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Pre-cut 3.5ft. section of clear 1" ID vinyl tubing. Fits directly in the neck of standard or acid-style glass carboys (#7003, 7004, 7006, and 7007); immerse the other end in a bucket of sanitizer or clean water to manage blowoff during primary fermentation.

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Very handy to have around!!! Review by Jake
On my first "go" at homebrewing, the kraeusen started to spill out of the airlock during fermentation. I e-mailed NB about my issue and received a very timely response and was told this tube was used as a blow-off hose. Now, had I watched the introduction DVD to start with, then I would've put the hose in my carboy at the beginning. Lesson learned. I'll be using the hose for my next batch! (Posted on 1/17/14)
Did the job Review by Harvey
I had problems with some yeast blowing the plug in my carboy. This tube fixed the issue. (Posted on 11/23/13)
smell Review by Friz
After several trys with several ideas,as well as tubes,I was rid of the smell.The hose has a blue-ish tint but no smells of any kind.2 days in starsan,soak/rinse hot water for 1 day,air dried 2days and it is gone.I didn't want to take a chance on scent transfer as others experienced.It is currently in use and shows no problems as of yet. (Posted on 11/8/13)
Standard; not innovative Review by Andrew
It's a standard section of blow-off tubing, nothing innovative.

The good: looking at competitors, this is among the best prices for the length. And it's food-grade.

The bad: it's as inflexible as other vinyl tubing, which may result in kinks and unfortunately---as DC mentioned in his/her review---it has a fairly-strong smell of vinyl. The NB salesperson said that a long soak in starsan would dispel the odor. I soaked it for two days and it's sat to air dry for a few weeks; the odor is diminished, but still present. I'm hopeful it will be unnoticeable in a few more weeks. (Posted on 10/11/13)
Good hose Review by Nathan
This hose is technically overkill but is very nice. The wide diameter allows for easier cleaning as well as less restrictive outflow. The only problem was keeping the end of it underwater as it was a little short and stiff to get into a 5 gallon pail an keep it underwater. It did solve the krausen mess problem I was having with weisenstephan yeast and traditional tubing. (Posted on 10/9/13)
In case of Emergencies Review by Trent in Michigan
I now have a few of these hanging around in case the wife says "your beer just threw up, come clean up this mess". These are a must have if you use yeast starters. I use PBW to soak them in also and it does a good job to clean them. (Posted on 10/1/13)
The only option for a violent fermentation Review by Steve D.
I have been experimenting with wild wines and meads. The addition of fruit/flowers holds allot of the CO2 trapped around them in the carboy, thus increasing the volume. I have had multiple occasions where this combined with a violent fermentation to blow straight through a regular fermentation lock. I purchased one of these blowoff hoses and it's worked great for beer/mead/cider.

This past week I made 2 batches of cider. One I used the blowoff tube, the other (since I own only one blowoff tube) I used a three-piece airlock. The krausen carried sludge into the airlock and clogged it. I woke up one morning to find my airlock had blown out of the carboy and I had an open fermentation on my hands. Not to mention and a mess all over the sides of the carboy, and splatter in a 3 foot diameter! Now I'm going to purchase a blowoff hose for each of my carboys so I'm never short again.

FYI, Conventional cleaning is difficult. I give it a nice PBW soak and that does the job quite well.

I read comments above about a vinyl smell. I haven't noticed such, but I also didn't use my blowoff hose for several months after I received it. In general new plastics will give off more odor, but that will diminish with time and use. I'll pay more attention to the new ones I order. Probably give them a BPW/StarSan soak or two before I use them. (Posted on 12/16/11)
Works, but made beer smell like vinyl Review by DC
I recently racked my beer after using this blow off tube during primary (after sanitized and rinsed) and noticed a subtle and odd odor/flavor upon tasting my beer after primary fermentation. After then smelling the blow off tube it was clear that the taste/odor in my beer was that of the vinyl tubing - which has a very strong vinyl smell. The tubing never touched the beer or krausen.

I am hoping that after some dry-hopping and age the smell will subside and the beer is drinkable.

(Posted on 7/10/11)

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