Curt & Kathy's Sweet Mead Kit

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A pure, unadulterated sweet mead from your choice of a single honey variety.

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From: $49.99


Honey varieties can taste incredibly different from one another. The best way to savor their flavors is to make a pure, unadulterated sweet mead from a single honey variety. This kit was designed by 2005 mead maker of the year Curt Stock, and it showcases his proven techniques for making mead. We offer this kit with each type of honey we sell, and we encourage you to try them all!

Customer Reviews

Great Mead Every Time Review by Patrick
This is both a review and information for those of you buying this kit.

I have used this kit twice and each time the products were extremely clear and delicious. My 3rd batch is currently clarifying and so far it also appears to be a fantastic batch. Each batch has been progressively better than the last.

Pros: Easy to follow instructions and produces great results every time (for me).

Cons: Following the instructions does NOT produce a Sweet Mead. I followed the instructions 3 times to the letter and each time the product has been a DRY mead. This isn't a complaint because the mead is delicious. But to get a Sweet Mead you will need to take a Brix / SG reading every day and instead of waiting 2 weeks for primary fermentation, you will need to stop fermentation after about 8 or 9 days assuming fermentation at a constant 68 degrees F. (Just FYI) Either way, you will get a fantastic product. (Posted on 12/3/14)
Second batch is better than first Review by Fly Guy in VA
Waited an extra two months before bottling, and the flavor is fantastic. We compared this second batch with our first from last Christmas and that confirmed that the wait was worth it.

One suggestion (besides waiting a little longer) is to bottle in 12 oz bottles. We put up 22 oz bottles the first go round, and this stuff is so strong and sweet that it is hard to drink a whole large bottle without help. The 12 oz are just right. Plus there are more of them, so I can give more as presents at Christmas this year. (Posted on 10/26/12)
2nd batch in fermenter Review by FlyFishWYO
Made this last year for Christmas, starting in June. Everybody loved it that tried it. Took to an office party where 30-40 people had some. Also gave a few bottles away as gifts. Would like to have a few bottles around all year long, so have another batch getting ready now. Around June or July, we will make another batch for Christmas.

Much more like a sweet wine that a beer. I tried adding sugar when bottling to half the batch, but it all came out flat with no carbonation. No worries, it all tasted wonderful.

Have only tried the Orange Blossom Honey, but I figure that as long as it takes to see the results, I will stick with what I know is good. (Posted on 4/28/12)
This Mead is off the hook! Review by Mead Fiend.
One cannot go wrong brewing this mead. It is five months old and is fantastic! I am looking forward to opening a bottle for thanksgiving. Very drinkable. I am going to brew this one time and time again. (Posted on 8/6/11)