Double Blast Bottle Washer

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Connects to a standard utility faucet with a braided, high-pressure hose and rinses two bottles at once.

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The Double Blast sits at the bottom of your sink, and is connected to your faucet with a braided, high-pressure hose. This eliminates the stress caused by faucet-mounted bottle washers. As with the regular Blast bottle washer, water hammer is not a problem with this product. Best of all, you can wash two bottles at once with this washer, slashing time off your bottling. Includes a nozzle specifically designed to clean carboys. This will probably require a faucet adapter for connecting to kitchen sinks.

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Customer Reviews

nice tool Review by jubal
i love this bottle sprayer! the quick connect does need repeated checking but the perormance makes this worthwhile. if you dont need a quick disconnect, just use a rubber band to hold the clamps in place. the design is ingenious as there are no moving parts to break. the flow is initiated by pushing down on bottle neck. nice and powerfull and the double nozzle makes bottling a bit less tedious. i wish i had tried it like a thousand bottles ago! recomend. (Posted on 12/11/11)
Problems Review by Pete
My biggest complaint about this washer is the quick disconnect. Every time I would turn the water on it would blow off. Finally had to put a hose clamp around it to keep it on. Otherwise it seems to to work alright (Posted on 11/30/11)
Decent washer to begin with. Not built to last. Review by Dave
This washer works very well when it is new. Nice to have the interchangeable bottle/carboy adapters. The quick disconnect from the faucet can be a pain at times. If you accidentally twist the hose too much it disconnects on its own and sprays.

I have owned mine a couple of years. I don't use it very often as I primarily keg, but it was useful for cleaning bottles for competitions. Over time the plastic adapters wear down inside and no longer activate the stream rendering them useless. The plastic body is easy to break as well. Accidentally broke the barbed inlet where the hose connects to the body of the washer. I was able to repair it with epoxy. However, the adapters are all worn out now so it doesn't matter. Too bad they don't sell replacements.

So, it is a nice design, just not built to last. Is it worth the 20 bones? Not sure. I think it should have lasted longer for that price. (Posted on 4/13/10)

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