Phat Tyre Ale Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Copper-red with a fruity, slightly spicy aroma and flavor that comes from a combination of yeast and hops.

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Not your typical amber ale—patterned after Belgian-style pale ales, which might be described as slightly less bitter, more fruity versions of English pale ales. Our Phat Tyre kit is copper-red with a fruity, slightly spicy aroma and flavor that comes from a combination of yeast and hops. A blend of Munich, caramel and Victory malts creates a sweet, toasty, bready character that lingers from the aroma through the finish.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Amber Ale, Trappist/Belgian Ale
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1052
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Close and VERY tasty! Review by Ford
Made this for an office party and it came out great! Used the smack pack, but couldn't brew the day I had planned due to the fantastic weather we've had this winter/summer/spring/winter. So Smacked the pack the night before when we were supposed to have 70's for temps, then woke up to below freezing and low 40's high. Well it had to set for a couple days until it got warm enough for me to brew again. Shockingly, after adding the yeast, it took 3 days for the entire 5 gallons to finish. I though I had a stall, but when I checked the wort was beer! Took a while for it to clarify, but when all was said and done, had a great Fat Tire clone! Kegged it, up for a small office party and they floated the keg an hour after it was tapped. Nothing but happy smiles! (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Brew Review by Maggie and Barry
This is our 10th home brew and we must say this is one of our favorites. We followed the directions and moved it to the keg after second fermentation. The longer it has been the the keg, the better it gets. We always bottle a six pack of all our home brews and keg the rest. This is certainly going to make it into our rotation. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Pretty Tasty, but not Fat Tire Review by Trevor
This beer is a pretty tasty beer. Mine brew had an extremely full body. I was expecting something a bit thinner. The description said a mixture of hops and yeast. I mostly get malt and yeast.

I'm probably going to buy this kit again. It is my favorite red so far. (Posted on 4/5/14)
A rich amber ale Review by Nathaniel
Phat Tyre is a very smooth and very drinkable amber ale with a nice fruity Belgian yeast flavor. I found it to be less hoppy than the its namesake so if I make this one again I will either increase the amount of hops late in the wort process or try to find stronger hops. I do appreciate that there was no bitter taste to this brew. So not quite up to its namesake but it won't take much to get it there. (Posted on 1/19/14)
Great beer from a great kit Review by Gary
My first kit from NB in a return to home brewing. Tasted great and will purchase again! (Posted on 10/2/13)
Excellent Beer Review by Shawn
I've brewed this kit 3 times and it doesn't last long. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Very tasty Review by Brett
When I took my first sip I was realistic thinking that it wouldn't really taste like Fat Tire. It had been a while since my last real Fat Tire, which I really like, so it was no surprise it wasn't an exact clone. After enjoying this brew for a solid week the family and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings where I ordered a Fat Tire off the tap. I was shocked after taking my first drink at how similar it was to my clone at home. If you like Fat Tire you will like this beer. (Posted on 8/7/13)
Good beer, but lacks biscuit Review by Brad
One of the great things about Fat Tire is that nice biscuit after-taste to it. This clone is dead on in appearance, mouth feel, but misses out on the taste. I think you have added some biscuit malt to this it would be a perfect match. That's what I plan on doing next time I brew this. (Posted on 2/20/13)
Great! Review by Robert
So far my favorite extract kit. I haven't been able to find a Fat Tire out here in Kentucky for over a year so I can't tell you how similar the taste is.
It was a great amber ale either way. (Posted on 4/3/12)
Solid beer, but does not taste like Fat Tire Review by Boozehound
This is a solid, if understated, pale ale. I've only brewed this kit twice, but neither batch had the wholesome flavor profile that I've comet o enjoy in bottles of Fat Tire. (I've actually found FT to be rather bland when served on tap.)

My 2nd batch was EXCELLENT, as I turned this kit into a "Honey ApriHop Ale." I found that, by adding lots of honey and some hops at the end of the boil, then boiled apricots + liquor to the secondary, you create an awesome clone of the Dogfishead summer Aprihop.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a mild, kind of bland pale ale palate from which to concoct your own recipe, this kit is perfect. But if you're expecting a great Fat Tire clone, you'll need to look elsewhere.


(Posted on 1/28/12)
good, but not a Fatty Review by schematix
I bought 2 kits with the liquid yeast to make a 10-gallon batch for my first ever home brew.

I made some changes to the supplied recipe and procedure to compensate for my equipment capabilities. I have a 15G BoilerMaker so I could do a full wort boil instead of the assumed partial boil. Since my utilization would be higher I only used 1.5oz (instead of 2oz) of the Perle bittering hops. I also added half the LME as a late addition at 15 mins BKO.

I pitched the yeast into 75F wort. The fermenter was kept in a room that was always between 67-71F degrees. Within 8 hours it was bubbling. At 22 hours it had built massive kraussen and was bubbling right up through the airlock! After 3 days the bubbling subsided considerably, and continued to bubble regularly for about 6 days. Since I didn't buy any carboys I let the beer primary for 20 days then racked to kegs.

As of this writing the beer has been in kegs for 6 days and is reaching acceptable carbonation. The flavor of the beer is quite good already, although it’s not Fat Tire. The body is a little on the light side (finished at 1.012) and the biscuity malt flavor that Fat tire is known for is not readily apparent. I think this is due to it being too hoppy. After I made the batch I found that real Fat Tire is 18.5 IBU, while I calculated this beer to be around 35 IBU. Next time I would reduce the hops even further.

Overall it’s a tasty brew. If you like amber style beers you’ll be happy with this. 4/5 stars.
(Posted on 8/18/11)
Won Gold Review by Jeff
The kit just earned me a gold at our quarterly club competition for Wort City Brewers in Wilmington, NC. (Posted on 7/2/11)
great stuff Review by jeff
my wife and i are both origanal tire fans and this went down great. it was also my first batch moving to kegging and it all went great. the wife already told me to order more. (Posted on 6/29/11)
Phat tyre goes fast..... Review by Ron
Great amber colored beer that reminds me of summers in Colorado. Seeing that many thought it was too bitter, I added the first round of hops at 45 minutes rather than 60. The result? An easy drinking 'malty/biscuity beer that everyone loves. (Posted on 5/18/11)
HMMMMMM! Review by Snotty
I love this beer. I love all types of beers but Ambers are usually my favorite and this one delivers. Every sip I take I can't help but go HMMMMMMM! If you are a fan of ambers you will be a fan of this beer. (Posted on 5/17/11)
miracle beer Review by Matthew
I'd ordered this kit and got busy and let it sit for probably a year and a half. Wanting to get back into brewing, I reordered the hops, but used all the original (now old) ingredients. I brewed using the dry yeast (sprinkled). Everything seemed to be going against me to make a good beer. However, the outcome was quite different. Non-beer drinkers who tried it, loved it. I personally enjoyed the floral and slightly spicy aroma. The abv also surprised me; I didn't pay attention to the OG, and was pleasantly surprised. I bottled in 22oz bottles and 1 was sufficient! Don't know how it compares to the real Phat Tyre, but will definitely brew again. Excited to see what fresh ingredients and liquid yeast will do! (Posted on 4/21/11)
Good overall amber kit Review by Robert
I brewed this using the dry yeast. It tuner out well, but as others have commented it's not fat tire. It is a decent amber though. It is not as good as the first Fat Tire clone I made from a competitor. But like I said, it makes a good amber anyway. (Posted on 4/7/11)
Excellent brew! Review by DJ in Va
My two sons and decided at Christmas that we wanted to start brewing and selected this kit as our first brew. We have our second batch in bottles carbonating and the third in the primary now and this batch is about gone. This batch of Phat Tyre was sampled by twenty or so of our family and friends and every single one rated this as a winner. Our fourth kit is on it's way and there are a couple more that we want to try but I'm sure we will be back for more Phat Tyre before too long. Northern Brewer has been very helpful in getting our little home brewery off the ground. It's a fun hobby and it's fun to share with friends. Kind of like catching a sweet trout on a fly you tied. Very satisfying! (Posted on 4/5/11)
Not exaclty the same as Fat Tire but an awesome brew! Review by Tony
I really, really like this beer. Definitely my favorite of 5 different home brews I have done so far. Nice and hoppy and full of texture. Love it! (Posted on 1/10/11)
True to the original Review by Matt
I brewed this last year, and based on other reviews I went out and added some biscuit. It really helped and was more like the original I remember when I was in college in CO and Fat Tire was still good. It is worth a try if you want a flash back to the good ole Fat Tire days. Very satisfying flavor. (Posted on 12/17/10)
okay Review by hefe300
Decent beer, but the bready flavor takes a back seat instead of being the dominant flavor as in the name sake brew by New Belgium. Good, drinkable beer that smells good and has an excellent color. Very drinkable, if unremarkable. (Posted on 12/15/10)
First True Success! Review by Green Beret Brewer
After brewing multiple kits from several different sites this one turned out to be my best so far! Gave a few away and everyone agreed that it was a great beer. Not very close to a true Fat Tire though. (Posted on 8/31/10)
Ages well Review by AE
Agree that it is not like the original but just pulled one out after 10 months and it is really tasty. This was my first batch ever and I would put it up against most store bought American Ales. It definitely mellows/improves with age. Drinkable after 2 months but significantly better after 6. Off to have another one... (Posted on 8/14/10)
One of my favorites Review by JonnyBrewer
Although this doesn't taste as much like a fat tire as I had initially hoped for, this beer is fantastic. This has got to be my favorite brew from NB and I've brewed about 7 or 8 kits from the site. My only problem with this one is that all my bottles were empty in no time. I will definitely be brewing this one again in the future. (Posted on 8/13/10)
Close, but not quite Review by MLutin
This is an enjoyable beer for sure. In its own right it is a good brew. A little chewy from the malt, well balanced, just not what I thought it was going to be. It's enjoyable and I will gladly drink it but I will probably not brew it again. The beer spent 4 and a half weeks in the primary, no secondary, then 2 weeks under 6psi in a cold keg. (Posted on 7/25/10)
Tasty Review by HolmBrewing
I tweaked it a bit since I'd read the reviews and knew it wasn't going to be on target for FT. I changed the hops to Palisade and French Strisselspalt and used WL's Abbey Ale. Turned out to be a very tasty Belgian ale instead of a tasty FT clone attempt. It definitely needs some time to settle down though. (Posted on 6/29/10)
very nice - better than the name sake? Review by santoka
great brew, used the liquid yeast and came out to spec. Drank a few of these and then a day or two later had some New Bel Fat Tire on tap an can safely say that this brew has more hops and more depth. Highly recommend. (Posted on 4/11/10)
Great beer, Bad Fat Tire Review by Dunkelman
Man, it's hard to rate this one. This turned out to be a great beer, but definitely closer to an American Amber Ale. WAYYYY too much hop character for a Fat Tire. But, again, you'll still enjoy drinking this. (Posted on 4/1/10)
Very Good! Review by HB Rich
Just brewed a batch of this and it turned out very good! I'm not sure how it tastes compared to a real "Phat Tyre" Belgian, but it is nonetheless very tasty. Sort of reminds me of a Yeungling lager taste. I did a partial mash with this using 2lbs of Belgian Pale Ale and 1lb of Munich Malt. I only used half of the malt extract syrup that came with it...used the entire 1lb of dry malt extract though. All of the family and friends give it 5 pints also. I will definitely brew this again. I only got an O.G. of 1.045 versus the 1.052 stated on the recipe...I guess I'll add some more grain next time or use more extract syrup. No complaints! Brew it! You'll like it! (Posted on 3/30/10)
Good brew but lacking signature biscuit taste Review by Mike
This was my first brew and I was impressed at how well it turned out. My gravities were right on the money. I will say that it needs to be in the bottle at least 5 weeks before serving.

The signature biscuit taste that is dominant in Fat Tire is present while brewing this kit but missing in the finished product. I think the hops selection in this kit, although pleasant, overtakes the maltiness that should be present in the first sip.

The color is a bit darker and the hops in this kit leave a bit more aftertaste than the original.

However, this is a good amber ale.

I would like to see the hops in this kit modified to let the malt flavor to shine through as it should. (Posted on 1/5/10)

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