honey would be better, just worried about excessive blow off with the extra sugars, as the original had a very active ferment that I caught just before it got out of control. (Posted on 9/18/14)
Light and easy but could use some tweaking. Review by John
I'm far from an expert but I've brewed many one gallon batches. This one is just as easy as most. My opinion on the flavor is about the same as everyone else's. I was expecting more (honey?) flavor, but overall a decent beer. I've brewed this beer three times, once by the instructions, once I tripled the honey and the last time I tripled the honey and made a two-day yeast starter. I will say this; the more effort you put into this beer the better it is. For you curious ones out there, the third attempt didn't change the flavor that much (still no significant honey flavor) but the added honey and yeast starter did kick up the ABV significantly. Serve it really cold and everyone will love it. (Posted on 4/18/14)
Good, but needs more honey Review by Dustin
I enjoyed this beer, but I was expecting a bit more honey flavor. I will likely do a 5-gallon batch of this, but add more honey than the kit recommends. We have some great honey here in Yuma, and I think it will make this much better. I just have to be carefull not to add too much. (Posted on 4/14/14)
Unexpected but quite tasty Review by Doug
This was my first foray into brewing, and I don't really have the space or time to go all grain, so this was a great way to start with a simple extract kit. No problems with the very concise and easy to follow instructions. My house is quite chilly however, so my fermentation may have conked out early. The resultant beer was more like a Belgian abbey dubbel than what I expected. Coppery brown, sweet, caramelly and fruity with a yeasty bite. Very active carbonation too. Not sure this was what the beer was supposed to be like but it was quite good, if a little edgy and unbalanced. Will give it more time in the cellar to see if it improves and dries out a bit. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Fantastic Review by Rob
Delicious brew, only wish I had made it in a 5 gallon! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Became better with age... Review by BwanaJoe
My review is really a 4 star review but I wanted to balance out my original 3 star review. We cracked open the rest of the bottles just before Christmas. The additional 4 weeks really helped (total of 8 weeks). It really smoothed out the flavor and gave it a much better finish. Still no hint of honey but it became a much more drinkable brew and will brew it again. Many of the NB kits are like this (German blonde and the Saison) in that they benefit from a three to four months of aging. (Posted on 1/6/14)
Not sure what the fuss is about. Review by BwanaJoe
The flavor of the ale is OK, but not outstanding even after two months of conditioning. Bit of an after taste that isn't exactly pleasant or "bad", it is just there. No honey aroma or taste (I thought we'd done something wrong when we brewed it. The tech support guys confirmed you aren't going to much, if any, honey taste or aroma without a LOT of honey). I'll skip this one in favor of the German Blonde ale next time. (Posted on 12/10/13)
Not a bad start! Review by keith
Experimented a bit from the original recipe to make it my own and have had great results! I recommend using a raw honey and cane sugar priming solution for bottling instead of the tablet for better carbonation and taming the heavy aftertaste! (Posted on 12/8/13)
Good Review by JJG-R
This was my first batch and was easy to make. It's darker than I anticipated, but still quite good. I recommend it unless you're a beer aficionado. (Posted on 11/27/13)
Very good Review by Tim
This was my first brew, followed instructions and got thumbs up from friends who tried it. Thought it had great taste. Have ordered another kit. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Suprising Review by Brian
Got the 1 gallon kit to test before trying a 5. Brewed as per instructions. Bottle conditioned 3 weeks and it evaporated after it hit the fridge. Will brew a 5 gallon kit soon. (Posted on 3/21/13)
Real good! Review by Diane
This was my first ever brew and after working thru some learning curve issues I ended up with a nice brew. All my friends were skeptical until I opened the bottles and gave them a taste, they were like "is this all you have?" It was a bit heavy but overall a good result. (Posted on 3/9/13)
Very Good Review by Runner2207
This was my very first brew. Although I encountered a few hardships making it, the outcome was fantastic. The worst was the four weeks waiting time until I could finally drink it. The beer has a good strong taste, a nice color, smells good, and tastes delicious. (Posted on 3/9/13)
It's okay. Review by Paula
In all fairness, this would have been better with liquid yeast. Were I to brew five gallons of this, I'd use Wyeast 1056 and a lot more honey. It's not a bad beer, but in all honesty, I've had better honey ales. (Posted on 3/8/13)