Hopquila Robusto Double IPA Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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There’s something to be said for the unique flavor and profound provenance of the definitively Mexican tequila. Much like craft beer, there are massive producers and tiny micros, and a wide array of flavors to explore. Here, we see tequila joining with the king of the super-hoppy beer world, double IPA.

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Hopquila Robusto Double IPA

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This DIPA uses a single hop aroma/flavor varietal, Mosaic — it bears aromas of honeydew melon, crisp citrus, and powerfully fruity late-summer berries. The marriage of the two potent potables is astoundingly brilliant — the tequila enhances Mosaic’s natural flavors and aromas, but brings it’s own spicy and fruity character, for a pint muy delicioso. We recommend a reposado or anejo to compliment the sweet malt, and only 100% pure agave, for the best companion to this hop monster.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style IPA
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1074
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Mosaic hops smell great Review by Andy
I brewed this on 4-6-14. Like the noob I am, I ended up with close to 5.5 gallons of wort and slightly lower gravity. I'm thinking of adding an extra ounce of mosaic to the 2 oz of dry hops called for in the kit.

The smells coming from the fermentor are already wonderful. The Mosaic hops are very fruity and I can imagine that they will compliment the tequila nicely.

I'll update as I go along.
(Posted on 4/8/14)
Different but very good Review by Tyler
Typically I don't drink tequila but I thought this looked interesting. I followed the recipe timing on primary and secondary fermentation, and picked up four "airplane" bottles of Cazadores Repasado. I started by adding three of them (4.8 oz) and after a few days in the keg I decided it could use some more tequila burn to balance out the bit of fruity sweetness that it had. So, in total I used about 6.4 oz of tequila and I like this beer more everyday! First you get the raisiny sweet and hop fruity taste followed by the little bit of tequila burn. This beer is well balanced and I will probably brew it again. (Posted on 3/30/14)
Best Brew to Date Review by Billy
This is my 5th batch of home brew and it is by far my favorite! Great fruit and hop aromas mixed with a finish that is fruity and smooth. Moved to secondary for 2+ weeks with the addition of tequila and dry hop in the last 5 days. only been in the bottle for a week and tastes awesome! I think this will be one I brew again soon. (Posted on 3/3/14)