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This enzyme promotes clearer beer by breaking down the proteins and tannins responsible for chill haze. Simply add to your chilled wort prior to fermentation. One 5mls vial is sufficient for 5 gallons of wort, 5 vials are included in each packet. Made with Brewers Clarex™ from DSM.

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Great low gluten beer! Review by Michael
We use this in every beer we make and now my Fiance can enjoy great beer again! We were skeptical at first, but after several batches the only beer that caused symptoms was a wheat beer (Duh!). If you have Celiac you need to try this! (Posted on 2/2/14)
Great product! Review by Brad
My wife has Celiac's Disease so we've had to brew separate batches in the past. Not only was this a pain but she doesn't drink a ton of beer so 1 batch would last 6 months (and she would get sick of drinking the same beer over and over). We used Clarity Ferm with the Smashing Pumpkin Extract Kit - we were somewhat worried because we added extra grains but she didn't have any issues after drinking the beer. We added 2 vials just to be safe. It does have a very short expiration date but it goes quick when using 2 vials per batch. (Posted on 1/31/14)
ultra sensitive Review by Kevin
My son is ultra sensitive to gluten, and he quit drinking beer. I now add clarity to every batch of beer I make and he keeps asking for more.

I went to his house tonite as I did not have any homebrew so I bought some redbridge....dam I used to like that stuff, but had 2 tonite and that was all I could handle. I get my officail diagnoses after august 7th, but I can tell you, when I drink my homebrew with clarity added, I dont itch near as much. I will add this to every batch I ever make. (Posted on 7/23/12)
Gluten Allergy Review by CJR
After my wife developed an allergy to gluten, I decided to try this in a beer to see if it would work. We are on our fifth batch now and there are no noticeable side effects. Usually we will only have 1 or 2 beers in a night, so it's possible that after half a dozen there would be a reaction, but it has been amazing for us! Also, it really does do an amazing job at producing a clear beer with little to no chill haze. (Posted on 5/16/12)
questions Review by Kevin
I would like to get more feedback on this product. I only have itching, and cross contamination is a problem, I enjoy drinking beer and I even more seem to like to make it. I have brewed my 4 batches of beer with clarity, and well I have been itching, and among other things, I am questioning if this really works. I am not in any way saying it is not working, I am questioning it. My first thought is, this is not working, but I am not sure on any sort of cross contamination. But I also need to add to the fact that I have not been officially diagnosed with celiac, my son has, but I have not been, I really believe I do have it, but at this time I can not say for sure. I have been all the way to the mayo clinic in rochester and so far they have not been able to figure out what is going on. I am so new to this celiac thing, so I am so unsure. What I can say, is, I will continue to make my own beer, and I will continue to use "clarity" I have hope, I really do. I checked this out on the net and have only found one negative thing. I also realize that people are all different. The itching, well that, is one story, and one thing, but the other nasty odors, is another thing. I produce very nasty odors when I drink my home brew even with clarity. That is why I am questioning it. I have a few more gluten free reciepes to try. But as for now, I used my 2nd fridge for a brewery, and I have a few more weeks to go before I can actually drink it, and, I really am questioning this product. I would so appreciate any input from anyone that has tried this product. My appointment with the celiac dr is april 18 and I will give that up in a heartbeat if he can only take one person, I will give it up to my son. He vomits atleast half of the days he wakes up. I only scratch and bleed. I went gluten free and the first 2 weeks almost all of my sores healed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin (Posted on 4/6/12)
Reduces glutens Review by Amanda K
Pretty cool product. Doesn't remove the glutens, but renders them inert. SCIENCE!! Both my mom and I are not celiacs, but we are "sensitive to gluten", meaning I can't drink a normal beer without getting a stuffed up nose and only being able to breathe out of my mouth. Annoying. Not life threatening.

Anyway, I've used this in 9 batches so far and have had pretty good results. I have not had any allergic reactions at all with my beers using this. HOWEVER, I will say that the body does feel a bit thinner in the Clarity Ferm beers than in normal beers. (Maybe it's just the beer judge talking.) To counteract this, I've upped the mash temperatures slightly (1-2*F) and have gotten good results on repeat recipes. Some recipes are not affected. (Belgians seem to do better in body while Scottish ales don't do so well.)

Overall, a great product. I'll continue to use it and keep experimenting.


(Posted on 2/10/12)
Celiacs Review by RGW
I'm not symptomatic and don't get sick when ingesting gluten. I've also had two batches of home brew using this enzyme. Used Elisa Labs EZ gluten test kit on both, and both came back a very high positive for Gluten. (Posted on 2/6/12)
Celiacs Review by CMC
Greatest stuff ever as far as Im concerned. The reason I say this is I have Celiacs disease so for years I have been stuck poor excuses for beer. Just a few months ago at work a buddy who brews beer offered to brew me a batch of gluten free, and when researching it came across this stuff. I thought it was too good to be true, but bought some and brewed a batch of normal real beer. I am almost done with the first batch and have not gotten sick yet. I just bought two more kits and going to get another carboy so I can have some real beer on stock at all times. Now I dont know if it will work for everyone especially those that are ultra ultra sensitive, but I know it worked for me so for that its definitely 5 stars. (Posted on 1/27/12)

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