Brunch Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Brunch: a portmanteau of "breakfast" and "lunch". Brunch Stout: a collision of brunch as a particularly indulgent meal time, and a particularly indulgent stout. 60 IBUs, loaded with sumptuous malt, acidic and tangy coffee, and wildly fruity Candi syrup, this is a stout that does not know when to stop. There's something here for every interpretation of this decadent mid-cycle ritual, from the sweet to the savory, the simple to the intricate. Explore the limits of American-style stout as you know it with your new deviously delicious companion.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Brunch Stout Extract Kit

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Brunch is like breakfast, except you get maple sausage and more calories. This stout is like a stout you may have had from a brewery across the pond that makes great American-style beers, except it’s better. Let’s admit it - sometimes the homebrew is better than the commercial version. Loaded with hops, coffee, roast, really dark Candi sugar, all the good stuff. Finish it off with a bloody Mary and a High Life chaser.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Stout/Porter
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1068
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Looks, smells and tastes amazing Review by LucElli
Give this some time to age, pop in the fridge for a day or so, pour a glass, let it sit for 15 minutes or so and you'll be very pleased. You should probably get your blow off set up ready as I had to switch air locks a few times from due to it foaming through. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't rack to secondary for what it's worth. Anyways, f-in delightful, just brew it! (Posted on 1/6/15)
Coffee is a bit acidic Review by Padraic
I'm going to let this age a bit and see if the coffee mellows out a bit, but the coffee that comes with the kit is pretty acidic for my taste. I'd recommend switching it out with your favorite coffee beans and maybe let it steep less than the recommended time. Next time I brew this one I'll probably add a bit of oatmeal and some dark roast beans. Other than that minor complaint, this is a GREAT stout! (Posted on 11/5/14)
blow out! Review by AMY
We haven't tasted it yet, but it blew through the air lock the first night of fermenting and got all over everything in that closet LOL no harm now foul, we did the bucket trick and it's still looking good, although some brew was wasted *tear* hopefully the rest of the batch comes out well, we are really looking forward to it! I just thought I'd better put the warning out there =) (Posted on 1/11/14)
Delicious Review by tom
This is a great full flavor brew. Creamy with a good head & dark color. If you favor stouts, this one is the best. Very delicious. (Posted on 12/15/13)
Delightful Review by Michael
This beer is delightfully busy with the myriad of flavors dancing across the palate. One must be careful when serving this to friends...when the ask for more, they'll likely be deceived at the potency of this beverage as the alcohol notes are sheltered under the booming tastes from the specialty grains, coffee, and hops. Cheers! (Posted on 12/2/13)
Clone or not it’s great Review by Ray
With the name Brunch Stout, I was hoping that it might be similar to a certain famous Breakfast Stout—a real favorite. The aroma from the coffee addition on brew day was a special treat and the coffee flavor of the final product was subtle and not overpowering (10 minute steep—I think). I’ll consider doing a head to head comparison to Breakfast Stout to see how it stacks up, but frankly it is so good, what does it matter? (Posted on 11/29/13)
Still Waiting Review by Jordan
I give this three stars, but only because I am letting it sit quite a while before I try it and don't have too much to go off of. The sample I did take smelled strongly of coffee which I find to be very appealing. I steeped my coffee for the high end of the recommended time, about twenty to twenty-five minutes. I will update as soon as it ages a bit and I tap the keg. I have very high hopes for this beer! (Posted on 11/21/13)
Smells amazing Review by Ryan
I just brewed this kit last weekend. I can honestly say it made our house smell amazing. My only negative comment would be that the grain bag should have been a little bigger, as the kit has 3 pounds of specialty grains. We were able to get them to fit in the bag provided, but a slightly larger bag would have been welcome. I can't wait to see how it turns out. (Posted on 10/30/13)
Amazing stout for an extract Review by Gary
I tested a bottle for carbonation after 12 days - and I can't believe this is an extract brew and be this good.
Aroma: Chocolate/Coffee/Roasted Malts
Taste: Dark Chocolate/Coffee and dark fruit.
Mouthfeel: Smoooooth with an acidic back end.

I will buy this again in a freaking second (Posted on 7/20/13)
Sunday Brunch Stout Review by Robert
This beer is great after three weeks in bottle. Rich, chewy chocolate, just the right amount of coffee for me (I steeped it for five minutes only), and with a thick, dark tan head, helped along by 2 oz. of maltodextrin added along with priming sugar. If you like stout, this will not disappoint. (Posted on 6/21/13)
You can actually taste chocolate flavor, and a hint of coffee dances around the edge. Review by Robert
Bottled Sunday Brunch Stout yesterday. Tasted great coming out the fermenter. I left this in primary 26 days at 64 F. Added 4 oz maltodextrine to priming sugar to maximize head retention. This is a medium sweet stout. You can actually taste chocolate flavor, and a hint of coffee dances around the edge. (Posted on 6/1/13)
Smells divine Review by Robert
This Sunday Brunch Stout is in fermenter for two weeks now. Made exactly according to kit recipe. CO2 from the airlock smells divine. Plan is to bottle a couple weeks from now, then carb/age it up a month or so. (Posted on 5/17/13)
Awesome Review by Stan
Awesome and even the wort is great. In primary today. Will bottle in four weeks and drink after two weeks in the bottle. I can't wait that long. I highly recommend this beer to every one. (Posted on 3/28/13)
Better Than the Original Review by Chris
Added 18 oz oatmeal to the mash, 1/2 cup molasses at end of boil, and used NB cocoa nibs in secondary. Awesome! Tastes even better than that famous oatmeal kid breakfast stout. (Posted on 3/11/13)
Coming soon Review by Robert
This looks awesome. Time to order this kit and go for a big stout after a year of exclusive lager brewing.

Will report outcome in several months. (Posted on 3/5/13)

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