Colonna Bench Capper

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Sits on bench or table and caps with a single pull of the lever. Adjustable platform accepts different bottle sizes.

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Colonna Bench Capper


Sits on bench or table and caps with a single pull of the lever. Adjustable platform accepts different bottle sizes.

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Customer Reviews

Decent Review by Wayne
Would have given it a 3.5. Caps tend to stick up in the capper so somewhat negates the benifits of its bench styles. All my bottle have sealed well. Is a pain if bottle vary by much size. (Posted on 1/30/13)
Skip and buy the capper/corker Review by Derek
We used the hand held one and that is just a pain but never broke a bottle. This capper works well and seals the bottles tight. We found a batch we bottled a year ago and it held the carbonation.
My only problem is that it doesn't have a magnet to hold the caps, it really should it's the little things that help. When it caps it never wants to let go. The trick is you need to twist the bottle off. These are big problems especially when you have a partner to work with, it just gets annoying when your alone. I just did 300 12/22oz mix of bottles this weekend and never had an issue with it.

Now after purchasing it I wish I bought the capper/corker, they both work so why not? (Posted on 2/3/11)
good value Review by masterofchaos
Easy to use, esp compared to hand units. You can do a variety of bottle sizes. The only thing I don't like is the plate used to adjust bottle height can't be quickly adjusted if you are bottling a variety of sizes. (Posted on 7/9/10)
Good capper, parts hard to find Review by JLW
I have used this capper for over 20 years with good success. Recently the crimping has not been tight. I can not find a replacement crimping cup. The one I have been using is a bell shaped "28". (Posted on 5/29/10)
Disappointing Review by Lee
Looks like this will be the first item that I need to return to Northern Brewer:

I have followed the directions and oiled the bell and tongs (really? I want to get oil all over my capped bottles?...), and every bottle I have attempted to cap failed. The capper grabs the cap and lifts it off of the top of the beer bottle: I literally have to turn the thing upside down and dig the cap out of the capper using a screwdriver. This capper did not successfully seal a single bottle of the 10 I tried this afternoon.

The capper came with a bell labelled "30". I know nothing about cap sizes, but I had assumed this capper was meant for the standard size of most American beer bottles. Could that have been an incorrect assumption?

If anybody else has successfully used this capper to bottle your home brew, using only regular 12 ounce bottles that you bought from Northern Brewer or your local home brew store and standard oxygen barrier caps, I would love to hear your story. As it is, unless I can hear from somebody how to make this device work properly, I will have to return it and get another Red Baron -- which I wanted to avoid, since my last one broke after less than a year of use. (Posted on 5/22/10)