SMASH American Session Ale All-Grain Kit

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Is it a half IPA? Is it a pale ale? What’s in a name, after all? We’re taking you back to school, back to basics, with this SMASH (single malt single hop)-style delight. Not only are we going back to school, we’re hitting the latest in style-confounding marketing-speak: American Session Ale.

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SMASH American Session Ale All-Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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SMASH is about taking things back - way back, to when American pale ale was edgy and new. The thing is, time travel is hard, and we’re thinking there’s enough Cascade-only pale stuff out there, so we’re going to use a decidedly new-school single hop: Simcoe. The pine and jungle stinker herself, Simcoe is boastful and bombastic, packing tons of hop flavor and aroma into a neat little package. SMASH takes a clean, dry malt base, with a low gravity for extra drinkability, and piles on a healthy dose of delicious hoppiness. Think of it as a way to deliver a metric hogshead of hop flavor and aroma in a tidy 4.5%ABV package.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style American Pale Ale/Cream Ale
Color Light
Original Gravity 1044
Total Time to Make 4 weeks

Customer Reviews

Simply my favorite Review by Rob
I have been brewing for a little over a year now Brewed several batches and many recipes and different kits. This is truly the favorite in my house. Relatively easy to brew, Short fermentation time, Fantastic hop aroma, The simcoe hops really shine through.
Not to heavy bodied, and quite refreshing. I recommend this to anyone who just loves a nice cold beer on a warm summer day. (Posted on 1/6/15)
AMAZING! Review by Scott
OK, I find it hard t give 5 star ratings, but this one deserves it! Light, easy drinking session beer with TONS of hop flavor. You will think you're drinking a full on IPA. ( I did cheat and add 4 oz of carmel 90)

(Posted on 12/19/14)
Good Flavor Review by Zach
What can I say, it tastes good! (Posted on 2/21/14)
Deliciously Simple Review by Eli
I just got this beer carbed and it is fantastic. The Simcoe lends it's self very well throughout the beer especially in the aroma. My initial concerns about head retention and mouthfeel were elated upon the first pour and sip. It has it where it counts. I actually didn't buy this kit. I just had all the ingredients laying around, so I figured why not? and I'm really glad I did it, because I thoroughly enjoy this beer. I would definitely recommend brewing it. I was going to use US-05 instead of BRY-97 but doing my research I found out that BRY-97 blends the ingredients in a little more together of which I felt this recipe needed vs US-05 which is said to enhance Hop flavor. That's just what I read (Posted on 2/16/14)
Good product Review by Chris
Works well with just the right amount of carbonation. (Posted on 1/10/14)
Does the job Review by Justin
Not much to say other than it did what it was supposed to do. Used it in a 5 gallon batch to carbonate in bottles. (Posted on 1/7/14)
Never had a Problem Review by Michael
This priming sugar has always done the trick for me and I've never had a flat brew. (Posted on 12/13/13)
Great Beer Review by Brad
I really enjoyed this beer. Lasted about 2 weeks after the first bottle was cracked. Plan to brew again this winter. (Posted on 12/8/13)
Outstanding Review by Andy
This is a great beer; will add to my rotation. Well balanced. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Nice Hop Flavor Review by Jeffrey
This beer was easy to brew. I doubled the hops on the first add instead of the final add. Still turned out very good. Simcoe Hops ring through this beer adding great flavor up front. The back is tame and pleasant but that is what these beers are all about. Hop Session beers are the new wave. This beer is as good as Founder's All Day IPA in my opinion. Great Hot Tub Brew! (Posted on 11/8/13)
Great hop flavor, not much going on to back it up Review by Aaron
I love the Simcoe hop flavor and aroma that comes through very bright and lemony. I also like getting started with all-grain using simple recipes so I can dial in my understanding of the process and equipment before I get too crazy. But the two row malt, while pleasantly biscuity at first, gets boring before the glass is empty. It needs something more interesting in the grain bill. (Posted on 10/18/13)
Simple and Easy to use Review by Brandon
I have never had a problem with carbonation when bottle conditioning with this priming sugar. (Posted on 8/4/13)
Simple staple on brew day Review by Russell
not much to go wrong here. I've always had good luck with this although a little bit can go a long way. I would do some research on how much priming sugars to add to different styles of beer. I have overcarbonated certain beers using too much. (Posted on 7/11/13)

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