Oxygenation Kit 2.0

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Improve the flavor of your homebrew with less effort and impress your friends and family with better results.

Dramatically improve the strength and vigor of your fermentations by giving yeast the oxygen they need to start fermentation fast and finish strong. Oxygenation with compressed O2 and a diffusion-stone-tipped aeration wand yield the highest possible levels of dissolved O2 faster and more effectively than aeration with an aquarium-style pump. Oxygenation is vital to ensuring your yeast thrive during fermentation, reducing the lag phase and off-flavor-producing fermentation by-products while ensuring a finished fermentation to the targeted terminal gravity.

Needed but not included is a disposable oxygen tank, available at hardware stores.

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Oxygenation Kit 2.0


Effortlessly infuse wort with pure oxygen in less than a minute, maximizing the level of dissolved oxygen to dramatically decrease lag time and yield vastly improved yeast attenuation. Equipped with a 16" aeration wand, the Oxygenation Kit 2.0 ensures oxygen infusion into even the deepest pockets of your fermentor. Provide the yeast with an optimal fermentation environment to ensure they produce the optimal brew. System comes with valve to attach to an oxygen tank, tubing and a 16" aeration wand tipped with a stainless steel 0.5 micron air stone. You can find oxygen tanks at any hardware store.

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Customer Reviews

Barbed wand end needed Review by John
I have used this on a few brews and I feel like it is getting the job done very well. My one complaint is rather big I suppose. The connection from the hose to the wand is a problem. The wand just slips in and out of the hose with little resistance. On first use my wand shot of into my full carboy requiring me to rack and rerack my my brew to retrieve the wand... Luckily I had a spare carboy or I would've been out of luck till the next day. Make sure when using you pinch the hose and the wand. The current design only lets you get the wand about 3-4 inches deep into a better bottle because even the slightest air pressure send the wand flying. Wand needs a barbed end or some sort of hose clamp. (Posted on 9/22/14)
Helps make better beer. Review by musicman
After going all grain, I found it very difficult if not impossible to aerate with the traditional shake method. I looked at a pump system but didn't want to add another hour or so to my brew day. This works great and my beers are better because of it. I wont brew without it again. It loses a star for the loose connection from the hose to wand which leaks and wastes oxygen. A barbed end where the hose attaches would make it 5 stars. (Posted on 8/24/14)
Works great Review by Tim
This unit fits the red disposable O2 cylinders available from most hardware stores. The threading of the tanks seems to be backwards, so tightening the regulator on the tank is the opposite of the normal direction. I thought it didn't fit for several minutes after turning it in the conventional direction. I got a good chuckle when I realized the thread orientation. Once the tank is on the seal is tight and leak proof. I blasted my first beer for about 45 seconds and got a nice foam cap on top of the beer. I pitched my yeast (Nottingham ale, dry) and had airlock activity in about 5 hours, which is faster than my past experience with this yeast and beer combination. This was MUCH easier than rocking the carboy and worth every penny to me. (Posted on 7/6/14)
Air lock is active after 3 hours Review by Smokey
I was a little unsure about this purchase as it is not cheap for what you feel you are getting (a regulator/tube/wand). I went to Lowes and got a disposable O2 tank for $10 and today used this product for the fist time. I had a nice layer of foam on top of the beer in about 4 seconds I let it run for 90 seconds in total (quicker than shaking and a lot less effort) I then put the air lock on and me and my wife went out to dinner and when I came home about 3 hours later I had regular activity in the air lock using Safale S-04 yeast and no yeast starter this shows me that this product works as advertised - I will shake carboys no more my friends if you can afford it get it, if $50 is a lot for you then you may be happier with more beer than another new brew toy as my beer always came out good, but why not take it to the next level if you can is that not why we do this to say mine is better - and that's because it is.
(Posted on 6/8/14)