Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Blichmann Stand Burner

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Consists of a different orifice to convert your stand mounted TopTier burner to natural gas.

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  • 77014
  • 77014


Consists of a different orifice to convert your stand mounted TopTier burner to natural gas. You must supply your own piping for natural gas. Reduces output from 72,000 BTU/hr to 60,000 BTU/hr, not for indoor usage.

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Convenience and cost savings... just size your gas supply adequately! Review by Tom from Carlsbad
The Blichmann conversion orifices work well, but this review is more about the convenience of converting to natural gas if you are currently working with a small propane tank. I converted three stand burners from propane to natural gas. The burner conversion itself was a breeze, and I had a friend who is a plumbing contractor help me with the gas line extension to my brewing area. We ran a 1" line to the point of use for brewing and then put a shut-off valve at both ends of the new gas line (the extra valve is just in case there is ever a leak in the new gas line; it can be isolated instead of shutting off gas service to the entire house). I originally installed a 1/2" valve and gas hose to the Top Tier (The 1/2" hardware was all that I could find at my local home improvement store and I was eager to brew), and while it worked I found the burner performance was failly anemic and even worse if you run two burners at the same time. The burners were crying for more fuel flow. I then replaced the valve and hose with 3/4" hardware and now everything works great. I'd say if you use two burners at the same time then definitely go with 3/4" hardware for your shut-off valve and connecition hose. I found a BBQ online store where I ordered the 3/4" hardware. Now the fun parts: I never have to worry about filling or storing propane tanks and the cost of fuel has been reduced by about a factor of five! 80% fuel cost savings tastes great. I am so happy to have made this conversion... one less detail to worry about on brew day. (Posted on 1/1/11)