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A version of dunkelweizen (German dark wheat beer) that's brewed with a large percentage of rye instead of wheat, Roggenbier is an old Bavarian specialty. Our kit exhibits a rich reddish-brown color and the pungent spiciness of rye malt with bready, malty overtones. Excellent with cold cuts and rye bread or crackers (of course!).

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Good Beer, Still early Review by Matthew
I brewed this to have in my kegorator for a winter brew. During secondary it formed some Yeast rafts, so I was a little nervous that it might have been infected. After 2 weeks in the 2nd, I filtered, kegged and force carbonated it. My fist glass was good, and there were no off tastes or smells. My only knock would be that the "Rye bit" was a little lower than I was expecting. Overall this is a good beer and worthy of brewing as a drinker! (Posted on 12/19/13)
fun rye experiment Review by 40oakbrewing
As others have mentioned, this beer has a very thick mouth-feel even with a beta glucan rest of 25 minutes and a relatively low mash at 150 F. Also, darker than expected, but I pulled a decoction for mashout which may have added some color . Rice hulls were a MUST for lautering (able to achieve 81% efficiency!)

I elected to use Wyeast German Ale 1007 instead of a Heffe yeast as I needed the yeast for a Dopple Sticke Alt and I wanted a lower ester more malt forward result. After some lagering it has blended nicely. Fun beer and great with sausage and cabbage! (Posted on 4/14/11)
Nice Review by Pat
Nice beer, but a what I got was a LOT darker than expected, almost stout-esc. I was expecting more of a dark amber. Has a lot of flavor though, large bubbles from the rye, dont be scared. Toasty and dry. Not my favorite, but a good beer. (Posted on 9/27/10)
Good but very stylized and not something I'd drink every day Review by mike
This one was good don't get me wrong, but its a horse of a different color. Reminds me a lot of the beers I tasted in Germany in college, in fact I think that was my favorite part about this one...the reminiscing. Took me back to the fatherland and got me pretty buzzed in a hurry in true german fashion. My sparge got stuck so I hooked up a length of tubing to the nozzle and gravity fed the last bit out which worked great. The result was a lot more viscous than any beer I've made before (read:lots of mouthfeel), which was ok but was a little like a milkshake consistency. Maybe because of my sparge, not sure. (Posted on 5/4/10)
Something Different Review by Dmitri
I thought I'd brew this to broaden my brewing horizons because this style was completely new to me.
Using WY3333, which is my home hefe strain, I proceeded as per the instruction guidelines. First thought upon tasting it was "I cannot believe I wasted time and money on this junk!!!" After a couple more weeks though, its flavors melded, and the keg is almost empty now.
The rye makes it thick, almost oil-like, resulting in bubbles slowly rising to the surface, producing a massive, thick, creamy head that almost looks like it was nitrogenated. Flavor-wise, it has that hefe yeast character, but with a rye twist.
A really interesting brew that, despite its initial strangeness, became really tasty with some conditioning. Don't let it stand too long and clear up though, because it is a "hefe" after all :) (Posted on 3/26/10)

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