Fermenter's Favorites™ Yeast Starter Kit - 2000 ml

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A yeast starter is one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to improve the quality of your homebrewed beer. A single pack of yeast does not contain the optimal number of cells to ferment many types of beer - especially high-gravity beers and lagers. Available with 1000 ml and 2000 ml flasks.


  • 1 lb of Golden Light DME

  • A 2000mL Erlenmeyer Flask

  • A foam stopper

  • Instructions

  • Availability: In stock


    Fermenter's Favorites™ Yeast Starter Kit - 2000 ml


    Propagating a single pack of yeast using our yeast starter kit exponentially increases the number of cells you pitch. With a higher pitching rate, you will see a shorter lag phase, lower amounts fermentation-related off-flavors, and less incidence of bacterial contamination in your homebrewed beer.

    Preparing a yeast starter is easy - you mix a very small batch of malt extract wort (without hops), briefly boil and chill it, then ferment it in a flask a day or two before brewing the main batch. The yeast cells from a single pack of yeast will reproduce in the starter, increasing in number from a few dozen billion cells to hundreds of billions.

    The 2000 ml yeast starter kit is preferred for large starters for lagers, strong beers, and 10 gallon batches of homebrew. It features a heat-resistant borosilicate glass flask, which allows you to boil, cool, and ferment the starter wort in the same vessel. Also includes a foam stopper, one pound of DME, and complete instructions.

    Making Yeast Starters

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    Customer Reviews

    Flask broke Review by Guillermo
    Making a yeast starter is great but this flask broke after bumping it softly with a glass jar by accident. I am going to try a Pyrex flask instead. It might be a good idea to not go from boiling hot to an ice bath right away as this might have weakened the glass. (Posted on 11/12/14)
    Great tool for a homebrewer Review by Dustin
    I think this things is amazing. I played things a little safe and boiled my wort in a pan before transferring the cooled wort to the flask. However, once everything was set, I sat back to watch the yeast develop. I made the starter on Tuesday and let it ferment for 2 days. Thursday, I decanted it and placed it in the fridge. Friday, I pulled it out for brew day. After boiling and cooling my lager wort, I poured some in the yeast slurry and let it sit for about 20 minutes. I added it to the fermenter and placed it in my chest freezer (which has a digital temperature controller). With the temp set to 58F, I waited to see what was going to happen. I checked the beer about 6 hours later, and the yeast were already working hard. This is the first time I've had to use a blow-off tube on my 6.5 gallon carboy. I will use a starter with every brew from now on. (Posted on 4/28/14)
    Very sturdy, does job Review by Scott
    I purchased this along with the stir plate. Very good quality and does what it should. Recommended over the smaller one, fits on the stir plate perfectly. (Posted on 1/15/14)
    Good Product for the $$ Review by Nucks25
    The 2000 ml flask is really nice for the price. I invested in a stir plate after my first batch with this. I also bought a 1000ml flask for normal beers. I think it's a great idea to have both flasks. Stir plates are a must as well. (Posted on 1/14/14)
    Works great Review by Nicholas
    I tend to take the safer route and do my boil on the stove in a pan and transfer the contents. So far I have no complaints. Making a yeast starter is definitely the way to go. (Posted on 1/5/14)
    Don't brew without one. Review by Antony J
    My son-in-law, a more experienced brewer, gave me the 1000 ml kit when I joined the ranks of home brewers. I am now a convert and can not imagine making beer without a yeast starter. I purchased the 2000 ml kit for my brother who is also a home brewer. Merry Christmas bro. (Posted on 12/23/13)
    Great Piece Of Equipment Review by Brewski001
    An outstanding addition to the brewing tools! Really takes the guessing out of whether the yeast will be sufficient for a big batch of beer. Really performs well with a stir plate when making yeast starters and harvesting/washing yeast from your favorite batch. Pays for itself after a few batches! (Posted on 12/20/13)
    Good value Review by Christopher
    This is a pretty good value. On Amazon the cost of the flask alone is $22 to $26 depending on the quality. This kit also contains a handy foam stopper plus some starting malt.

    I've made three batches of yeast now and it does make a difference. Signs of fermentation (airlock bubbling) starts immediately and the larger batch of starter yeast burns through the sugar in the wort very quickly, often finishing their job in just a few days enabling you to quickly move to secondary fermentation very quickly. (Posted on 12/7/13)
    Great Value Review by Suddz
    Does what starter Yeasts are supposed to do. Especially when used in conjunction with a stir plate! Great buy!
    (Posted on 12/5/13)
    Great Product Review by Suddz
    Outstanding Product for a new brewer! Really helped the yeast overcome any deficiencies that may have prevented an exceptional outcome.
    (Posted on 12/5/13)
    Science Review by Jeremy
    My friends think I am a scientist. My first starter went well (Posted on 11/7/13)
    Fantastic investment! Review by brandon
    This yeast starter kit is awesome! Super easy to use. Great product for increasing your yeast population. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/4/13)
    Great flask Review by John
    I have to agree with Steven; it's glass; it will break. Well packaged for shipping. I received it in one piece. If it breaks it's because I was careless. (Posted on 11/2/13)
    Plenty Big Review by Tom
    Great Product! Save yourself the headache of being to small. Buy the larger one! (Posted on 11/1/13)
    Great product Review by Byron
    As advertised. Worked well. Glad I got the larger one. (Posted on 10/29/13)
    Absolutely Worth It Review by Brewstad
    My last few extract kits have noticeably improved since I began making yeast starters.

    I bought the large flask because who doesn't like a good high gravity beer!?

    No breakage problems after three uses. **I boil in a stainless steel pot on the gas stove**, pour into the flask, and cool with a sink of ice water.

    To really optimize your yeast starter, buy some yeast nutrient (cheap!) and a stir plate.

    Buy it! (Posted on 10/26/13)
    As advertised Review by David
    So far so good. I was hesitant to purchase based on reviews with tales of breakage, but I heat the nutrient media in a sauce pan so don't anticipate wide temperature fluctuations that may lead to cracking. (Posted on 10/17/13)
    Perfect Review by Aaron
    I have now made 3 starters, including one double, since purchasing and this kit works great. I do all my heating and cooling in a small pot and strictly use this for fermentation of the starter, without a stir plate. Definitely worth the small investment to not have to buy multiple yeast packs and to dramatically shorten lag times. (Posted on 9/24/13)
    Good Review by chris
    Great product for the money! But wish the flask was better quality (Posted on 9/18/13)
    Good enough for me Review by travis
    Seems sturdy enough to me. As long as you treat it like a piece of lab equipment and not a casserole dish, I don't foresee this thing breaking. It's probably smarter to not heat this thing up directly on the stove, seems like people are having problems with the glass becoming too brittle. I think people forget that a gas stove flame burns at over 1000 degrees... not the 212 deg water boils at. (Posted on 9/14/13)
    Great Deal Review by Brian
    Just follow the instructions and everything works great, fermentation started a lot quicker than without the starter. (Posted on 9/7/13)
    Grow cells indefinitely! Review by Jay
    If you boil the water for the starter in a small pan Vs heating the glass will make this last indefinitely, with care and common sense! There are some quality Pyrex vessels in lab supply stores that are interesting as well. (Posted on 5/23/13)
    great deal, if you break it then you forgot it was glass Review by Stephen
    writing this review so people who actually want to buy this for what its understand its a great deal. Erlymer flask is a very common tool in chemistry and is met to withstand the normal use of a lab, let alone home brewing. So if you broke it then your probably careless ( hot too cold fast breaks glass). had it for years not even a scratch, I even do 2 to 3 time starters never had a problem because I don't smash it against my sink because I work in a Lab and under stand glass breaks. Especially with extreme temperature changes. Think about it before you right a bad review, because you broke glass. (Posted on 1/25/13)
    Very fragile Review by Richard
    Mine cracked during my second starter, and I had already read the negative reviews so I was really being careful. I think I'll just use a jar with a foil top next time. (Posted on 10/25/12)
    Good Review by Peter
    Only recommendation is be careful. They are fragile. As long as youre not negligent with them, they should be ok. I just want the bundle to include stir plates and so on. (Posted on 8/15/12)
    do not buy if you are putting on stove Review by greg
    after about 8 yeast starters i put in the liquid and put it on the stove. It shattered after a minute.

    do not buy if you are going to be using this on the stove, not worth the trouble, get something of better quality (Posted on 2/4/12)
    Shatter Review by Bryan
    After about 6 starters, this shattered during boil on my glass top stove. (Posted on 1/20/12)
    Weak Flask Review by Jim
    The kit is pretty good I guess. It comes with everything you need to make a simple yeast starter, as it should.

    The flask however is very weak. I have purchased 2 of these kits and the flasks have broken from bumping them lightly on my sink and a boil kettle. I am going to look elsewhere for more heavy duty flasks. (Posted on 6/29/11)
    Huge Cell Count Review by Charles
    This product will help you to help your best little friends to start their job in your wort. Pairing this with a stir plate I have from another company really made my cell count go through the roof. I use this for pretty much every wort I make no matter what the OG. You should too. (Posted on 6/3/11)
    Cheap Flask Review by Steve D
    The first time I used this flask I very lightly tapped the side of it against the side of the sink as it was cooling after boiling the starter wort. It shattered in 2 places. I went out to the local supply shop and bought one(for less) that is obviously much heavier duty. This flask was junk. (Posted on 2/21/11)
    just what I wanted Review by Charles
    Everything you need to start a starter. (Posted on 2/6/11)
    Pricing updated Review by Keith
    Quality is good, and the price has been changed so its a slight savings to go with this instead of separate items. (Posted on 12/22/10)
    works, but bad pricing Review by Chris
    This works well as advertised. I've used it on my gas stovetop with no problems. I didn't notice this until it was too late but something doesn't add up.

    Starter Kit = $30
    2000 ml flask ($22), 1lb DME ($5), foam stopper ($2) = $29

    Isn't it typical to pay less when buying a kit/combo/bulk?
    Are they asking us to pay the extra dollar for the one page printout that is free online? (Posted on 11/23/10)
    does what it is supposed too. Review by scott
    bought one of these have used it 8 times now and it has worked like its supposed too. mine came with a rubber bung and a airlock cant stand the rubber bung because when its wet it will not stay in the jar... can u say annoying, i am about to order one of the foam stoppers. (Posted on 5/17/10)
    Think before you buy Review by John
    I just received this starter kit. The quality is good and I've already put it to use. But here's the rub. Even if you purchase on Northern Brewer, you'll pay $25.50 for the flask, $1.00 for the stopper, and $5.25 for the DME. That's $31.75. What's the other $4.24 go towards? So far, I'm unable to figure that out.

    Secondly, I like to look through the Northern Brewer catalogs that they send me. Usually when I buy something, I've scoped it out in the catalog first and then the online shopping is merely finding things I've already decided I want to buy. Be careful here because the print version states that this kit comes with a rubber stopper and airlock while the online version and pdf instructions state that it only comes with a foam stopper. (Posted on 5/6/10)

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