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If it was any cooler it would be on a Trapper Keeper.

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This all-cotton shirt features an image (an original by NB Chief Operations Officer, artist, and beer nerd Jake Keeler - jakekeeler.com) of what one can only assume is a wizard casting arcane spells made up of brewing equations at a five-headed hop hydra coming out of his boil kettle. Reads "10th Level Beer Nerd" on the back. If it was any cooler it would be on a Trapper Keeper.

Customer Reviews

Cool shirt Review by Jeff
It has been years since I have been into D&D, but this shirt summarizes my newer passion. Being a beer nerd. (Posted on 12/28/13)
finally a shirt that descibes my true commitment to beer Review by Jason
This is an awesome shirt that proudly displays how much dedication and commitment go into my craft and greatest hobby! The shirt is high quality and the image on the front is very well done. If you get this be prepared to answer questions about the craft we all enjoy and to tell people what it takes to be a beer nerd. (Posted on 12/7/13)