Deluxe Winemaking Kit

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With a kit like this, making wine at home is easy, even if you've never done it before. Also designed for making six-gallon batches, the Deluxe Winemaking Kit has the same equipment as the Basic, but with several upgrades. The best thing about this kit is the floor corker. It's far more sturdy and efficient than hand held corkers, and can easily be operated by one person. An then there's the gadgets: a wine thief and test jar make taking and reading hydrometer samples easier and more accurate; the sanitizable plastic paddle is ideal for mixing must, stirring in additives, or degassing wine prior to bottling; a carboy handle makes it easier to move a carboy; two fermometers stick to the fermenters for constant temperature readings; and an extra fermentation lock gives the flexibility to stagger batches. The Deluxe Winemaking Kit is the way to go if you will be making more than a couple of batches of wine in a year; further experience will make you glad to have the gear in this kit.

    Contains everything in #7650 plus:
  • * Carboy handle
  • * 2 x Fermometer
  • * Six gallon bottling bucket
  • * Extra fermentation lock
  • * Wine thief
  • * Plastic paddle
  • * Floor corker (upgrade from double lever)
  • * Test jar

    • * Ingredients - try a Selection or Vintners Reserve kit
    • * Empty Bottles - six gallons of wine will fill approximately 30 750 ml bottles.

Deluxe Wine Making Kit

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Quality Equipment Review by Dustin
All of the gear in this kit seems to be of a good quality and is working well for its intended purpose. I would like to see it include something like the Mix-Stir drill attachement for degassing the wine, but that is the only short-coming I see in this kit. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Solid Beginner Kit Review by Steve
Made a wine kit through a local establishment with my wife a few months ago and was surprised to find it wasn't all that complicated a process. We felt confident enough to buy this kit to enjoy huge cost savings in the future by making our own. Went with the glass carboy - very pleased with the completeness of the kit and quality of the components. All we had to buy was a wine kit to get started (empty bottles were alarmingly easy to come by...). We did elect to add on a bottle rinser and drying tree for convenience. The racking cane works perfectly and makes transferring easy. Still trying to figure out best way(s) to degas - using a vacuvin we've had on hand thus far, but will probably scoop up a mixing paddle (mix-stir or wine wand) to help expedite as other reviewers have noted. So far so good - pleased with the purchase. (Posted on 2/3/14)
Great Combination! Review by Janet
Yes there is always something that could be added to a "kit" So consider adding a mixing utensil to your order to complete your kit. Otherwise the quality of each component included is great. Love the floor corker! and the glass carboy is wonderfully heavy duty. With the flat shipping cost at $7.99 it was a steal. If you are considering one, order while the flat shipping is still available. (Posted on 1/20/14)
Excellent Kit Review by Guy
The components in this kit are of excellent quality which is not always the case with "complete kits". It has everything required except the mixing paddles that attach to an electric drill. I suggest that Northern Brewer either include the paddles (with an appropriate price increase) or at least remind the buyer that they are required. (Posted on 10/25/13)
Everything you need but the wine Review by Travis
This is an awesome starter kit! It has everything you need to get started except the actual wine and bottles both if which are easy to get ahold of.

The floor corker is perfect! Totally worth the price, it's easy to use and looks super hoss in your home winery. Major time saver right here.

The siphon set is awesome too. Can't beat it really, another major time saver when racking. It's also got a bottle filler with it so you don't have to worry about making a giant sticky mess when you're bottling.

You will want more one rinse though, you get enough to make your first batch of wine but who only makes one? ;)

It's totally an awesome investment and you can't beat the price for it! (Posted on 10/13/13)
Almost perfect Review by Doug
As others have stated...a mix-stir that attaches to a drill and fits the carboy would make it perfect. The Floor corker is a super cool!! (Posted on 10/8/13)
Best Winemaking Kit - EVER! Review by Alan
I bought this deluxe kit from Northern Brewer for my fiancee as a birthday gift. She loves a good quality wine and after the initial kit, it only costs around $2/3 a bottle by making your own wine.

I was skeptical about the process/equipment and after looking numerous places online, settled on Northern Brewer based on the quality of the items within the kit. And I am glad I did. We are about to bottle the wine we made and couldn't be happier. The deluxe kit has a metal cork press which from playing around with, is pretty intense and the extra bucked/glass carboy were essential.

Like the directions say, purchase bottles and a wine kit and you are golden. I bought two cases of fresh bottles and we've collected additional bottles while awaiting our wine to finish.

As far as directions go. How to make your own wine with these kits is just as simple as doing a load of laundry. Pay attention once and let it work itself.

We are very satisfied customers and have found a new home for all of our wine needs.

Only addition I would make to the kit is the attachment for the drill to mix the contents. (Posted on 7/25/13)
Great beginner kit Review by VW
This was a great starter set. Be sure to consider additional purchases such as a mixing utensil that fits in a carboy (I chose the mix-stir to attach to my drill), a bottle rinser, and a bottle tree. I also purchased an additional carboy to make things easier when racking the wine after the secondary fermentation. As mentioned before, you will probably want to upgrade the equipment over time, but this is a great deal for your first try at wine making. The additional items in the deluxe (versus basic) kit are a plus, particularly the floor corker. (Posted on 4/7/11)
paddle Review by Vinskin
isnt the paddle part of mixer for bucket and the handle part for the carboy? (Posted on 1/6/11)

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