Coopers Ale Dry Yeast

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A good all-round yeast for a variety of ales. Produces complex woody, fruity esters at warm temperatures.

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A good all-round yeast for a variety of ales. Produces complex woody, fruity esters at warm temperatures; reported to be more heat tolerant than other strains. Recommended fermentation temp: 65-75° F; medium attenuation and flocculation. Optimum temp: 65°-75° F

Additional Information

Manufacturer Coopers
Yeast Format Dry
Yeast Type Ale
Yeast Origin/Influence British Isles
Min Fermenting Temp 65
Max Fermenting Temp 75
Flocculation Medium
Min Attenuation % No
Max Attenuation % No

Customer Reviews

Think about it Review by charles
Great to brew cheap beer when you have nothing else available but leaves fruity cider taste after a few months in bottle. May be great for an IPA you are going to drink fresh but not for a pale ale you want to put in your cellar for a while. (Posted on 2/2/14)
Not my favorite Review by Erik
This stuff ferments quickly, but leaves some strange flavors after fermentation even when fermented at the lower temp ranges....mostly apples. I don't really
like it, but everyone has their own personal preferences. (Posted on 1/20/13)
good stuff Review by Phillip
cheap...takes off quickly...had to change my bubbler to a
blowoff tube on more than one occasion...good stuff!! (Posted on 12/1/12)
Dry Yeast? Why Not? Review by Guy
After my first initial reaction to reading about dry yeast strains, I thought I should just use a liquid. I have used two dry yeast strains and by far has the Coopers been my choice for my beer. (Posted on 4/13/12)
Suprisingly Delecate Review by Double Rabbit
This is the yeast that I brewed many of my first batches with. It had been awhile since I had used it and my memory was clouded as to how those initial batches really tasted. Never one to dawn rose-tinted glasses in regards to the past, I brewed up a ten gallon batch of English mild using a half-gallon starter of Coopers. One five gallon batch was fermented near the bottom of the temp range, the other near the top. After the busy attenuative stage both beers cleared quickly. The cold batch was clean and solidly malty with a low-lying fruit character at the back of the palate. The hot batch was funky and fruity with subdued malt flavors and a hint of alcohol in the nose. Both beers were excellent and surprising in their subtlety and nuance. All in all this humble dry yeast outperformed two highly lauded Smack Pack Strains at roughly 1/3 the price. Less is more. (Posted on 12/16/11)
Old faithful... Review by Ryan
I keep this on hand at the house, it's never failed me. Toss and forget. Active fermentation within 6-24 hours, and generally done within 4 days. I leave it in primary for longer, but when I take a final gravity it's exactly what I expect, never any surprises. The trub isn't packed very tightly so you have to be careful during the siphon, but otherwise great. (Posted on 12/8/11)
Vigorous Yeast Review by Paula
I used this in a wheat beer. I pitched it in dry and within a few hours there was activity. By the next day, there was a giant kraeusen on the beer that was many inches thick. The beer tasted great. I recommend this yeast. It's also a great value. (Posted on 3/13/11)
Great kick off!! Review by Sam
This yeast is a tried and true yeast! It kicks off fast and furious and I've never had a stuck fermentation with it. (Posted on 6/22/10)