Creamery In A Box® Cheesemaking Starter Kit

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Learning to make cheese at home has never been easier or more rewarding—introducing Creamery In A Box®, the first all-in-one all-natural small batch starter kit. The unparalleled quality of hand-crafted Creamery In A Box® cheese is what really sets this starter kit apart.

Creamery In A Box® recipes produce cheese that blows store-bought varieties out of the water. All-natural ingredients contribute flavor, texture and aroma to your cheese that simply cannot be found commercially. Prepare to impress friends and surprise yourself with swift mastery of artisan cheesemaking.

Choose your Recipes! Each Creamery In A Box® comes with two all-time favorite recipes that are easy to make and certain to impress.

Cottage Cheese & Farmhouse Cheddar: Delightfully rich and full-bodied, Cottage Cheese has mildly sharp curds that meld into a pleasant, well-rounded finish. All-American Farmhouse Cheddar is a simplified take on classic cheddar, moderately matured for a flaky, slightly sharp curd and creamy mouthfeel.

Queso Fresco & Crumbled Feta: A creamy palate-pleaser, Queso Fresco is mild and ready-to-eat with a balanced finish that is bright and milky. Crumbled Feta is full-flavored and tangy, with a trademark briny bite that makes it a familiar Greek favorite.

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Creamery In A Box™ Cottage & Cheddar Cheesemaking Starter Kit

  • Creamery In A Box™ Cottage & Cheddar Cheesemaking Starter Kit
  • Creamery In A Box™ Feta & Queso Fresco Cheesemaking Starter Kit

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An all-inclusive lineup of specialty tools and easy-to-measure ingredients ensure success. Equipment is purposefully sized for small batches to get the job done right. And no need to hunt down a farmer for his raw cow’s milk—these recipes promise top-notch curds with whatever milk you can get your hands on.

Learn fast with illustrated recipes, tested and foolproofed by beginners DIY’ers and advanced cheesemongers alike. Each recipe kit is geared towards crafting 1-gallon batches—perfect for sharing, experimenting and exploring new styles. Best of all, each recipe kit is packaged inside a professional-quality wooden cheese box, exactly the presentation your hand-made cheese deserves.


  • Easy-to follow illustrated instructions
  • Your choice of a pair of recipe kits with ingredients to make 5 lbs. of cheese each.
  • Premium, quick-dissolve Organic Liquid Vegetable Rennet reliably forms perfect curds and is vegan, GMO-free and Gluten-free
  • Quick-dissolve liquid Calcium Chloride lets you make cheese with any kind of milk.
  • Direct-set cultures, specialty ingredients and pure non-iodized cheese salt to impart defining flavor and color on different cheese varieties.
  • Basic cheese mold, essential for rinsing soft cheeses or adding a traditional rind texture
  • Hard Cheese Mold with follower and an open bottom, large enough to press up to 2lbs of cheese
  • Natural Reed Mats for mold sandwiches & drying and aging cheese
  • Natural Boar Bristle Brush and 1 lb. of all-natural beeswax for protecting and aging hard cheese
  • 12” Laboratory-grade Thermometer, scaled from 0-220°F for quick, accurate temperature readings.
  • Stainless Steel Curd Knife with ergonomic 5” handle and 12” blade for enough flexibility to cut curd at the vital 45° angle
  • Long Stainless Steel Spoon to prevent curds from matting
  • Stainless Steel Skimmer/Ladle, essential for properly adding rennet and lifting curds from whey
  • Extra-wide Double Mesh Strainer catches every curd to maximize yield.
  • 4 yards of Grade 90 Cheesecloth for lining cheese molds and pressing & bandaging cheese
  • Small Measuring Spoons with for accurately following recipes


Does not include a cheese press

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Support Documents: Creamery in a Box Cheese Making Starter Kit Manual
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